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Aries Sun Capricorn Rising?

Aries Sun with Capricorn Rising? Okay, you understand the roller coaster ride you're on, either a whirlwind of contradiction or a steamroller of decisive action. Regardless of where other planets are you are not likely to half-step anything. Especially if Scorpio is on the Midheaven. This placement will make you determined in whatever you do, your obsessions can run you hard.

And you can be irrational at times, face it. If you are truly evolving then you know you do yourself no good by deluding yourself about anything. There is no such thing as perfection, not for the double, triple, quadruple Virgo, not for you, not for me, not for anyone. Such a state does not and cannot exist. Stop trying to achieve it and give yourself a break.

And still others with this combination will hold up, back off and slip into the background staying there just gathering information, knowledge, know-how until the right time to say "hello" to the world.

There may be a self-esteem issue or shyness, whatever reason the hesitation is there, it will work itself out, in time. Certainly no one can hurry you, attempting to do so results in you digging in your heels deeper--you'll barricade if you have to! You have a sharp sense of self-preservation and can easily feel threatened when pressured.

That's because there is already so much compression going on internally and without a way to sublimate negative energies, you could face early burn-out, mental exhaustion and breakdown.

Mars is Aries planet, Saturn is Capricorn's. Both of these are the main malefics of the planetary system. Mars represents war and even though Aries is not going out of their to way to create conflict, conflict sure has a way of finding Aries. Because of this there may be disagreements with neighbors, siblings, co workers--the very people you see everyday.

Ask yourself, do you want to be right? Or do you want to be at peace?

Barring extreme situations of obvious abuse, Maybe no one is wrong and people just need to be heard and acknowledged for what they think and feel. If everyone has a valid point, then no one is wrong in that.

It's just up to all of us as a whole and as individuals to figure out what it is we really value. What is truly valuable?


Maintain your integrity, stay away from dishonest, deceptive people and practices--you can remain under grace only so long should you not make the wisest of choices. By the same token, don't be a tool or a scapegoat for someone else's ill-motivated plan--find out who you are really dealing with.

With Capricorn on the rise, the Aries Sun will be in the 3rd , 4th or 5th houses depending on birth latitude/longitude along with the time of birth, interceptions may be present. Placements can also be dependent on the house system used to draw up the chart.

You could be a writer, work from home or be an artist who deals heavily in aesthetics. You could be an engineer or contractor. You would definitely do better being your own boss, setting your own hours. Maybe you prefer to be at home anyways so entrepreneurship would be a lucrative endeavor for you. As long as it's doing something you love you really can't go wrong.

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And I pretty much think that across the board, no matter what sign or rising sign-if people find what they love doing there'd be a lot more fulfillment in the world. I know, I know who out there thinks cleaning toilets is hardly a thing a aspire to--if everyone does what they love doing, who's gonna clean the toilets?


Aries Sun with Capricorn Rising, do yourself a favor and breathe and relax. I know, you've never been relaxed your whole life. You sleep tense, sit tense and relax tense.

You may be filled with irrational fears and worries. Just know that the fear brings it. Do not set yourself up that way, don't be your own self-fulfilling prophesy and your own undoing.

With a watery moon, you can talk yourself into or out of anything, you will have strong desires. You can make yourself sick or make yourself well. Hopefully Saturn, being the planet of greatest wisdom as well as the harsh taskmaster is such in the chart to keep your many potential excesses from swallowing you whole.

You don't trust very easily. You can be skeptical and even suspicious when you are around a lot of negativity or if someone raises a red flag in front of you. Most people will have a hard time trying to b.s. you and if they give you any reason to doubt them, you figure out what their angle is in time to head it off at the pass.

You are not inclined to give second chances. Or if you are in a situation where there are strong feelings involved, you may take b.s. and take it until the moment you don't and before you even realize it you put yourself out of reach, out of touch, take a message cause now you've gone fishin' and will be gone indefinitely. You may door slam people.

You don't abuse yourself(well most of the time) so no one else is going to abuse you. Most potential abusers will avoid you anyway because they will automatically know that although you may appear to be a pushover, you will at some point-probably sooner than later be a force they should have known better to contend with.

The comical thing about that is, if you walk in grace(that's a big "if", rash and reckless Aries) you won't have to do much to go through some really rough situations and come out the other side unscathed. When you let go in some situations, they take care of themselves without you having to initiate retribution or leveling the playing field.

The Rising of this sign is one of the highest expressions of the sign. Certainly the highest expression of the earth element, although that would any Cappy placement especially Sun in Cappy and if that Sun were in the 10th house.

If you don't know your Rising sign, you can go to to have one drawn up for you for free. It's the only place I go to have charts erected. They have many different settings-houses systems, many different types of charts for 1 person or 2 people.

How does having an Aries Sun and Capricorn Rising effect you?

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