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Asking the Question, What If?


Disclaimer: This is not a fiction story but a serious article on the coming antichrist. But one of the first things I learned as a fiction writer was to ask the question, what if? Fiction is just a series of what ifs. That being said, consider the following scenario as a possibility. Am I writing this as a fact? No, not at all, but I believe the events I am to describe could be a possibility. I leave my politics out of it and I’m just asking, what if?


What if , , , a group known as the Illuminati exists? This secret group is also powerful than any one human being. Working behind the scenes, they have placed American presidents in office at least since Eisenhower with the idea that, we the people, have elected them. The great bonus is to rule the world and to put in charge the most powerful man in world history, a man known as the antichrist. These people take their time and are in no hurry. Realizing if they are to control the world, they must ease into their plan for it to be accepted. Change too fast will create rebellion.

What if . . . their time has come? Wealth and power are their reward. So the plan goes like this.

What if . . . they create an upheaval among the American people by setting Barack Obama in position to introduce the socialist agenda? This caused many citizens to become wary.

What if . . . they commissioned Donald Trump? His approach was different. He cleaned up many of the nation’s issues.

What if . . . they intentionally released COVID as a means to bring the world together,

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What if . . . Finally, Joe Biden becomes the American president – not by vote, but by Illuminati installation? In a very short year, they have tricked America into following non-sensible mandates while they gained power at the expense of our freedom. As two-thirds of the American people have turned their back on Joe Biden and the socialist agenda he represents, we as a nation feel the deep need to return to the way it was before.

What if . . . Donald Trump would once again run for president? I think many would vote for him, but remember votes are meaningless. The Illuminati is in control. They choose who is in charge.

What if . . . the Illuminati reinstalled Trump as president? It’s likely most of our citizens would be grateful. The world would be grateful as Trump’s popularity encircled the entire globe. He would gain his position of power, not by war, but by desire. All the world’s people would desire to have him fix the situations that have gone bad over the past year. They would be glad to follow him. They would be glad to give him the world crown.

What if . . . after he gains power and control, he shows his true colors, colors of evil, hate, and greed. Colors of not caring for anyone but himself as he serves only himself.

What if . . . he was to be the antichrist?

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