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Are Cursed Phone Numbers Real?

After growing up in house with activity, Jennifer Branton has had some weird experiences as an adult that still makes her believe in ghosts.

Don't Answer The Phone

Among the most commonly used horror movie tropes, the scary phone call makes the rounds in blockbusters. Our minds jump to the call from the Killer in Scream or a babysitter in a million variations of the same movie being told to check the children upstairs and the call was coming from inside the house in a time few people would have multiple phone lines.

Some calls come from a supernatural source like the Ring where in both the Japanese and American versions a call is made with a threat or sound effects from beyond the grave.

If the idea of trapping a consciousness into a medium like a photo or video tape, why couldn't the idea of a cursed phone number be a real thing? It sounds ridiculous, especially in the world of caller id and blocking numbers on cell phones, but yet the internet is filled with stories of people that claim to have called or been called from a number that spews back threats, weird sound effects, or terrorizes the caller.

While some numbers that have become urban legend have been disconnected, the following are numbers that are allegedly still active for those brave enough to try.

Calling any of these numbers is discouraged, just in case there is any real evil or some psychopath lurking that will go on to stalk potential callers.


Calling Satan

The phone number 666-666-6666 has been making the rounds on Reddit for ages with post after post of people claiming they have either called or received either a text message or voicemail from this number.

In the times of spam phone calls, it is no wonder that a strange number, sometimes only numbers off your own or not enough numbers or some letters fill the caller id screens of modern devices.

Surely no one would willingly answer such a number calling, not thinking it affiliated with the devil but worried about staving off some telemarketer.

The tales go though, the unanswered caller will leave a voicemail that contains either threatening messages, strange noises, heavy breathing, or screaming. It may not happen right away either. Sometimes people claim it takes days for the message to appear in the inbox after the number has appeared to have called.

Others swear they have gotten threatening or graphic text messages that come from this number, and not just once. Some even claim to have gotten the texts for a matter of weeks or months before they suddenly just stop.

Stranger still is the absence of any proof of these messages as Reddit posters claim the messages often delete themselves after sometime with no proof they were ever real.

If I got any of these, I would be changing my phone number immediately.

The Chain Mail Curse

If you remember how annoying chain letters were when email was a new technology, just try out this phone number version if you dare.

By calling the number 1-000-000-0000 in Asian countries, people online claim the number is also cursed.

When calling the number, a male voice will eventually answer the call and tell the caller that they must contact fifteen people and have their friends go through the process of calling the number and so forth. If a caller can not get fifteen friends to go along with the chain of calling, they will be cursed and die.

This seems one of the more ridiculous numbers on the list and the visualization of someone getting begging fifteen friends to call the number seems laughable, but it does explain why its so popular as folklore if so many have been subjected to it and made the call just in case.

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Does this mean some crazy person is answering this phone number just to scare people or could it be something more ominous at work?


Suzy Is Dying

The UK has a legend that is still popping up on haunted phone call videos and forums that took place in the time of phone booths, if you are old enough to remember those dinosaurs.

The story goes that children in the UK knew to dial the numbers 20-20-20 into the phone. It would ring a few times before a hysterical woman would answer the line and give a variation of "Suzy is dying!" or "Suzy is drowning!" and then hang up before anyone could know who or where this Suzy was that needed help.

The story went around as some sort of dare that children would make each other do, but there is enough stories online about this phenomenon that children in the UK remember someone they know or themselves getting this woman in the phone.

Does it only work on pay phones or can your mobile get the same spirit to respond to the call?

Does anyone dare to find out?


Sadako's Ring

In a time before the American version of the movie, Ringu was a popular movie and series of books featuring a creepy woman instead of the creepy little girl, Samara Morgan.

Both were gifted psychics that plant pictures into the minds of their victims and make videos, phone calls, and pictures reflect those images.

In Asian countries there is a number known as Sadako's number, where like the movies calling the number leads strange and disturbing moans, terrible noises, and loud shrieks to come through the phone line at the caller.

094-444-4444 is said to be the number of terror. Just like the movies, it is said a person hearing the strange messages will only have seven days left from the time they hear the message and will die exactly at the same time on the seventh day. This is following closely the story of Sadako in Ringu as there is really no way to reverse the curse as there is in the American film.

Could any of these phone numbers be real? Are they just hoaxes that keep being spread through the internet by people that are too afraid to try it themselves?

Could a supernatural power be influencing these numbers as a channel to reach out and share the evil?

I don't put it past anything being a channel to influence the human world but I have yet to find enough solid backing that these numbers are more than just urban legend and a bit of folklore that change with our growing technology.

Given the trends, any day we should be getting haunted Snapchats, and Instagrams. But who am I to say that something powerful enough wouldn't be able to manipulate such a thing into being as well?


Ellison Hartley from Maryland, USA on February 28, 2019:

Interesting topic. So glad that I have never experienced any calls like this

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on February 26, 2019:

People are generally superstitious and fearful of omens and evil things.

There are some who do all sort of mischiefs in shade of these fictitious beliefs and take mileage out of it in form of consulting, helping or advising.

We should not fall in such traps.

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