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Are Pearls Protective Gemstones, Too?

Taki is an aspiring witch who loves to hang out with her covet and exploring the unknown under the watchful eye of her owl familiar.

What are pearls for when it comes to magic?

What are pearls for when it comes to magic?

Pearls are beautiful works of art straight from nature's workshop. Whether stringed in a necklace or placed on a cushion, pearls are a sight to behold. However, they are never examined the same way crystals or even their fellow gemstones when it comes to assessing their healing powers. So, do pearls have mystical powers of their own?

When we first look at the pearl to unlock its powers, we should realize that unlike most gemstones, they aren't formed within the earth, but instead within an animal submerged in the element of water. The pearl is the result of a clam defending itself by creating a hard shell protecting the tender inside of the clam from the harmful irritant within. Pearls are also instinctively tied to the moon, which many witches look to for 'advice', so to say.

When worn as jewelry, pearls give the wearer a new sense of femininity, and also improve happiness. You can also think of a pearl in a clam as a fortune cookie from the sea. Depending on the color of the pearl, the wearer is given one of a few great promises. Cream pearls offer the one who finds it a grant of insightful success, and those who open up a clam to a white pearl can receive wisdom, as this color is especially linked to the moon. Peach pearls offer health, gold can bring good fortune, and lavender ones can offer more love than any other color of pearl. It is also said that pink/peach pearls are great protection from sharks.

The solar plexus chakra also receive benefits from this gemstone, and the pearl is also associated with the zodiac signs Gemini, Cancer, and Aquarius. Many people choose to wear pearls when dealing with spirits, as these help keep the wearer in a happier state, which makes it harder for spirits to possess the wearer. They also have been reported to give off a calming sense, no matter if they are fresh water pearls or pearls from the beautiful ocean waters. Those who suffer from aggressiveness and anxiety can benefit from wearing a pearl necklace or any other type of pearl jewelry that shows off the pearl. As long as the pearl is visible, it will calm the wearer and even give some calming vibes to those who are physically close to the person when wearing a pearl.

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Pearl is also a talisman of arts, inspiration, and spiritual perfection. I highly recommend that when using a Ouija board, you have at least one pearl on hand. While these are some great uses for spells. pearls also offer many benefits to anyone who wears them, including boosting sexual energy, strengthening visual acuity, and healing any ear issues, including aiding minor hearing loss. Pearls offer great benefit for lungs. This includes preventing asthma or chronic tuberculosis. Pearls also raise sensuality and lower acidity. In fact, pearl was said to be the main ingredient in 'Immortality Elixir.'

Pearls can also grant their wearers incredible foresight, protect the wearer from risky commercial transactions, and evil eye. Urinary systems also benefit from pearls. You can be more emotionally balanced as well, as pearls give off emotional 'mixes' to calm you. Once again, it is important to note that you must wear the pearl as close to your skin as possible, no matter what jewelry piece you wear it on is. You will also notice that you really won't need too many people will need more than one pearl to substain your needs with. You might also find that some people are greater affected by the different characteristics of the pearl than others. For example, some people will feel a much stronger sexual desire when they wear a pearl than others. Some will find that they no longer have a drive for sexual actions.

This applies to other things as well. Those who need it most will experience the most calming sensation from the pearl, while those who are already emotionally stable will see little to no difference in their behavior. Just like you can wear healing crystals on a necklace, it is also important that those who need it wear pearl necklaces regularly. Pearls can make all the difference in someones health. While stones such as amethyst and quartz can be used at any age, it is encouraged that those who are later in their years or are elderly will get more positive results from using pearls than they will other commonly known gemstones, specifically if that person never used crystals before.


Taki Mokuzai (author) from Rogersville, Missouri on February 19, 2019:

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