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Aries Sun Virgo Moon Combinations

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Aries Sun Virgo Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Devoted.

Her Dark Side: Strict.

You must be some kind of guy getting up the nerve to look this one up. Did she tell you that you could? You need to clear these things with her first. She's strict with people. You are probably the person who makes all the concessions and gets the lectures. Even so, you will probably want to hang in there for the finish with her because she is so romantic-- but in the oddest sort of way. It comes in the form of loyalty, devotion, and eventually back rubs, shoe shining and quiet admiration. She's pretty intimidating at first with her reserved manner. There's an immense pride about her. Her coworkers will automatically sit straighter in their chairs and work harder when she's around. She won't be the most popular of the people you meet, and her lack of friends always seems to surprise her. Every now and then she'll get really friendly and invite a neighbor or a coworker to lunch or dinner. They're all busy. She knows it's something personal, and yet she can't figure out what she could possibly have done to arouse such mistrust. Because while she can spot flaws in others, she really can't figure out her own shortcomings. Don't ever try to explain it to'll just show how much you lack in tact. She usually doesn't do much for fun; life is such serious business. But you can catch her out gardening, fishing, sculpting or at some other productive recreation. If this is the one for you, don't plan on a lot of little ones--she's usually not all that interested (though some of these women might be.) A Virgo is near perfect for her. A Gemini can also work for her, if he needs to be disciplined."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Aries Sun Virgo Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Ability to Survive.

His Dark Side: Hypochondria.

This man is a cool one. He is analytical, critical, and often suspicious. He loves routines and controlling others' routines. If he could set up a time clock for his family to punch at home he would really be delighted. He needs to get into time management, science, or be a lawyer or a judge. He behaves like all of the above in social situations anyway. He has a strict code of living, and is excellent in sitting in judgement of his friends and family. As a boss, he wants to know why you wrote that letter, why you made that appointment. He does not delegate. He has the air of one in authority. He looks the part of the executive. But, check out his briefcase. Underneath all the computer printouts, there it is-- the medicines. All over the counter medicines. He does not trust his doctor's judgments, and will diagnose his own stomach disorders and headaches. He is not usually into illegal drugs. He just has this inclination for being his own doctor. The exactness carries over into debates, or arguments as they are known at home. As a husband, he will split hairs with you over how long it took you to prepare breakfast. He enjoys making you explain. He doesn't really give a damn as to why (like the oven caught on fire;) having you explain yourself to him gives him a strange little feeling of control. If he sounds like the one for you, you can find him fidgeting at a party, his face calm and serene, his hands twisting and turning. He doesn't want to be there. He has a routine and he has just had it broken tonight. He may also have a slight limp to his walk. Probably got it one day when he let the daring Aries side of his nature take over and he hiked a bit too far into the wilderness. He then twisted his ankle running from a swarm of bees. Two good things about him; you won't spend your life picking up his socks and he won't forget your birthday. He is a loner basically, but a Virgo, a Gemini, or a Capricorn could steal his pacemaker."

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(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


Mo on October 16, 2018:

What do you mean by the Capricorn could steal his pacemaker? I’m a sun Capricorn moon Aquarius dealing w/ man w/ sun Aries moon Virgo so I’m interested into what that means? Like stealing his heart? Lol like am I not compatible

Jen on July 10, 2015:

What about a libra man for the woman? Or a pisces?

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