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Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander Astrology Profile

Were Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander Compatible

Following is an Astrology profile portrait of Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias as a couple compiled by combining their natal charts. The stars compel but they do not rule.

Goal Oriented

Sun & Mars: There is much physical vitality that needs constructive outlets when together. During times their plans and ideas are not in agreement, they may argue and compete with one another.

Mars supplies energy to make personal changes and to accomplish much work. It is best to openly discuss issues and grievances as they arise to maintain clarity and understanding of their position on things and of the relationship.

Keeping silent when upset or opting for peace and quiet is to suppress anger and frustration which can result in an endless stream of arguments. Very strong combined energies indicate disputes, disagreements and ego competition.

The above is aspected by Mercury, the planet that influences mentality, showing that feelings and strong reactions are expressed. This has the potential to be very toxic when anger is held in and bottled up. Arguments release steam as in the form of a pressure valve that may help preserve the relationship. Holding in anger or frustration can lead to physical outburst and with the energy of this aspect it is especially dangerous.

Different Values Same Goals

Mars & Jupiter: They like to be active and do things together. Favorable for doing what each wants and expressing themselves as the kind of person they really want to be. Whatever they do together is done with optimism and the expectation of success which helps to accomplish their goals. Sexual expression acts as a solid basis and is satisfying but is not the only positive quality. Energy in the psyche or subconscious is also increased.

Mars is in the first house which is best expressed by participating in activities together where they share a common purpose outside of themselves. Otherwise there may be an intense focus on each other creating conflicts and disputes. This is another aspect that increases physical vitality and is best directed to pursue physical outlets such as projects, work and travel. Ego competition is likely.

(Jody enjoyed traveling and had an interest in a photography business. She had recently become an associate selling legal insurance and while in training, attended some of their events. She also seemed ready to marry and start a family. It is important to her to be acknowledged by others and recognized for her efforts.

Travis was very involved in the church he attended for almost 20 years and from which he hoped to meet a compatible woman to marry and start a family. He also had new goals to strive for in his business selling legal insurance and had plans to travel.

Although their goals are compatible, the nature of their methodologies are in conflict. Neither seemed to be able to change for the other.)

Mars is positioned at the beginning of the 1st house and may therefore have influences of 12th house energies effecting the relationship:

The Twelfth House

The 12th house creates a feeling of longing and is also Neptunian in nature which can blur distinctions causing a lack of clarity. This is the empty space where it is difficult to get pieces to fit, where we must reach out beyond our small lives to touch the greater life that is possible. Sometimes these energies become lost, and we create false gods from what we cannot find within us, instead we might develop a devotion.

The feeling of swimming against the tide and dealing with whatever slippery beast swims our way. The 12th is a culmination of what has come before it. Similar to that of a last chance, or a last ditch effort, when the lesson is learned, both move on. These are the couples who are magnetically attracted and feel bonded before a word is spoken.

After making the necessary commitments, they find themselves on strange and unfamiliar territory. It may not be an illusion, but it’s not quite real either, and one can get into dangerous territory in the twelfth house by convincing them self of things that are not really true.

(Travis' natal chart has Pluto in Libra (balancing relationships/hate and love) in the 12th house in angle with an intense Mars (in the 8th which is ruled by Scorpio) along with Jodi's 1st house which is ruled by Mars. His Pluto 12th also aspects Neptune in the 2nd (his finances, possessions and values). Through the chaos, we learn that life has purpose and meaning and that there is a method to the madness.)

They need to learn when to allow space for privacy and solitude and to acknowledge the motivations that have selfish intentions. The literal meaning of Mars in the 12th might be stated as unconscious forms of ego expression. It isn't really unconscious, but often indicates there are strong signals sent out that are not acknowledged that lead to consequences to live with.

12th house Mars signifies that sources of conflict are put into the relationship that could badly weaken it. It would be very unclear why the problem exists. They should examine their expectations first, then they are better able to understand what each really wants from the relationship and whether their needs are met.

Two of Jodi's planets are positioned in Travis' 12th house in Libra. Her Mars and Pluto, the two that produce the most physical energy. She has selfish motivations behind her actions of which she may not be aware of the impact they have on him. She needs to learn when to give him space, to have regard for his privacy and solitude and learn how to relax.

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Jodi probably felt unappreciated and that her needs were going unmet. When the Mars person (Jodi) is inclined to be self-serving, she may use what she knows about his habits and weaknesses to manipulate or hurt him. He may have trouble seeing her actions for what they are. At the extreme, she might actually encourage him to become his own worst enemy.

Mars aspects their Moon in the 8th house intensifying emotions and feelings. Their relationship is likely to be very subjective, personal and sexual. Positive outlets for expression are highly recommended because if the emotions become repressed, an explosion may erupt.

There is an emphasis on moral and material values. There exists emotional pressures and transformation. Issues might be given a lot of thought and taken too seriously. The acceptance of change may be difficult.

The 8th house rules the parts of life that no one wants to openly discuss. The Moon represents our need for security, refuge and retreat, and it isn’t always comfortable in the 8th house. There is a sensitivity to the feelings of being unsafe, threatened and provoked and may have to learn painful lessons about letting go.

Pluto is also in aspect with the Moon and Venus increasing the intensity of feelings. There is a quality that creates a stronger attachment compared to normal, and a strong sense of sexuality.

Jodi Arias Natal Birth Chart

Illusional Idealizations

With Neptune in square aspect to the Moon deception is evident, whether lying to oneself or to the other or about outside matters that have an effect. Both wants to perceive them-self as being a helper to the other in some way. There exist an overly idealistic tone. Practical evaluations of the relationship are needed in order to keep disappointments at bay, however, Neptune itself creates a hindrance and distorts practical reality.

Emotional dependency is increased and there are misunderstandings and confusing emotional experiences. Neptune also tends to decrease self confidence. A neediness may cloud their vision. When one is not attentive or responsive enough, the other may become manipulative. Oversensitivity can create excessive and vulnerable feelings between them. It may be difficult to define boundaries in this interaction for they tend to over-accommodate one another.

Venus is also square to the Moon adding a compulsive and urgent feeling that compels them together. Jodi and Travis may be drawn almost as if by a fatal force, even if not suited to one another, a powerful attraction is present. At the beginning, they should carefully evaluate the pros and cons and whether there are compatibility factors. Getting along well increases the feelings of love and endurance greater than average.

A smooth aspect to the Sun makes true love and friendship possible and shows some compatibility. They are able to accept the other as they are, but ego conflict may stir up strife between them. Venus shows what we like and our values, the Sun has to do with ego identity and the underlying ways we obtain it. Tension and conflict are lessened, a sense of wholeness exist and sexuality is a favorable expression.

Jupiter shows where there is good fortune and faith. Jodi and Travis have a Jupiter/Moon aspect which shows a generally good feeling for one another and an enjoyment of the companionship. Understanding, optimism and a desire for children.

Jupiter is in the 12th ( the house of dreams, illusions, spirituality, karma and self-undoing in general) energizing unconscious forces that influence success or failure. There can be actions directed from the subconscious that may go unacknowledged because they seem less troublesome compared to most relationships. Both may jointly suffer from being overly sensitive to the needs of others, or seek to retire from the casual conflicts of the outer world. An avoidance of responsibility may be increased and being more conscious of oneself.

Yearns toward a spiritual goal which may present in the form of romance, poetry, philosophy, religion or fantasy. Serving others and having lofty and unrealistic expectations that are ungrounded and overly demanding. Increases enthusiasm and expands spiritual acceptance, however, faith in God or in another, may be exaggerated and unrealistic.

In order to avoid dangers that may result from getting swept away by certain beliefs, they need to put forth the effort to make clear distinctions toward sensible decisions and beliefs. Tendencies to over-compensate, to be too giving and hypocritical and inclinations of manic behavior are possible.

Sun and Jupiter shows they are protective and comforting to each other and have a general sense of well-being as a couple. They also have growth, expansion and luck in many areas.

Sun is also in the 12th (Neptunian) This relationship can be self-defeating for both, especially if they are not honest with each other. If either is behaving secretively, the relationship and confidence will be undermined. Self-examination of what lurks and resides within the psyche is recommended because there-in exists potentials for problems.

Traits surface that usually remain hidden and are encountered. This is an especially sensitive placing for the Sun and it suggests they keep their eyes open. The importance of the personal growth of each is greater than the importance of remaining together as a couple.

Sun in a trine angle with Mars adds energy to the identity and ego, strong enough to make the relationship extremely subjective and personal. Neither must repress the other because if held in too long, the energy of this trine can come out in an explosive way.

When accomplishing something together, it has positive qualities, however, there may be many discussions that end up in debates or arguments. Creative conflict produces growth as long as feelings of anger are expressed in the process and done so appropriately. Since Jodi is overly-idealistic, has a suspicious mentality and a deceptive, perhaps delusional, mindset, constructive growth is not likely.

If these energies are very strong, they will result in disagreements and destructive ego competition. Positive outlets are needed to make internal changes and self-improvements. Perhaps therapy, sports, recreation and classes.

Mercury (mentality and communications) aspects Mars energizing the thought process. Feelings are vigorously expressed and words may have strong reactions, from petty irritations to constant fights.

Vigor and passion is added to their opinions, ideas and beliefs of which they challenge in the other. That may inspire each to think more carefully, however, it may also provide the energy to nitpick. One or both may strive to obtain the one-up over the other.

They have a sense of playfulness and humor and can challenge the thoughts of the other by which they learn from. Although their mental capacity may improve, disputes can make them feel attacked and ridiculed. They may get pulled apart by issues and beliefs and should take care to avoid hurting each other.

Practicing patience and tolerance is highly recommended. There may be an obsession to bring about changes of beliefs or decisions. It is likely that resentments are neither repressed nor brooded over, however, Jodi may still hold onto feelings of frustration and anger since it is normal for her to do so.

Mercury aspects Jupiter. With Jupiter placed in the 12th (Neptunian), mental pursuits might be obscured and deception increased, while at the same time, conscious awareness is increased.

Mercury in the 1st adds a restless and nervous energy, and as a couple, Jodi and Travis are always on the go. The mentality of this relationship is strong, and each is involved in the daily affairs of the other. Their minds are compatible and capable of thinking almost as one. Excellent for business or commerce in any form.

Mercury to Pluto provides insights into the forces that operate in the psyche that are normally hidden. They engage in deep, penetrating conversations. The exchanges serve to stimulate thoughts and get to the root of subjects and issues of interest. They find it easy to tell each other their deepest secrets.

Neptune in 5th house creates a romantic fog in that everything seems perfect, ideal and beautiful. A layer of mist causing the issues and problems to remain elusive eventually resulting in disappointments. Neptune can create a highly spiritual illusion and one may romanticize the relationship too much. When it ends, it may cause much emotional harm to one or both.

Neptune is not harnessed to the demands of the ego. If one has a strong ego-wish that something is to be a certain way, Neptune's involvement becomes dangerous. The more one needs to enforce a situation, the more Neptune deludes it. The wishful goal seems to erect a barrier to clarity because of focused involvement in the situation. Neptune often makes the two think that what they want is already so, even when it isn't. Communications are interrupted by illusions.

Neptune in aspect to the Moon, Venus and Pluto indicates a challenge of over-idealizing. There is a need to tread carefully no matter what type of partnership it is. Elements of the inner selves are projected onto the other with inclinations to either correspond accordingly or to adapt. Either reaction can create an effective illusion which may be deceptive.

One or both may view the other as a solution for problems. Image is idealized far from reality and disappointment usually occurs after the view clears. Romantic relationships require realistic attention and the willingness to make necessary adjustments.

(Jodi's true colors began to shine through when she moved near Travis less than a month after they broke up. They were a couple from February 2007 to June 2007. She then began to snoop and hack into his computer accounts, slashed his tires twice, sent his girlfriend an email signed John Doe, entered his home against his wishes and also stole a diamond ring.

Jodi herself has chameleon-like traits and a dominant personality well hidden behind a disguise of artificial charm. She easily gets frustrated and bottles up anger.)

Neptune always weakens the boundaries making it necessary to define limitations and maintain focus on priorities. The daily schedule may be vague and unfulfilled and with Jodi's Neptune in the 8th, she may become obsessed and scared by strange fantasies she imagines. Fears may get in the way of her tending to daily routines.

Emotional Frustrations

Moon/Mars: An emotional involvement evoking strong emotional feelings that cause personal subjectivity decreasing objectivity. There is a danger in that neither is to repress the other. Frustration and anger can build to the boiling point.

(Arias interrupted his social life and work duties by calling and texting constantly and behaving as if they were still a couple after their break-up. Frustration may be gradually building on both sides. Travis wanted to focus on maintaining his life and finding a compatible partner while Jodi persisted in maintaining her focus on him.

Jodi used emotional blackmail on Travis by saying she would do herself in if they didn't get back together. Travis did what he could to maintain his own responsibilities and assisted her as much as he could while she was residing in the same town where he lived. He was also fixing problems that were caused by her and seemed compelled to appease her the best he could.)

Moon/Sun: Lessens tension and conflict and gives a sense of wholeness.

Intense Forces Hidden Beneath the Surface

PLUTO is in Libra in the 3rd house: One, if not both, will try molding the other with an all-pervading concern to influence what they believe. The 3rd house is ruled by Mercury indicating each makes attempts to convince the other of their points of view. They are able to talk about the relationship itself, and may also look more deeply into them-selves as to why they act as they do in a relationship.

Pluto operates with tremendous power for the purpose of moving us along in life making necessary changes from the old to the new.

Libra is ruled by Venus, how one values other people, getting along with others and maintaining equilibrium.

Venus in the 11th is good for making friends, may also indicate a deep love affair with harmonious ideals, but may over-idealize. Thoughts of the other occur frequently even when separated. One or both may idealize either the feeling of love, or the relationship.

Pluto is aspected by Venus intensifying the feeling of being together and the importance of the relationship. Showing their feelings to each other is fairly easy, however, Pluto adds intensity. Angling with Mercury forms a mental bond that transforms the psyche and allows insight into hidden forces beneath the surface. This generally serves well for healing the psyche.

(These hidden forces of the psyche are what Travis had become more aware of. In the later part of May, '08 he responded to her in a lengthy text using many derogatory terms. She stole a personal journal he wrote in, hacked onto his Facebook account and may have stolen from his bank account. She had access to his belongings between the time her mother arrived in late March to help her move back to Yreka, and the time she actually moved on April 8th.

Jodi learned of Travis' hidden psych when she discovered he did not consider them compatible for marriage. She was provocative, presumptuous and suspicious which created much conflict. She is serious about her emotions and does not cope well with failure or rejection.)

URANUS in 4th in Scorpio: The foundation of the relationship may be unpredictable and unstable causing uneasiness.

In aspect to Mercury denotes a challenge to make compromises. A constant state of rebellion against tradition or against the thoughts of the other. There may be an almost stubborn and automatic inclination to disagree no matter what is said. Restless anxiety and strife.

An attraction that became fatal for Travis Alexander

Jodi Arias drove from her town of Yreka, California to his home in Mesa, Arizona. She took Travis Alexander's life on June 4, 2008 and she would likely never have admitted to it if not for the evidence she accidentally left at the scene in his home. The trial began on January 2, 2013 in Maricopa, Arizona.

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What does Astrology say about Jodi Arias? Natal Chart of Jodi Arias interpreted.

Ephemeris - Signs the planets were located in on June 4, 2008:

Arias's natal Saturn is positioned in Virgo and Saturn's transit was in Virgo, a mutable sign. A tendency toward anxiety and to obsess over details and things that are not of an important nature. Decreases sense of humor. Arias was also experiencing her first Saturn return transit.

Arias's natal Moon and Venus are in Gemini and the Moon's transit was in Gemini. Mercury happened to be in Gemini which increases restless anxiety and jumping to assumptions. The Sun was also in Gemini (negatives are dishonest trickery, charm and curiosity).

Mars was in Leo, which is Travis's Sun sign, and the ruling planet of Leo is the Sun.

Increased energy, egocentricity, jealousy, creativity and drama.

Pluto, after a 13 year stay in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, Pluto was transiting to the next sign of Capricorn, ruled ruled by Saturn. Jupiter also was in the sign of Capricorn.


The above report is an over-view of a compatibility profile for Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias. Many states limit astrology to be considered as entertainment. When reading anything of an astrological nature the use of discretion is recommended.



edited: May 12, 2013; Mar. 10, 2014

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