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Ascending Earth Inhabitants

my expertise on the subject is hardly expert at all, this is spontaneous writing from the heart and not from mankind's institutions.


Earth, School of Hard Knocks

Hoarding is a dysfunctional mental illness based on a belief in poverty.

Poverty consciousness is a belief that less is better than more. In a spiritual context only. Not withstanding 3rd world countries and starving children.

If poverty circumstances are chosen, it is ascribed to a spiritual pathway to self realization, by living in the now with what is and being in gratitude fo small satisfactions in life. it is hardly ever recognized as a legitimate pathway in our society, yet it is one such path to self realization and the ascension process. Yet it is difficult, if not impossible to escape a world of objects and objective mindsets and the constant cravings that interfere with a spiritual perspective. You could say, these cravings are like a constant itch on the body distracting the neophyte from sincere introspection.

This can lead one back to a circumstance of hoarding. From poverty to hoarding is a short distance, neither one being a favored pathway that produces spirituality necessarily.

Perhaps a happy medium is in there somewhere?


Therefore on the surface it looks as if rich is better than poor. In a spiritual sense neither is better than the other. While one pathway is concerned with acquiring “more” or protecting what they have, the other pathway could be concerned with finding ways to get rid of stuff; knowing more stuff is just around the corner whether you desire it or not. Becoming unencumbered with unnecessary items is a pathway, but not an easy one. What comes to mind is tiny houses. What path first looks good, can be experimental in the long run. In life, there are no guarantees. And no guarantees that all your favorite stuff is actually going to fit in a tiny space.

Its rather a catch 22 is lifestyles and mindsets here. To receive welfare can produce a lack of appreciation for the objects of comfort or need, as it were, that arrive through welfare.

I said it can produce a sense of entitlement inappropriate for the spiritual wanderer who would instead increase his soul attributes as opposed to becoming entrenched into the earth and dependent on the establishment for sustenance.

In other words self made people become something difficult to find if the state is too generous. Likely, there is always “enough” money to go around, just as likely there is enough air to breath, enough water on the earth to drink in. The trick is in this day and age to find water or air that is not polluted and that is untainted by the interference of government allotments and tampering with our water and air for nefarious reasons or just because they can.


Capitalism Not So Bad

What has been acquired by the sweat of one’s brow, then is far more valuable than all the gifts and/or money that a government hands out.

Communism and socialism does not work for the soul of man but only in temporary means. Capitalism will work but only if not corrupted by greed and sense of entitlement.

Back to hoarding, that does not work for the soul of man either; communism takes away one’s penchant for creativity. Hoarding produces another problem in a spiritual sense for one is keeping objects that could be distributed or recycled. The hoarder can increase his/her soul satisfaction by giving it all away, as what is given away, always returns to the giver by universal law.

In this world you can often get what you need, but not what you want, and what you want can change, to not wanting it after all after discovering what the maintenance entails.

Generosity, in the true sense of the word, is something given to another with no thought of control or condition placed on the receiver who is needy. That is not the equivalent of Socialism hardly.

When generosity is honed to perfection with wisdom in there somewhere, an entity is approaching graduation of the earth plane, perhaps never to return to the earth and its preponderance of lack, limitations and the ceaseless rounds of incarnation as another body in the act of seeking justice, levity, and all those nice illusive values.

The sameness of the journey into dense dumbed down matter is the same life after life of rising above the limitations of the body and redundant actions, including the required joining of wars where killing is chosen over reflective alternatives. And this entailed as “duty” by a government that only knows method but nothing about compromise.

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Dualism & Polarized Politics


Selective Viewing

Therefore there is a saying to “go for the gusto.” In other words to be all you can be, take risks, and keep doing your bucket list to the end.

On a planet where the blind lead the blind, it is certain you will not make it out of here alive so there is no need to rush anywhere to do anything, nor run from the specter of death which is sure to catch up with you anyway. The real problem from my perspective is not being able to die because your government simply doesn't approve and thinks you need your head examined should you wish to leave this planet where your individual rights are 2nd to the consensus morality.

The government determines what the choices will be for the masses. The masses think they are incumbent on the government for guidance, and the mind of man is easily manipulated, and even given reasons to be satisfied and enjoy slave-dom to a thought system that is said to be “spiritual.”

What is said to be generous and spiritual in fact, is often not that at all, but merely a pastime of those that practice manipulation of the human consciousness for their own purposes.

When a mule has blinders put on it, it is to make it proceed in a linear fashion and carry its load regardless of the desire to eat the fresh grass it can smell along the road. It has been subdued and manipulated into its pathway. It does not consider anything but what is in the line of focus.

This is the course of man, that he now has blinders upon him and is subjected to the will of master manipulators who would use his body for their purposes.



But!! Wait!! What is happening when we place our inner sight of heaven on earth operating? Man begins to see from the corners of his eyes despite the blinders. Man begins to see beyond objects to eternal, non changing things, to true spirituality, to true freedom. Man begins to re-think his circumstances of limitation, to ask “what is this for?”

He uses both hemispheres of the brain; the logic and the intuition get married in a sense.

If he keeps asking why he is doing something he doesn’t really want to do, he attracts to himself answers that cause the entirety of his world within and without to progress in a way he had never dreamed.

This is the new man, or the Trans-human or the human-plus guy or gal. What is limitation seen has turned to opportunity presented to arise and go forth past the limitation.

This human-plus individual does not even stay in his meat suit. It cannot hold him in. In his spirit, he can fly and view vast panoramas of beauty upon the planet. He can visit amazing realities and planets both similar and also dissimilar to the earth plane. He is free to come and go for he has developed to this point. He is no longer slave to a government that claims to work toward his welfare. He now can discern what is love and what is but the ways of death and subversion.


power Corrupts Unless Tempered By The Heart

He no longer governs if he is in that position of authority; for he knows for an individual to progress in his soul means he does not have the answer for mankind. Our teachers, our government leaders can point the way and make suggestions; yet when heaven has come to earth, they cannot enforce any action. Force is not allowed in heaven. For in heaven each creates that circumstance without dependence on any authority. Power DOES corrupt, and so none are given power over any to enforce anything at all.

Even to be killed is just an experience on this planet. For man returns to rectify the error. We one day get off the wheel of redoing a life in order to fix something. We no longer incarnate just for the purpose of suffering this world.

Nor do we return to fix it. Yet we do not judge another for doing that, nor do we hate those that are different. We view the whole world as proceeding on schedule to an incredible graduation ceremony we may call ascension.

Utilize the time you have left wisely, for time is all you truly own here and even so we are not yet in control, all of us, of that time when we shall be taken out. Only the higher self knows that, and decides when and how the final adventure shall be undertaken.

And you are being watched by your higher self so that you do not falter in your duty, your chosen duty to progress your soul and get free of the slave masters.


ET: The Good, The Bad & The Just Ugly

The slave masters are truly clever. Yet I believe the human is even more clever. The slave master aliens know nothing about PUL. Pure unconditional love. They wish they did know, and in their unknowing they will self destruct having no human emotion, loosh as it were to get drunk on, and they know this and are desperate to learn the ways of PUL. However, this is not learned. This is what Source gave to us. PUL. This is not taught. This is our heritage and we are moving right along towards true freedom and self control. May the force be with you, for that is where it belongs, with you, indeed, you're at home and safe. Under the watch of the Creator Source and all of its wisdom since time began.

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