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Foul-mouthed Witch Arabella's Love Spells and Shocking Hate Mails

Sylvia Sky, M.A., is an experienced writer-astrologer and author of "Sun Sign Confidential: The Dark Side of all 12 Zodiac Signs."

Real Emails from Arabella: Prepare for a Horror Show

Horrible emails sent from Arabella to an unhappy customer, who forwarded screenshots to me. He said he was a first-time Arabella customer and never made 21 chargebacks.

Horrible emails sent from Arabella to an unhappy customer, who forwarded screenshots to me. He said he was a first-time Arabella customer and never made 21 chargebacks.

Three UK Online Spellcasters Who Cursed Customers

A prospective client sent a question to British online spellcaster and witch "Arabella." Here's the response she got, minus one word:

DIE YOU ****

Although fake online psychics sometimes threaten, "You'll have bad luck unless you follow my guidance" or "unless you send more money" that was the first such openly abusive language I'd seen. Another of Arabella's clients forwarded me vile emails he'd received when requesting a refund. I'd never seen worse and had to look into it.

Another psychic named Arabella, from Texas, USA, is not the one in question. The profane Witch Arabella is based in Britain at I found a similar complaint about UK Arabella in an online forum, speculating that Arabella, and two other verbally abusive online spell-casting witches, were one and the same. They are in fact linked, and the story gets uglier.

Arabella and the defunct "Bellatrix/Lady Shadow" black-magic spellcaster were created by the same company, but to hide that fact, two different people registered the URLs to two different British post-office boxes. What they were hiding? That these spellcasters are not and never were real women. There is no real British spell-casting witch named Arabella (who charges $200 USD for a love spell) or a "Bellatrix/Lady Shadow" as foul-mouthed as Arabella:

"DO YOUR CHARGEBACK -- they are constant. F%&% OFF."

Yet Another Abusive Arabella Email


"Die of the Coronavirus Tonight"

Another troubling aspect of the abusive emails were their "cc"s to Justin Toper, a British newspaper astrologer less prominent than he used to be. Why would these spellcasters "cc" Mr. Toper unless he was their boss? True Wiccans follow the famous "Rule of Three" saying evil will be repaid with evil thrice over--and wishing death on a potential client is evil. How is Toper involved, or is his name being misused or manipulated?

If any of these spellcasters was criticized in an online forum, a troll showed up with an abusive comeback. A forum criticizing "Carmen Queen of UK Witches" -- another Toper-related website now defunct -- elicited this: "Carmen is the best spellcaster online and I trust her with my life. If you come on this forum again, I will shut down your forum and put you out of your misery like a dying dog." "Carmen" "herself" responded viciously to an inquirer who said he couldn't afford "her" services. If "Bellatrix/Lady Shadow" and "Carmen" are out of business, it's no wonder why.

"Arabella," however, persists, as do her abusive emails. Recently (see the comments section below) "Arabella" hoped the client would die of the coronavirus. There are links on "Arabella's" site to Justin Toper's site, but those links are broken.

Detail of "Baba's" homepage as of 2011; long out of business.

Detail of "Baba's" homepage as of 2011; long out of business.

The Witch Doctor Went Out of Business

We can establish links, literally, between Arabella, Bellatrix and Justin Toper. An online archive showed me Arabella's homepage as it looked on Nov. 20, 2010, when it was new. A link to Toper's site appeared on that page for four years. That 2010 page links also to "Lady Shadow/Bellatrix," "Black Magic Spells Cast by Barbatos," and "Witch Doctor Baba," all spellcaster sites established in 2009 or 2010. (The Witch Doctor and Barbatos, like Bellatrix and Carmen, went out of business.)

These UK-based spellcaster sites shared each other's links and more. "Witch Beaty's" site linked to Justin Toper's homepage and to "Lady Shadow," "Carmen Queen of UK Witches," "Martha," "Barbatos," "Justine," the Witch Doctor, and Arabella, all "spellcasters." Why in the world would any spellcasting website link to its competitors? Maybe because they weren't competitors but cousins, their proceeds all going into the same pot.

The only name of a real human being associated with any of these spellcasting websites, and with Arabella's abusive emails, is Justin Toper.

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A Bit About Arabella

"Arabella" says a love spell is psychic energy that manipulates fate or hopes to. “Reuniting Love” and “Binding Love” (commitment) are her most popular spells; "binding spells" "bind" lovers "forever." This rather hints that what she offers, and what you pay for, is a fairy tale.

Spells begin working instantly, her site says, but results might take weeks or months because the spell starts out working at the root of the problem. There are no refunds because, she says, people are in too much of a rush to see results. Arabella's spells are costly, topping out with a DNA Love Spell ("activate 12 strands of DNA within your astral body along with your lover's astral body") priced at £800.00, or $1080 USD.

"Arabella" works solely by email. The site used to say that “phone communication would lead to unwelcome time wasters; at least with emails I can spot the time wasters instantly.” One abusive reply called the prospective client a time-waster. Even if she was, that doesn’t merit a crude outburst from someone whose website says "she" cares.

What is known for sure about Arabella is:

  • "She" wants your money and she wants it now.
  • "She" will call clients horrid names or wish them dead if they aren't satisfied and want a refund, or if they ask innocent questions about "Arabella's" services.
  • Is "she" fake? Unmistakably.

Sylvia Sky, experienced astrologer, writes about occult matters. Copyright 2013-2020 by Sylvia Sky. Sylvia does not select or endorse the ads on her pages.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Sylvia Sky (author) from USA on June 07, 2020:

Princess Olga, I couldn't say yes or no. They certainly have resemblances. Maybe it was a U.S. ripoff of the same idea, but also a failure.

PrincessOlga717 on May 23, 2020:

Are all of these websites connected with these as well? ...

Daniellegibson1994 on April 05, 2020:

I emailed Arabella about a love binding spell and she was absolutely disgusting with what she replied with.

She mentioned Justin and she also told me how my boyfriend hated me/he thought I was ugly/that I’m a freeloaded/that I have a slack fanny etc. She also used the word “cunt” a lot in capitals and told me how I would die of the coronavirus tonight. In the end I ended up blocking her email, I was in tears how she spoke to me..

Anil1215 on September 19, 2016:

Omg she said the same to me. I want my £350 back from her she treathened a death spell on me il scared some help me

Sylvia Sky (author) from USA on September 13, 2016:

There is no excuse for name-calling and swearing at potential clients on any occasion. Even one instance calls "Arabella's" professionalism into question.

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