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Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon Combinations

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Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon (for ladies)

"Her Illumination: Great Fun.

Her Dark Side: Nervous.

This lady is fun, she's fabulously funny and full of adventure. She may be non compus mentus in romance, however. She quite simply is her own person and so involved with her own activities that she forgets to buy the dress for your parents' wedding anniversary celebration. It was unintentional--she thinks they're wonderful, and can't wait to attend, but she really was involved with her own pursuits--things like writing an editorial to the local paper regarding their backward, inept reporting. Or maybe she was tied up at work--the xerox machine broke and she's the only one who can repair it. Schedules, order and propriety mean nothing to her. Frilly dresses and lace panties mean nothing to her. Intelligence, enterprise, contemplation, and investigation mean the universe to her. She's bright, but fluffy. She doesn't bother with women's lib. She's been liberated since childhood. If she was born around 3 am she was probably the most precocious of children, aloof and adult among the others. She simply didn't know what all the fuss about stacking blocks was about--she was already admiring the pyramids. As a mother she's divine, but she'll swear she's not. She's not doting, however, just a puff of pure inspiration. As a wife, well we touched on her romantic assets earlier. She means to be romantic, and many a man may have caught her eye. But, hey, guys, she's just as foot-loose and carefree as you are. Don't act like you don't understand it--she's beating you at your own game. A Leo could at least get her to pay attention. The Libra, Gemini or Aquarius can live with the full speed ahead intellect. The Scorpio and the Capricorn better step back ten paces."

(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)

Aquarius Sun Gemini Moon (for guys)

"His Illumination: Means Well.

His Dark Side: Forgets Your Address.

Here is a real romantic. At least he is in his heart. His 'I'll call you on Monday' that turns into Thursday is the biggest commitment he has made. Would you believe that he is crazy about you? And yet he forgets you so easily. I'm not going to give any other man this excuse about not calling when he is supposed to. This guy is a passive spirit. A puff of air. Unless he was born between 9 and 10 in the morning, in which case he didn't call because he was with someone else. He is glib, and usually handsome, so he can get away with a lot of rotten things that other men wouldn't even consider. He is hot air when it comes to his beliefs on social reform and crusades. He will not actually be found fund raising or answering telephone hotlines. He will leave that to you. At any rate, he needs to develop a little more stability in his love relationships because he is so easily infatuated. As you can guess, he isn't the most likable husband and father. He also needs this stability in his professional life. His coworkers would like to be able to count on him. He can easily flit from job to job. He can alter his career from advertising, to construction, to real estate in the bat of your eyelash. He is adept at most of the trades, but he takes a rather long time to settle down. If he is the one for you, I hope that you are a Libra of the most controlling sort. You could change this man. An Aquarius or Sagittarius can entice and perhaps entrap. Everyone will eventually have a chance for a fling with this one though."

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(Taken from The Book of Lovers by Carolyn Reynolds.)


Melonie on July 02, 2013:

Can you do gemini sun / aquarius moon?

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