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Aquarius Woman and Virgo Man

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Virgo (August 23-September 22) and Aquarius (January 20-February 18) might as well be from different planets judging by the contrasting outlooks they have on life. Virgo is an Earth sign that has a reputation of being practical and reliable; the person in life you go to when you need someone to give you a reality check. In contrast, Aquarius is an Air sign that is known for being an idealist and dreamer, with their feet never quite hitting the ground. This is not a pairing that just clicks from the get-go and has natural compatibility. Earth signs like Virgo tend to be grounded and down to earth while Aquarius is a free spirit who likes to be independent with no one holding them down. Regardless, Virgo and Aquarius can still work if both partners can understand what the other wants and needs. This might not be love at first sight, but a long term relationship can certainly succeed if both partners are committed to each other and put in the required work because if any relationship needs to put in the effort, it is this one.

The Virgo man tends to be the more committed one in this pairing. He is a very detail orientated man that likes to weigh out the pros and cons of every situation. If he makes the decision to settle down and enter into a relationship, he will be true to his word and do whatever is necessary to make it work. Relationships are something Virgo men take seriously once they decide that is the path they want to travel on. Before Virgo man makes this decision though, he can be quite the playboy, changing women as easily as he changes socks. A new flavor every month or more often can be typical. Virgo man has to really fall for a woman before he changes his ways and commits. If he makes the decision before he is ready or is talked into it by another person, the relationship will not work out and he will go back to his playboy ways. When he is ready though, he can make a loyal and faithful partner which is why the Aquarius woman is not typically the type of woman he goes for because she seems aloof and unemotional at first glance.

Aquarius woman has a very different view on relationships and dating. It's not that she can't commit because she definitely can, it's just that she goes about it in an offbeat manner that is plain odd to the Virgo man. Aquarius woman is a very difficult woman to convince to settle down. In fact, it's just not possible to convince her of anything because "she's an independent woman that don't need no man!" In reality, she does want that partner to come home to and share life with, she just wants to make sure he won't try to control or restrict her free spirit. That's why if a Virgo man even gets to the point where Aquarius woman decides to give him a chance and date him, he has already gone where few men have gone before him and that's an achievement in itself.


The only way a Virgo man can even get Aquarius woman to take a chance on him is if he takes it slowly and becomes her friend first. Aquarius woman will not let any man in that tries to weasel himself into her life quickly and will show him the door just as fast. This is where the patient and steady nature of the Virgo man comes in handy. He's in no hurry and likes to take things slow as well so he won't scare her off. The only chance Virgo man has with an Aquarius woman is by becoming someone she trusts and shares her inner thoughts with. Virgo man may not admit this, but he's fascinated by the Aquarius woman because she's unlike anyone he's ever met. He can listen to her talk for hours and never get bored because her outlook on life is so unique and rare. Once the Aquarius woman starts to become more comfortable with the Virgo man and share experiences from her life, he knows he almost has her, but not entirely. This is where it can go one of two ways, if the Virgo man doesn't play his cards right, he might just become a good friend and confidant instead of a lover. The next step will determine what role he gets to play in her life.

If the Virgo man puts the moves on too quickly and starts to initiate kisses or hand holding, Aquarius woman might get spooked and run the other way. He has to put in just the right amount of time with her where she trusts him as a friend but has also started to view him as someone she's attracted to and can see herself dating. It's a very delicate balance that few men have achieved when it comes to the Aquarius woman. That's why she's so picky when it comes to dating, it's not that she doesn't want to, it's that most men go about it the wrong way and ruin everything before it even has a chance to start. Virgo man is so good with his words though, that he might just motivate the Aquarius woman to make the first move. He knows that if she's spending so much time with him, he's already well on his way to being an important part of her life and that's his way in to becoming more. Virgo man has the perseverance to see this connection through and this is where he wins and might just get the girl in the end. Most men fail because they move too fast and want everything to come quickly, but Virgo man knows the old tale of the tortoise and the hare and that's what makes him stand out from the crowd.

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Once the Virgo man and the Aquarius woman are together, they can make a very successful couple. Even though they are complete opposites, they complement each other in a way that few other partners can. This is not to say that they won't occasionally run into issues because they certainly will just like any other normal couple. One thing that Virgo man can invoke in the usually carefree Aquarius woman is jealousy. Typically, Aquarius woman is not the jealous type at all because she is confident and knows what she brings to the table. The Virgo man brings out this feeling in the Aquarius woman because he is generally a kind-hearted soul that tries to help out anyone in need. Aquarius woman can sometimes feel like he is flirting or paying extra attention to another female when in reality, he is just trying to help without any ulterior motive at all. This is new to the Aquarius woman because she is not used to feeling this way but because the Virgo man was so gentle and kind with her, she does get worried when he starts to show these characteristics towards other women. Luckily, she doesn't need to worry since Virgo man has already made up his mind and chosen to be with her. She just needs to get used to his considerate nature and desire to help anyone he meets.


The dark side of each zodiac sign's personality can come out when conflicts arise in the relationship. Virgo man is the more controlling one in this partnership, and that may make Aquarius a little uncomfortable. He likes to keep in constant contact and inquire about her whereabouts and Aquarius may find this to be a little intrusive at times. When she undoubtedly plays on his nerves by not responding right away, he may become irritable and critical. Virgo men tend to be very critical by nature, but this side of them usually comes out only when they're in a bad mood. Aquarius woman and her aloofness can set off all of Virgo man's buttons and annoy him to no end. In his mind, it's not that hard to answer a call or text message, it's simply manners, and to a Virgo man, manners matter. In order to avoid this complication, Aquarius woman should simply be more attentive to her Virgo man and try to restrain her otherwise independent nature. She can still do whatever she wants of course, because it'll be a cold day in hell when an Aquarius woman lets a man tell her what to do, but she should try to be more considerate and let her Virgo partner know in a timely manner what she is doing when he asks. That is one simple thing that will go a long way when it comes to this relationship.

When it comes down to it, a relationship between a Virgo man and Aquarius woman can definitely work if both partners take a little time and consider how their actions will affect the other person. Virgo man needs to tread slowly and carefully if he wants to have any hope of capturing the heart of the Aquarius woman. He also needs to hinder his critical nature and make amends when necessary. Aquarius woman needs to come down to earth a little because while being high on cloud nine may be freeing for awhile, it does get lonely and she could use a partner down here on earth. Just like in any relationship, some sacrifices will need to be made by both partners in this union, but they will be well worth it for a rare love like this one.

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