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Astro Forecast: Vladimir Putin to Conquer Ukraine and Put War to an End

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Due to a combination of factors precipitated by the action of the American president Joe Biden in refusing to give any security guarantees to Russia and at the same time holding out a lollipop of joining NATO to the Ukrainian President Zelenskyy, Russia has mounted an invasion of Ukraine. The war is going on for the last 15 days and many people are wondering when will it stop. In this article, I am going to discuss the astrological forecast of the war in Ukraine. At the outset, we must accept that Ukraine is facing great danger and despite the best efforts of the Anglo-Saxon powers the Ukrainians have fallen back by at least a hundred miles against the Russian forces. From all accounts, they are giving battle to the Russians but in everybody's mind, the question does arise where this war is going to lead to.

Astrology does give an answer but at the same time, we must appreciate the fact that astrology by itself though based on astronomy is by itself an inexact science and most of the planetary combinations are open to interpretation. That means there is no unanimity in any reading or forecast.

Having studied astrology as an amateur astrologer I have sifted through the readings of the various astrologers who follow the Vedic system of astrology and I've come to the conclusion that the majority of the astrologers are of the view that the Russians are ultimately going to prevail and win this war. It is going to be a colossal defeat for the Anglo-Saxon powers, the USA and the UK. As a corollary one can say that Ukraine will be destroyed. This cannot be taken as gospel truth but at the same time, these trends are apparant.

Putin horoscope

Putin horoscope

Astrological forecast

The war commenced 14 days back and the horoscope of Ukraine -Russian war shows that Mars is in Capricorn. This combination shows that it will be a long-drawn-out war and not likely to end in two or three weeks. It can only end if Ukraine surrenders which does not look likely as of date. There are many questions from people to me as to what will be the effect of the sanctions on Russia and how long will they last and how they will affect the war. In addition when will the war end and will Russia achieve its aim.

There is a very interesting combination with Scorpius whose Lord is Mars, the war planet aspects the second house. If one compares this combination with the horoscope of Vladimir Putin, one can draw some definite conclusions which I will spell out below.

His first house is with planet Venus in it. It forms the Malavya Yoga in his birth chart. Malavya Yoga is said to occur when Venus is present in Kendra or center from Ascendant in a horoscope, which means when Venus is present in 1st, 4th, 7th or 10th house from Ascendant. In the case of Putin, it is in the first house.

Astrological Indications are that from 12-28 April this year Putin will achieve his aim and Yelenskyy will surrender. There are also indications that NATO itself will be divided and one or two powers may disassociate from it.

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Putin is under the Mahadasha( great period) of Mercury with an Antardasha(the extended period of a Mahadasha that is subdivided into various smaller periods) of Ketu. Antardasha has 9 segments. This means Putin is mentally strong and, with the support of beneficial planets in the chart, he will make wise moves and tactics to capture Ukraine.

With the Ketu Antardasha, he might face some resistance but overall he has a high chance to win and accomplish all his plans for Ukraine. Very interesting conjunction can be seen from the charts that on the fifth of April Shani(Saturn) and Mangal(Mars) will be very close together this is a very dangerous combination and shows the likelihood of a great explosion or earthquake; one cannot rule out a nuclear explosion at the time.

Now coming to sanctions as far as Astro indications, from the month of July to September, the sanctions will be watered down, and more and more countries will break away from the Anglo-Saxon grip. Already Germany has broken ranks and has continued with oil and gas purchases from Russia. Turkey which is a NATO ally has not closed its air space to Russia and many more such events will take place.

Lastly, Putin has his Jupiter in the Aries zodiac sign. This means that he will be successful in whatever action he takes against Ukraine.


The sum of Astro--observations from the various charts and by different astrologers, the conclusion is the same. What are they? that Vladimir Putin will achieve his aims in Ukraine but there is some very disconsolate news regarding the Ukrainian president. At any time from 5th to 24th April, he appears to be in great danger. This is as per the astrological indication of Mr. Prashant Kapoor. (

I will not dwell on the observation for personal reasons. One can say that things are not going to be rosy for him during this period.

As far as Putin is concerned Saturn is in the 5th house and makes an association with the ninth house lord, Mercury. leading to Raj Yoga meaning King's era.

I am neutral as far as Russia and Ukraine, are concerned. This entire fight could've been easily avoided if Joe Biden had shown some statesmanship. In the bargain by his foolishness and playing on the naivety of Yelenskyy, he has led Ukraine to its destruction. They fought very well and all is OK, but the sum total, with over 2 million refugees and the country destroyed, what has Ukraine gained by trying to associate with the Anglo-Saxon powers?

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