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Astrological Links Between Worst Earthquakes and Serial Killers

Has studied astrology/historical seismology since the late '70s in San Francisco. Published in the ISAR International Astrologer in 2012.

Refining the Data to Determine the True Serial Killers

A serial killer is a rare animal of the most heinous kind. Tracking them down by the police is near impossible because of their lack of a typical motive, and proving any case that defines them statistically is also extremely difficult because there are so few of them.

A true serial killer has a compulsion to murder on a regular basis, with the primary motivator being to kill for the thrill of it (often along with terrorizing, torturing, and sexually abusing their prey). Usually not part of the equation is fame (like the spree killer Cunanan), not fortune (like many a black widow or caretaker for the elderly who often employ poison to carry out the deed), not career (as would be the case for many Nazi soldiers or Mob assassins), not pity (as might be the case with mercy killers), nor hatred (as with the case of arsonist Marco Furlan), and not to silence their victims of another crime such as pedophilia. Even mass murderers and terrorists do not count because, like Cunanan, they usually only kill many people at once and then themselves or allow themselves to be killed by the authorities. Unfortunately, by throwing out these other murderers the pool of data remaining to do one's research from is so reduced that proving any correlation related to what is left is not a simple matter.

Complicating the situation further, it was determined that none of the women reviewed could be classified as true serial killers either, so eventually all of them were removed from within the database and additional women were not sought for inclusion. Again, in every instance that I investigated, the woman was in it either to acquire the victim's money or possessions or, in the case of a man-woman team, in it to win the love of her sick and twisted serial killer of a man. In the former instance, poison was usually used to cause the death and in the later case the female partner in crime would be there mainly to perform such things as the luring of the victims, perhaps assisting in the sex ritual that followed, but usually leaving the bloody crime to their male companion, with her then left to clean the mess up afterward.

Earthquakes Linked to Most Notorious Serial Killers

Once the database was refined, astrological links between earthquakes, particularly the largest and/or the most deadly, were sought in relation to true serial killers. Only one primary factor could be seen in respect to the entire pool of serial killers when compared to the worst of the earthquakes. Both significant seismic events (earthquakes of at least 6.8 magnitude or causing at least 50 deaths) and the true serial killers had the Sun in the sign of Gemini at a significant level above average (40% more in the former case and 100% in the later). This tendency, which was much more pronounced in the case of the serial killers, became even more so as one distilled the list of serial killers down to the most notorious of the lot.


One of the most pronounced astrological signature for a true serial killer was for the Moon to have been in the sign of Aries at the time of birth or, more specifically, in a window centered on 23°30' of Aries with an orb of 4°30'. The Moon was located within such a window 4.3 times more often than the expected average. A similar lunar effect was seen for earthquakes but with the Moon occupying a window centered on 5°00' of Taurus with an orb of 5°00'. The Moon was located within such a window 2.3 times more often than the expected average. This effect was even more pronounced when a small pool of the 22 largest earthquakes, both historical and recent (with an estimated minimum magnitude of 8.6 for each) were analyzed, with the Moon in such a window appearing ten times more often than the expected average. Similarly, for the true serial killers, when looking at just the three most notorious serial killers, two of them had the Moon in this sector of Aries.

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This subset of the worst of the serial killers was comprised of Jeffrey Dahmer, Ricardo Ramirez and a lesser-known, but more than adequately fitting the definition for this title, Arthur Shawcross (all three portrayed in that order in the series of photos given at the top of this article). Interestingly, Dahmer was born less than 24 hours before the greatest earthquake ever recorded of 9.5 magnitude in Chile (22 May 1960) which caused the death of 5,700 people, and Ramirez was born either less than 15 hours or 39 hours before an earthquake in Morocco which killed 13,200 people (the earthquake was of 5.8 magnitude, perhaps the smallest sized quake to cause such a large number of fatalities). This earthquake occurred late in the day of the 29th of February 1960, while Ramirez was born either in the early hours of the 28th or the 29th of February. Although there is no earthquake associated with the birth of Arthur Shawcross, his chart shares much in common with Dahmer's. For one they both have the Moon in the nine degree sector of Aries mentioned earlier and, for another, they both have their Sun in the sign of Gemini. But it does not end there. They also have Mars in Aries along with Venus in Taurus and a fast Mercury in Gemini.


A Key Factor: The Asteroid Juno

But there is one angular relationship between Saturn and the asteroid known as Juno among these three worst serial killers that is also at play in the worst of the historical earthquakes. The angle is 24°, with Ramirez (if born on the 28th of February) within 15' of exact, Dahmer within 4' of exact, and Shawcross within 17' of exact. To have this aspect within orb in three out of three cases demonstrates an occurrence that is 200 times more frequent than the expected average. For all of the 65 true serial killers in the study, these were the only occurrences or representing a frequency 8.3 times greater than the expected average. Looking at a collection of 577 significant seismic events (6.8 magnitude or greater or with at least 50 fatalities), the occurrence of quakes during this aspect group was 3.1 times above average. Not only that, but these were not just any temblors. Half of them, or five out of ten, were at least an 8 in magnitude with one being the largest ever recorded and one being the deadliest ever. When looking at the 22 largest earthquakes (estimated to be no less than 8.6 in magnitude) the occurrence of two quakes (the 9.5M quake in Chile in 1960 and the 9M quake in Japan in 2011) with this aspect present represented a frequency 16.4 times greater than the expected average.

Juno also shows up more frequently in the 12th house of serial killers or at twice the expected rate (Ramirez has this in his chart which occurred 4 times more frequently among the three worst serial killers than the expected average). Juno is also strongly conjunct Ramirez' Ascendant and since his personality was so immersed in Satanism, it casts a shadow on the possible interpretation of Juno in a natal chart. In addition, Uranus appears in the 9th house (using equal houses) twice as often as one would expect statistically.

Other Important Astrological Influences

Juno's influence is also expressed in earthquake charts but in a different manner than with the charts of serial killers. Instead of placement in the 12th house or aspecting Saturn, it is often in aspect to the planet Mars at an angle close to the division of either 22 (16.36 degrees), 10 (36 degrees), 8 (45 degrees), or 4 (90 degrees). Also often a factor is Mercury in several possible aspects with the midpoint of the Sun and Uranus (or the Sun with the midpoint of Mercury and Uranus). There are also a few aspects of note with Mars in relation to the midpoint of the Sun and Uranus. Two other aspect groups common to both earthquakes and serial killers is Pluto at 105 degrees from the midpoint of the Sun and Mercury and Uranus 180 degrees from the midpoint of the Moon and Mars.

The Moon in aspect to Neptune is a factor in significant earthquakes and with serial killers but the aspect is different in each case. For example, for an angle of 29.75° and an orb of 45', significant earthquakes have this aspect four times more frequently than the expected average and, for the 22 largest earthquakes it occurs 16.4 times more frequently. For the serial killers, the aspect is 120° with an orb of 2.5° and occurs three times more often than the expected average. None of the three worst serial killers have this aspect, but Ramirez' chart has extra emphasis on Neptune, which is strongly trine his Sun in Pisces (also in a tight Grand trine in which Lilith was thrown into the mix). He also had his Moon in the last degree of Pisces. That is if the 28 February date of his birth, or what is supposed to be on his birth certificate, is correct. If 29 February is the correct date then his Mercury is at the midpoint between a Pisces Sun and an Aries Moon (these last two nearly 33.75 degrees apart) and his Mars would be nearly exactly inconjunct Pluto. This later date also moves his birth time closer to the deadly 29 February Moroccan earthquake (both dates have their merits).

End Note

Since writing this article I have reviewed the records of murderers more thoroughly than I did prior to its writing. The present total of charts where the time of birth is known, based on my definition of a serial killer, is 65. These records were gleaned from the Astro-Databank web site which lists 205 initiators of homicidal acts at the following URL:

Final List of 65 Serial Killers (Author's Definition)

Removed from the prior list of 72 serial killers: Walter Buch, Ferdinand Schoerner, Michele Greco, Donald Harvey, Wayne B. Williams, Rafael Ramirez, and Marco Furlan.

Removed from the prior list of 72 serial killers: Walter Buch, Ferdinand Schoerner, Michele Greco, Donald Harvey, Wayne B. Williams, Rafael Ramirez, and Marco Furlan.

Astrological Influences for Serial Killers and Earthquakes


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