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Making the Transition from Earth to Heaven


Transition from Earth

The astral plane is located between Heaven and Earth. There are many astral planes. In fact, there is an astral plane located between every dimension. This is the transition area for the soul to adjust to what he/she has just experienced. When we enter the astral plane, we instantly become lighter. We see truth. We know who we are and we have the same personality as we did on the Earth. We may visit loved ones without having to get into a car. We may go back to our house and look at our things. We are free. The astral plane can be intriguing. It is not Earth. Many people are so weighed down with the hardships of life. They may have been depressed most of their life, or they may have struggled with an addiction they could not overcome. For whatever reason, they are not prepared to be judged by God. There are many souls on the astral plane. Most people will find others experiencing the same scenario and become friends. Children do not know what to do when they lose their mothers and fathers. There are many good-hearted people that take care of them, helping them feel safe and comfortable. Some people feel sorry for themselves and walk around the astral plane bullying others. They tell them that God did this to them and He is not coming back. Regardless, the astral plane is for people to learn and feel protected. It is sad but true, many people have to live their life in fear. Sometimes, it is a shock for everything to be alright when they have never known love. It is not their fault. They are not to blame themselves for what they cannot change. They must accept that God is removing them from their situation. The astral plane gives them time to adjust to what happened. They may regret turning away from the Light. They may feel like they never had the chance to know God. They may become upset.

God does not prefer for people to linger on the astral plane. There is so much heartache there. We do not even want to attempt to feel the emotional pain of the astral plane. This is one of the reasons we do not consult the dead. We must remember that we have not lost our loved ones, they are simply closer to God. We may feel like we cannot move on because we will never see or talk to them again. This is not true. We have to accept that God has a plan and we have to respect Him. Even though, we do not know why God took them away from us, we know that He would never hurt us. Their soul was simply saying "I cannot go on living like this."


What is Expected

When we think about them, they are attracted to us. When they think about us, we are attracted to them. When they have trouble saying goodbye, it is very difficult for both. We cannot stand losing someone we love and them being right there with us. We must tell them that we will be ok and we will see them again one day. This helps him/her let go of the Earth and move on with their purpose. This is easier said than done, right? Imagine living with someone for fifty years. You remember the day you met them. You remember your first kiss. You remember when he proposed to you. You remember when you bought your first house together. You remember the look on his face when you had your first child...you remember everything. These things are hard to let go of. Whether you stayed by their side when they became sick, or you received that dreaded phone call that they didn't make it, you have experienced trauma. You must take time to grieve. If you do not respect your heart, you will not be happy at all.

When a soul refuses the Light, he/she will see it again. They simply have some work to do. They must relive what happened to them without physical pain. Many people are not ready to accept they are dead. This makes the astral plane crowded. When they are ready to move on they will say "I'm ready Jesus." Now, it is time to face their greatest fear, death. Angels surround them with love and protection. They close their eyes and begin. God asks them to accept what happened to them for their heart to heal. If they do not accept what happened to them, they will become sad. When we become sad, we are in danger of distancing ourselves from God. This is not who we are.

Healthy Living

God's plan is for you to live a very long, healthy, and happy life. He wants you to learn everything you need to know about surviving. He wants you to be educated. He wants you to find a relationship with someone that you love. He wants you to be able to provide for yourself and your family. He doesn't want you to cry. He wants you to be happy. He wants to see your children grow up and be just like you. He wants us all to love Him. We are responsible for our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We must take care of ourselves. When we do not take good care of ourselves, we become weak. The body can only take so much. Eventually, we will exceed the laws of science and become sick or die.

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