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Aries Sun Capricorn Moon Combinations


Aries Sun Capricorn Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Born for success.

Her dark side: Needs reassurance.

Let me guess--you met her at work; she was the owner; she's awfully young for such success and you're impressed. You should be. She knows everyone who could help her in business and guess what? They're friends. They can't wait to offer free advice or to come over and help her plan a party to woo prospective clients. She has such a fabulous sense of humor and a straight forward way of expression, who can resist? Besides, she's pretty in an unconventional way. Her head may be large for her body, or she's especially frail in stature. No matter, men and women alike agree on her attractiveness. She could write the book on using people, except she lives by a strict code that nearly forces her to pay them back. So no one really gets taken advantage of. She'll talk you into a number of things that seem to benefit her, and then mysteriously you'll find yourself paid back at a crucial moment. She has a superb sense of timing. She can also change from the sweet, demure business woman in the prim dress, to the tough-talking wheeler-dealer. These are just her business suits, so to speak. Actually, she's given to bouts of near manic-depressive episodes of "I can't do it; yes, I can!" If she really starts to fall for you and opens up to her little quirks, you can expect a lot of surprises about her insecurities. She'll worry over her weight, her manner of dress, her ability at public speaking, and how long her success can last. She needs more innate confidence in herself. I can tell you her childhood may have been severe. She was probably handled rather strictly. She won't treat people in kind, and in fact bends over backwards to be gentle and lenient with her friends, husbands and children. Speaking of husbands, you'll probably be thinking of it far sooner than she will. Changing diapers in the conference room isn't what she dreams of. Sneak up on her or she's apt to go traipsing off with someone else. She needs a Capricorn, Cancer or a prominent Leo."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: Sarah Jessica Parker.

Aries Sun Capricorn Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Commitment to goals.

His dark side: Need to be mothered.

This one knows timing. He craves recognition and will plow his way to the top--his employees are treated well, though. He is a wonderful host, and is sweet and charming, but no one will get the better of him for all his charm. If you do you will wish you hadn't. He is determined. Actually, he has a rather rigid personality that only a few know well. Full of vitality, his dream girl is energetic, outdoorsy on the weekends, and executive material on the weekdays. He'll need to be mothered on occasion. When he does you'd better give it 100%. Remember, he give 100% to his goals, and will want the same from you. Oh, while you're being perfect, don't forget he wants a clean, well organized home that has lots of office space, possibly a mini gym, and lots of room to entertain. Picture yourself keeping it all in order as you jog with him, briefcase in hand. He's got a lot to offer, and marriage will just happen with the right girl. Like the common law statutes are up and you have a very unromantic service between business appointments. Marriage is not what he dreams of. It is an incident that just sort of sneaks up on him, like the children he has by accident. He doesn't mind really, as long as he is proceeding with other goals. You can't be too sentimental, he'll break your heart. He looks for a practical girl, organized, and yes, pretty too. Of course, you need a Capricorn girl here, or another Aries. Someone strong. One weekend with him leaves the Pisces shattered. An Aquarius will find him a colossal bore, and a Leo will not want the ego competition. Make him number one and he's all yours."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Famous person with this combination: David Letterman.

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