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Are You a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius? Then You Have a Fixity. See What This Triplicity Does for Your Success!

Christofer spent 10 years in family counseling. Later he obtained a Psy. D.. His focuses: Health, History, Astrology, Politics and Fables

In a Dynamic and Moving Realm, Its Hard to Envision FIXITY in its Deepest and Truest Sense


Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius - How Fixity Fits In Perfectly

If you are a Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius you have a Trigon called a Fixity. But your Fixity Do for You? How does it contribute to your Identity? What does it do for your Romantic potential, your Success Quotient?

These Triplicities serve you by adding an extra level of awareness in the way you think about your Individuality. We will cover Taurus, then Leo, then Scorpio and finally Aquarius. One might say that each sign benefits by adding a taste, flavor or Quality that fills your sense of Specialness.

Two Articles covering the “Cardinal” Triplicity and the “Mutable” Triplicity are scheduled to be written for the other signs. (See the Table).

Definition of Triplicity - One of the groups of three signs – Cardinal, Fixed, Mutable -- each distant 120 degrees from the other two into which the signs of the zodiac are divided. Another name is “trigon”

Taurus Fixed

Taurus is the first sign of Stability after the wintry blasts, Spring Storms and the lengthening of days. Finally, we get to those May flowers. The image for you is the Bull; famous for languid smiles, calm deliberation, thoroughness and hard work. And also, a furious temper; if someone pushes you too far! You are important to the human psyche. You can stand alone with great stability, while late snowy storms, thunderous rains and sudden baking sunny days push the year forward. And there you are 4 strong supple legs and a massive body taking on new challenges.

But how does the FIXED Trigon contribute to the Taurus? How does their stability contribute to their array of talents? Fixity is analogous to the Stem. Above are the leaves and blossoms. Below are the roots. Notice something – Nothing happens without the Stem. What can roots do without the Stem? From whence come all the fruits and leaves and flowers without the Stem?

The message of Taurus Fixity is stay strong, stable and stalwart!. Do not stop being real. And do not be lazy. Sometimes, there is too much comfort in the warm May weather.

Fixedness is your Saving Grace! The famous Skinny Taurus, Movie Star, Fred Astaire danced and danced and danced for decades with beautiful actresses. Became world famous. The first report from a critical Agent was this uncomplimentary assessment: “Too skinny, not that good looking, balding, can dance a little.” Your Fixity is “Keep doing what you do Well.”

Four for Each Three - Each Trigon Makes You Especially Distinctive; But Includes You in a Group.


Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius



Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces



Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn


The Way Leo Is Fixed

You are on the “Serengeti”. The vast African plain that holds wild dogs, hyenas, cheetahs, elephants, crowds of monkeys, birds of every type, “wildebeasts” by the tens of thousands, zebras, alligators, hippos and giraffes, and oh yes, the Lion.

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First there is lots and lots of rain. Flowing water from engorged streams and then unbelievable overflowing rivers. Then everyone drinks, fights, or gets eaten. Then the Sun makes it drier and drier and baked. The lightning storms cause fires all over the place. Everyone runs scared, this way and that. But left alone peering over its vast domain, stands the Lion and its Pride.

You as a Leo can and should be fearless. Of course, it hunts and eats when hunger arises, but after the fire and the smoke and the wind, it is still the creature that is unmoved. It also has clear paths to greater hunting.

Sure, you can talk about ego and leadership and lots of Leonine qualities; but this article is not about all the other ways Leos succeed.

This is about your strength and your fortitude after the fire and the smoke of life’s circumstances. Are you there standing strong? Are you there for your family, your coworkers, your friends? This Fixity Trigon is there to SPRING from you, and its for all the others around you. Let your Fixity be beneficial for those around you, while you are living up to this ideal.

The Scorpion Completely Fixed

Everybody has a story about Scorpio because they are intense and inscrutable. They are also difficult to describe with one adjective. Sometimes people just decide to be negative. As if bar room talk becomes the official way to describe them.

However, ancient astrology envisioned a way in which Scorpio could be understood and this picture exalts the Divine Plan by elaborating on aspects that are both vivid and profound. A Scorpion can use this as a colorful picture, or take it more seriously, depending upon how deeply they want to take their own quest for self-knowledge.

Scorpions come in four manifestations: The “Dove” – In its desire for conquest through Peace, a Scorpio can become a servant of pacifism. The “Eagle” is high flying and above the fray, but also can, like George Patton, command troops. The actual “Scorpio” commands its wits, both above the ground, with its stinging tale, or hiding in wait. The “Lizard” could be said to contain the battle hardened mentality and the willingness to go to extremes to win. Again, you can use these as adjectives, nouns or vivid images. The complete fix is that this trigon acts like a costume or uniform. It gives you what people do not think you possess – the ability to transform yourself depending on the setting and situation. This is where the word “inscrutable” comes into play. You are Hard to figure and maybe this is to your best advantage. You are fixed because you are hard to figure!

Aquarius Fixed on the Far-Off Airy Idea

One of the more difficult combinations to envision is Aquarius which is an Air sign and its Trigon being Fixity. Think of someone who has far ranging, seemingly impossible goals that they want to achieve. Wouldn’t it be important to be fixed on these aspirations? Without that combination, many things might not have happened in the same way. Think of the inventors, scientists, philosophers.

“Let’s try an easy one.” I thought.

“Yes. Abraham Lincoln! There are millions of Aquarians, so obviously they are not all Lincolns. The point is you can be led by a far-off idea, so it would be good to be fixed on it. It makes total sense. It is this that has driven the last 500 years of human development.

Lincoln was a Visionary. The Spielberg movie on how he got the Emancipation Proclamation done will show you Lincoln’s awesome Fixity and determined negotiations. That was his highly focused Fixity in historical action. One of the best examples of the dreaming highly focused Aquarian locked in on a fixed goal.

© 2020 Christofer French

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