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Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race

The role of Star Visitors to Earth and human evolution is the next step in mankind's development as a species, Full Disclosure is necessary



Radu Cinamar & Peter Moon

Transylvanian Sunrise

A mysterious scientist known as David Anderson, credited by the United States as to having developed advanced time-warp field technology, has one of his research facilities in Romania. While living and working there he made connections with Radu Cinamur, the author of The Enemy Within: In the Secret Corridors of Power (2003). Upon returning to the United States, he connected with Peter Moon and Preston Nichols, authors of The Montauk Project: Experiements In Time (1992).

Anderson was eventually able to introduce Moon and Cinamar, after many failed attempts to establish his own collaboration with Peter Moon, due to security reasons. This introduction has lead to a series of English translations of Radu Cinamar's work, the first being Transylvanian Sunrise.

The above mentioned book Transylvanian Sunrise describes ancient technology found deep inside the Bucegi Mountains of Romania, which are connected energetically with similar chambers buried deep underground near Baghdad, Iraq. Thus confirming the information found in Anton Parks book The Secret of the Dark Stars and perhaps explaining how the Anunnaki were able to travel through the asteroid belt to Earth.

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin

While Sitchin's groundbreaking book The 12th Planet (1976), certainly opened the doors and revealed the Anunnaki to modern man, it described this technologically superior race of Aliens as nefarious, selfish gods bent on creating their own slave race by altering ancient man's DNA, combining it with their own, and making a new race to serve their petty needs and desires. The many books that followed in his Earth Chronicle series show the Anunnaki as selfish gods, that use humanity as fodder for their personal wars, rivalries and disputes with little regard for life and death.

However in his last book The Lost book of Enki, he paints the Anunnaki in a much different light revealing their own insecurities, doubts and fears. It describes the guilt they feel for seemingly having failed humanity, their indecision and fear balanced against their desire to leave, knowing they have not fulfilled their obligation to humanity, coupled with their doubts that they have not provided enough spiritual advancement to mankind to allow them to fend for themselves after they have gone. It has reveals the contract they made with Star Elders to come to Earth to mine gold in exchange for enhancing the spiritual and physical evolution of mankind.

Zecharia Sitchin


There are many different ideas about who the Anunnaki are, where they come from and how they are related to the Origins of the Human Race. In this article Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race we will explore what I and others have learned about them and the role they have had with our planet and human species.

There are a great many books on the subject all expressing different but similar ideas about this Alien species, the Anunnaki. The one book that really started it off for most people is The 12th Planet by Zecharia Sitchin (1976), the first of the Earth Chronicle series about the Anunnaki, Nibiru and their relationship with humanity. Many people contend that Sitchin was in fact a 33rd degree mason and wrote these books as part of a propaganda message for his Cabal handlers. However the 12th Planet introduces the reader to this Alien race, the Anunnaki, describing them in a way that seems plausible and familiar, This book will provide the reader with the basics, creating a firm foundation for exploring this topic in depth.

One of the most important aspects of the subject of the Anunnaki to keep in mind is, that there are many different factions and subspecies which can make their history confusing and arbitrary. Most historians, writers and researchers agree that they came from the Pleiadian star System, what we call the Seven Sisters, of which our solar system revolves around the central Sun of Alcyone.

The main question, one that many scholars and researchers disagree on is the reasons they came here in the first place, to this planet Earth (Terra) on the outskirts of galactic civilization. Some say they came to set up an outpost as explorers, some say they came seeking gold to help restore their failing atmosphere on their own home world of Nibiru, (what our scientist call Planet X) while others say they were seeking refuge from a galactic war and another author contends they came here to conquer our planet. Most researchers agree, that the Anunnaki's home world is the planet Nibiru, that is part of our solar system and has a 3,657 year orbit around our Sun. What makes this even more confusing is there is some information that contends there is more than one planet or artificial planet named Nibiru.

My contention is, why couldn't it be a combination of all those reasons, after all, just as there are many different factions on Earth, so too could their be many different factions of Anunnaki, all with different agendas.

In the Lost Book of Enki, (his last book) by Zecharia Sitchin, he contends a former ruler of Nibiru (Alalu), escaped a coup on Nibiru by fleeing in his star ship, was able to navigate his space ship safely through the asteroid belt (what the Anunnaki call the Hammered Bracelet) in our solar system and land on Earth (what they call Ki). Finding that this planet held large deposits of gold, he is able to send a message back to his dying world, Nibiru and able to negotiate a treaty with his adversaries. While this is a romantic tale and certainly holds some truth, exploring the deeper history behind this galactic race, it is only one man's version of their mysterious history. One of the mysteries of this story, that is not addressed by Sitchin, is how Alalu, is able to navigate his star ship through the Hammered Bracelet (asteroid belt).

Anton Parks, in his ground breaking book about the Anunnaki simply entitled Eden, describes for us the reason the Anunnaki chose the Fertile Crescent (Mesopotamia) to set up their Edin (Eden), or original outpost on Earth, was because of the natural star gates and portals, that are concentrated in this region of our planet. Parks uses a combination or channeled information with his in depth translation skills to accurately describe the original compound, the colonists the Anunnaki create to live on Earth. This book uses new Rosetta Stone information gained by Parks to accurately translate the Sumerian clay tablets, that the earlier translators did not have.

According to Parks, the reason the Anunnaki chose Mesopotamia, the real reason America went to war with Iraq, is that this region of our planet holds the most star gates. Anton Parks contends, along with many other writers and researchers, such as Ashayana Deane author of the Voyager series, Vol. I & II, that every planet holds a predetermined number of star gates, that affords the controllers of these star gates, instantaneous travel throughout the Universe, from one planet to another. The Voyager books have a great deal of information to sift through but essentially they describe the Anunnaki, as a Fallen Angelic race intent on dominion of Earth Humans through deceptive manipulations of our history and genetic structure.

Regardless of the reasons for the Anunnaki to come to our planet Earth, there is a preponderance of evidence from ancient civilizations all over our planet that they did in fact exist in our remote past. This evidence combined with the many new books and channeled information on the Anunnaki is the basis for this article. While many contend that the Anunnaki are dark forces (Angelic Fallen Angels) aligned with the main idea behind the Lucifer Rebellion, my contention is that they are merely playing the role assigned them by the Spiritual Hierarchy to activate Polar Integration in the Human Race and ultimately acheive Ascension.

Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin has been accused of many things, from being a complete fraud who's making it all up, or being a government disinformation agent, a shape-shifting reptilian, part of the establishment because he went to a famous university, and more. But at the end of the day, his translations and conclusions are surviving the winds of time. Of course, he was human, and was not always right (who is?), but he did a good job in helping us understand our past.

— Wes Penre

Ashayana Deane

Book Sources

All of the books shown in this article, to the right of the text, are only the ones in which I have read and have used for research for the basis of this article. While most of the information in these books covers the same ground, they do not all draw the same conclusions.

For instance the Voyagers series Vol. I & II, contend the Anunnaki are a Fallen Angelic Race created specifically to wage war through out our Galaxy and not just dominate Earth but our entire Universe. The Voyagers material goes into great depth on this subject and contends the information contained within them should be used to discern the truth for ourselves, it acts as a warning.

Many other books, such as the ones by Sitchin, Ferguson and Starr paint a more romantic version of events and contend, that the Anunnaki have been misrepresented and their history on Earth distorted. While other books are more oriented around presenting the facts through archeology and do not draw any conclusions for the reader.

I offer these books as a medium in which my readers can find their own truth. I contend that until we can have a more Full Disclosure of events, history and revealing of information, all the books should be considered as merely one persons or group of people's perspective and not be held to being any more reliable the the others.


The deception behind Nibiru Plaqnet X is closely related to the ongoing UFO Mystery and disclosure of one of these topics will invariably lead to disclosure of the other.

The deception behind Nibiru Plaqnet X is closely related to the ongoing UFO Mystery and disclosure of one of these topics will invariably lead to disclosure of the other.

Jelaila Starr

The Nibiru Planet X and the Coverup Conspiracy

The veracity of the subject of the existence of Nibiru Planet X was never in question until the 1980s in America because the Lowell Observatory built in the late 1890s in Flagstaff Arizona was designed specifically to look for the mysterious planet. Because of this American astronomers and scieintists have been looking for it for over 100 years. In fact many scientific journals, newspaper articles and magazines openly discussed this topic in America for over a 100 years.

It wasn't until the Reagan Administration made the topic of Nibiru Planet X, part of its National Security mandate did the subject become off limits to astronomers, scientist and the public. This censorship has created considerable confusion on the subject and now the public considers the topic fringe science and conspiracy theories.

Because of this National Security mandate by the Reagan Administration the censorship of all information pertaining to this subject has been removed from public scrutiny, including past per reviewed articles, journals and magazines. However before this happened NASA announced to the world that Nibiru Planet X had been found, using the IRAS space telescope, on the outskirts of our solar system, in 1983. This information was written about in many newspapers and even made the front page of the New York Times and Washington Post.

However what I find most interesting, if somewhat perplexing is that the experts in the field of translating the ancient cuneiform writing, on the many clay tablets and cylinder seals made by the Sumerians, show NO mention of the planet Nibiru as the home planet of the Anunnaki. In fact it is only mentioned once as the planet that exploded and broke apart forming what is now referred to as the Asteroid Belt.

While Anton Parks, a French author and linguist, whom has written several unique books on the subject (mentioned above), contends the story of the Anunnaki coming from the planet Nibiru to the Earth in search of gold for their dying planet is completely fabricated and has no veracity based on the clay tablets that have been translated. However there are many very ancient archeological gold mining sites that have been found all over the world and is the basis for Michael Tellinger's book Slave Species of the Gods. Yet Parks does give Sitchin high praise for introducing the public to the ancient creation myth and legend of the Sumerians and goes on to say that Sitchin's books do include some truth.

However in writing this article, I have come across information that calls into question the veracity of the the ancient cuneiform clay tablets, that so many researchers base their ideas on. Marduk, the grandchild of Anu, the ruler of Nibiru during the Anunnaki's stay on Earth, when they arrived 480,000 years ago, is described as causing a lot of the civil wars, the Anunnaki engaged in during their occupation of Earth. Many books such as We Are The Niburuans, Return of the 12th Planet by Jelaila Starr (1996), describes Marduk as staging a successful coup against his Grandfather and taking control of the Earth around 10,000 years ago. We Are the Nibiruans, describes the Anunnaki as being misunderstood through disinformation by various Alien factions, censorship tactics and false archeological evidence to represent them in the darkest light possible, by Marduk and his Reptilian followers.

Because of his relatively small numbers of Anunnaki followers, he moved most of his operations underground, to rule the planet from behind the scenes. He also allied himself with many Reptilian Aliens, that also felt that the Earth should belong to them. Once they established control of humanity, that recently had experience another global catastrophe (see Catastrophobia) from space and was rebuilding, they set about rewriting history to show their occupation in a favorable light, while portraying his families escapades on Earth as self serving, manipulative and controlling.

Because of this disinformation and propaganda campaign, propagated by Marduk and his Allies, many researchers are now questioning the information contained and translated from the Sumerian clay tablets. Could this information on the clay tablets, have been twisted and distorted and placed in an area of Mesopotamia to ensure its survival, knowing it would be found by future generations of archeologists, as a way of creating the world's first false news? Many researchers are beginning to think this could very well be the case.

After all what better way to rewrite the history of our planet, than by creating false archeological information so that humanity will feel they are discovering the truth, through their own investigations. Marduk, through manipulation behind the scenes, could have been creating information, that is slowly leaked into our mainstream education as the truth, while systematically eliminating all evidence, through secret groups. Eliminating entire races of humans and civilizations through the ravages of wars, destroying history through the elimination of indigenous races and the plundering of national treasures.

Think about the burning of the Library of Alexandria, the genocide of the Native American people, the enslavement of tribes in Africa and Australia, the plundering of the Aztecs and Incas in South America and the grave robbing of the Giant Skeletons found in North America. The Disinformation of Archeology is only now being recognized after hundreds of years of excavations and deliberate obfuscation of evidence and history.

  • Could the ancient cuneiform clay tablets in which so many scholars, archeologists and researchers have based their theories on, of ancient Sumer and the Mesopotamia, be in reality disinformation designed to prevent humanity from recognizing the truth about our past?
  • Is Marduk, solely responsible for this or is he only getting the blame for it and it is really part of a nefarious agenda by the Anunnaki to distort and twist the truth about humanities origins?
  • Are the Anunnaki really the Fallen Angelic Race and part of a much larger plan of not just Earth domination but control of our entire galaxy?
  • Or are the Anunnaki merely fulfilling the role of our parent race, that they have been assigned by higher Spiritual Forces and Founder Races to protect and genetically guide us into a new Golden Age?

Clearly their is a lot of disinformation pertaining to this subject and I can only present the information as I interpret it, we must use critical thinking, open minds and the intuitive creative thinking of our hearts to discern the truth for ourselves. The disinformation of this subject is the basis for this article.

Nibiru Planet X

V.S. Ferguson

The Sphinx

The Sphinx originally had a lion face but was defile and replaced by certain factions of the Anunnaki, as an insult to the Founder Race of Felines it was built to pay tribute too.

The Sphinx originally had a lion face but was defile and replaced by certain factions of the Anunnaki, as an insult to the Founder Race of Felines it was built to pay tribute too.

Founder Races: Felines & Carians

It is important recognize that both Founder races, The Carians and the Felines, were selected by the Spiritual Hierarchy because they had both completed polarity integration in another Universe. So while they have had select roles to play in our third dimensional Universe, the education and evolution of all sentient beings, they do so with the full knowledge of what is required for polarity integration.

The Felines are cat-like beings and are the geneticists of the Universe. They created the genetic blueprints for all the species of animals, vegetation and sentient incarnate beings in the entire Universe, including sometimes planets. They are tall beings, with reddish, gold hair and hazel of gold eyes. The Felines are powerful, highly evolved beings with loving, gentle and benevolent natures (think Chewbacca of Star Wars fame).

They are known as the Universal healers and exist in the 6th dimension, even though they are from a much higher dimensional plane of existence. Many ancient civilizations paid tribute to them by creating the sphinx statues. They left the various cat populations on our Earth as a means of transmitting telepathic information back to their home world of Sirius A.

The Carians are tall bird-like beings, and are the protectors of the Universe. Their job is to protect all life on any given planet but they are also responsible for the creation of magnetic grid systems on planets, stargates and portals. They work hand in hand with the Felines and even share the same planet of Sirius A. Ancient civilizations of Earth paid tribute to them in the form of the mythical symbol of the Phoenix and by holding eagles, hawks and ravens as sacred birds.

The Carians don't use weapons for defense but rather, use the opening or closing of portals and stargates, to move from dimensions or prevent adversaries from entering into solar systems. Even though are the very same beings that created the Reptilians, they also prevented these same Reptilians from destroying humanity on Earth in our past. Neither Founder Race, take sides in the struggles of lower dimensional beings but rather are the police of our Universe, creating councils and solutions to the continued aggressions.


The Carians have been depicted by our ancestors as Bird lIke Beings with distinctly bird heads and faces and the Phoenix is the symbolic acknowledgment of this Founder Race.

The Carians have been depicted by our ancestors as Bird lIke Beings with distinctly bird heads and faces and the Phoenix is the symbolic acknowledgment of this Founder Race.

Alternative Theories on Nibiru Planet X

Other authors and researchers, such V.S. Ferguson and Jelaila Starr contend that a partially artificial planet does exist, called Nibiru, that was created specifically to allow our original parent race of Pleaidians to experience negativity. This race, that originated on the lush tropical paradise of the planet Avyon, in the Vegan system of the Lyran Constellation, was created from a Founder Race most know as the Felines from Sirius A.

Originally this race of beings (Pleaidians), only existed as females but because they lived in complete harmony and peace, their race began to stagnate spiritually and the planet they lived on was made uninhabitable by another conquering race. So an artificial planet was constructed so that this original race of humanity could experience the duality of male and female existence. This created conflict, through the emotion of fear that stems from conflict, allowing this race to experience negativity. Experiencing negativity helps races to appreciate a wide range of emotions related to fear, which invariably leads to finding positive solutions to problems stemming from confrontation and differences.

The artificial planet Nibiru was created as a battle star/mother ship to protect other evolving planets and solar systems (this was its mission), specifically for these new Pleaidians, giving this race an opportunity to experience a wide range of emotions involved with their mission. This new race of masculine and feminine polarized Pleaidians moved to this new artificial planet and lived in the hollowed interior with its own artificial sun. This planet was designed by the Founder Races with advanced technology that protected it and allowed it to move through space.

By giving this race of Pleaidians a mission it also helped them to evolve spiritually, they are now called Nibiruans, to experience a wide variety of emotions that they had not previously experienced living on a planet that had no concept of war. The interior of Nibiru was constructed to match the surface of Avyon, a lush tropical paradise. Because Nibiru is an artificial planet it is incased in a metal alloy on the outside with a force field, which gives it a reddish hue. The rings or wings that many ancient Earth civilizations have alluded too, is caused by its propulsions system that moves it through space.

According to Anu in the book We Are the Nibiruans, the 17th ruler of the Nibiruan starship, this flagship of the Nibiruan Council, first came to Earth over 480,000 years ago, which coincides with what Sitchin wrote about. However this book goes into great detail about the various roles different races play in the evolution of our Universe. It tells us that the two Founder Races are the Felines (light) and Carians (dark) and that they exist in much higher dimensions than third dimensional incarnates (humans) an/or angels.

The entire goal or "game" being played out in third dimensional reality by all incarnated beings is learning to balance the feminine qualities of compassion, nurturing, empathy and unconditional love (Light) with the masculine, aggressive, war-like tendencies of the male or (Dark). To do this, two distinct races were created by the Felines, the Reptilians from the Carians' DNA and the Humans from the Felines' DNA. It was decided that the Reptilians would be created first, so that they could gain a technological advantage over all other races. This would provide an adversary for other sentient races to compete against and learn polarity integration.

The Reptilians were given a creation myth that they were the owners of this universe and had the right to colonize any planet they wished even if another species already existed there, simply by destroying the existing race. Their home is in the constellation of Orion and Sigma Draconi. They lack the deeper emotions of humans but do use all five senses while relying on telepathic communication. The Reptilian way of conquering other planets and races is to infiltrate another race and manipulate and control the situation from within, (sound familiar?).

Humans on the other hand were created much later in the evolution of the Universe by the Felines with an entirely different origin myth, one of living in harmony with other races. Their home is in the Pleaidian constellation, Vegan System on the planet Avyon. So although their innate curiosity and need for exploration will invariably lead them to colonize the Universe as well, it will be with the intention of co-existing in harmony, cooperation and peace with other sentient incarnated beings. This conflicting nature of peaceful co-existence would act as counter balance from the aggressive conquering tendencies of the Reptilian Race and offer an alternative for other races to choose from.

These two races of conflicting natures were specifically designed to oppose each other as a means of creating the necessary confrontation to establish a drama that other races and organizations of races would invariably rally and ally behind. Because this kind of Universal drama would require an eventual peaceful solution of cooperation and negotiation, it would be used as means of advancing both races spiritually and help to create polarity integration.

While this may seem manipulative and unnecessary to many, anyone that has undergone a profound spiritual awakening, recognizes that it comes about more quickly by reaching a point of hopelessness and despair, or reaching a bottom. Research for this article Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race, has lead me to conclude that some factions of the Anunnaki, are merely playing the role they have been assigned by the Founder Race's, maybe even unwittingly, for purposes of the spiritual enlightenment of an entire Universe.

Many researchers contend that the Anunnaki are really just the Fallen Angels, that sided with the Lucifer Rebellion and/or the Nephilum or hybrid giants of ancient myth and legend. But what makes me hesitant about accepting this information is where would that leave the Angels that didn't side themselves with the Lucifer Rebellion? Also their is much evidence and information showing that in fact the hybrid giants of antiquity, were in fact created as a sub-species of the Anunnaki to be their warrior class on Earth, through the infiltrated scientists of Atlantis and genetic manipulation.

As I pointed out at the beginning of this article because of the Anunnaki are expert geneticists, they are able to produce clones and sub-species of themselves to do their bidding. This in fact allows them to create worker/slaves to carry out their agendas. The creation of the human race is based on this idea, so it should not come as a surprise that they have done this many times in their storied history. That is why it is imperative we not lump all of the Anunnaki race into one group, with one agenda.

Elena Kapulnik

Lloyd Pye

Dolores Cannon

Keepers Of The Garden

Keepers Of The Garden by Dolores Cannon, explores the information given by a group of Aliens that offers a unique perspective on the origins of the human species. While they do not use terms such as the Anunnaki, they do provide the reader with a unique perspective in which to formulate their own ideas about how human life on Earth was established.

I mention this book in this article to give the reader an alternative view point in which to recognize how life could be created specifically to each environment on any particular planet. The unique perspective of this book will allow the reader to appreciate how any genetic mutations of a sentient species would dramatically alter its evolutionary path.

Life is not a random group of events but is meticulously engineered and designed to match the environment and atmosphere of a planet. It is geared to be adaptable and work in harmony with the nature of the planet, the plants and animals of the planet, to ensure a harmonious evolution.

Any alteration of the evolutionary path, through genetic manipulation. would have a profound impact and long term repercussions on that species. this is an important consideration when exploring the nature of the Anunnaki's story on Earth.

Origins of the Human Race

While Darwin would have us accept that the human race slowly evolved from the primordial ooze from simple cells, into fish, then into amphibians and eventually bi-pedal mammals over the course of billions of years of selective evolution, I propose that this theory is nothing more than (Marduk) propaganda, designed to give the scientific community an alternative explanation for our existence. Yes, I too once bought into this theory, having been an agnostic that required proof of God before I would accept the concept of the Creator of All into my paradigm.

My Spiritual Awakening in 2004, squashed that kind of thinking permanently and allowed me the freedom of experiencing the creation of a new paradigm that would allow me to accept information on faith rather than proof. This required that I learn to think with my heart, a concept that, opened me up to the truth from inside, rather than searching for the truth from information that could be twisted, reformatted and designed by others with their own agenda.

However a book that helped me to formulate my ever expanding paradigm of the truth, was written by the late Lloyd Pye in 1997, entitled Everything You Know Is Wrong: Human Origins. In this book Pye painstakingly describes the fallacy of Darwinian Evolution, for the more radical idea that the human race was designed from already existing phyla (body types) with a specific purpose in mind. After describing, through a series of chapters, that Darwin's, Evolution of Species, simply could not have occurred naturally, Pye begins to reveal one of humanities deepest secrets based on his own critical thinking and thirty years of research. He comes to three basic conclusions, (see The Disinformation of Biology for more information on this theme):

  1. We arrived under our own volition and under our own steam (i,e., we migrated) from somewhere outside the planet.

  2. We were brought from somewhere else by some entity that placed us here to live, with or without our cooperation.

  3. We were developed/created by some entity that utilized genetic manipulation, crossbreeding, or a combination of both.

According to many articles, videos and books (some mentioned above), originally the now current form of humanity Homo Sapiens or modern humans was created as slaves to serve the function as worker race of menial labor and servitude but due to the ever increasing demand for this being by their creaator race the Anunnaki, it was given the means to pro-create. While this surely wasn't Lloyd Pye's original idea, as it was taken from Zecharia Sitchin's work in the Earth Chronicle series mentioned above, it was expounded on in a more scientific context, through a series of chapters that showed Darwin's ideas, simply hold no merit.

In fact, Darwin himself was loath to publishing his theories of evolution (as detailed in a letter to a colleague), due to the fact that he, himself did not subscribe to them in general. He only published his findings to show that when animal species were isolated, such was the case on Galapagos Island they would evolve to suit their environment. It was only when another writer and researcher came forward with similar ideas, did he eventually publish his findings, thinking that his contemporaries would laugh his theories into obscurity.

While their are many variations of the epic human origin story taken from the ancient Sumerian clay tablets, in a nutshell, the Anunnaki decided to create sentient beings from the combination of Homo Erustus DNA and their own DNA. This decision came about after residing on Earth for 250,000 years, as means of giving the overburdened group of Anunnaki workers relief from the arduous task of ming gold deep in the Earth. A condensed description of this plan can be found in We Are The Nibiruans, while certainly not the most detailed, it does give the reader the basic outline of what transpired and the events that lead to this decision.

Another idea that we must consider, is the circumstances that have lead to the destruction of many of the artifacts, archeological sites, tangible evidence and region in which this information can be found, namely Iraq, Syria and Turkey, in recent times (the first Gulf War and later the Invasion of Iraq by American and Coalition Forces), may in fact have been by design to protect the current public perceptions of our origins. This idea is not without precedence as many ancient treasures, describing the true nature of humanities origins, have been systematically removed from the public domain.

So while this article Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race, was written to educate the public on what is currently known about this enigmatic race shrouded in mystery, it is clear that The Powers That Be and/or The Cabal are well aware of our a true ancient past. Because they wish to keep our true origins a secret, they have been suppressing this information for thousands of years in the form of twisting archeological evidence, removing ancient treasures, censoring discoveries and proof and even the outright destruction of ancient human origin sites.

Nibiru Planet X

The existence of Nibiru Planet X as an artificial planet, would go a long ways in explaining its eccentric orbit and the profound mystery behind what is known about its enigmatic story.

The existence of Nibiru Planet X as an artificial planet, would go a long ways in explaining its eccentric orbit and the profound mystery behind what is known about its enigmatic story.

Michael Tellinger

Golden Facts

Modern society uses gold as a standard for currency but it contains an unparalleled combination of chemical and physical properties, which make it an invaluable commodity in the medical, electrical and manufacturing industries.

  • Gold is a remarkable metal that is virtually indestructible, it will not tarnish when exposed to air, it will not rust when exposed to water and it will not corrode due to oxygen.
  • Gold is the one of the most electrically conductive of all metals and is able to convey even a small electrical current in temperatures as low as -55, up to 200 degrees.
  • A single ounce of gold (28.4 grams) can be drawn into a wire 8 kilometers long or hammered into a sheet 12 meters square.
  • Gold is the most reflective infrared material, known to reflect 99% of infrared rays, which is important for space travel and fighting fires.
  • Gold is an excellent conductor of thermal energy and is used to transfer heat away from delicate high temperature engine parts, such as the Space Shuttle and rockets.

Because of Gold's properties and ability to transfer heat, it has been speculated and theorized by climate control scientists, that in a powdered form it could be introduced into our atmosphere to either reflect heat or to trap heat, thus manipulating our weather.

In many esoteric writings and manuscripts another powdered version of Gold has been linked to extreme longevity of the human body or immortality. This powdered gold is supposed to be brought about by a "secret fire" which is created from the shape of a pyramid. You can read more about it in this article God's Recipe For the Elixir of Life.

Slave Species and Obsession For Gold

Many historians and archeologists have found evidence of sophisticated ancient gold mining operations and incredibly advanced cities, during a time in our distant past in which our own species was barely more than bands of primitive hunter/gatherers that found the task of survival almost beyond their capabilities. This contradiction has never truly been explained by contemporary education and scientists and has called into question many prevalent themes and theories of our ancient origins.

In Slave Species of the Gods: The Secret History of the Anunnaki and Their Mission On Earth, a book written by Michael Tellinger (2005), he expands on the Earth Chronicle theories of Sitchin and Lloyd Pye's origin theories by developing his own ideas of how and where Homo Erectus Man developed. His ideas stem from the numerous archeological sites found throughout Africa as evidence of an Alien Race as our creators, bent on mining the Earth of its gold and for creating humanity as its workers for this purpose.

This book shows that such ancient civilizations as the Egyptians, Sumerians and Babylonians inherited their technology, knowledge and sophistication from far older civilizations, that began in Africa. It explains humanities obsession with gold, the reasons we only use a very small percentage of our DNA, a more detailed description of the existence of Planet X, the creation of religions as control paradigms, the biology of humanity that doesn't seem very well adapted to the planet it "so-called" evolved on and may other mysteries. It is written in such a manner, so that each chapter builds evidence to support the contention that humanity was created to work for, not worship the gods of our creation.

One of the more profound mysteries of ancient man or Stone-Age Man, was his obsession with gold. The question of how could ancient humanity, that built with stone or lived in caves or stone houses, protected himself with stone walls, made all his tools and weapons out of stone, even covered his dead with stone, be so obsessed with gold, or even have the technological know how or tools too mine it, let alone process it from ore, is still a perplexing one?

The end of the Paleolithic period or Old Stone Age and the beginning of the Mesolithic of Middle Stone Age (10 to 15 thousand years ago) was directly after a global cataclysm that flooded most of the Earth and yet mankind not only survived but flourished. Civilizations popped all over the Near-East, suddenly acquiring skills to create sophisticated architecture, advanced agricultural techniques, animal husbandry, writing and language, laws and court systems, road building and irrigation systems and sophisticated aqueducts and food storage and yet through all of these miraculous advancements, they also acquired sophisticated gold mining techniques and processing.

Yet this obsession with gold is not just limited to ancient Near-East cultures such as the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians but can be found in Scandinavian with the Vikings, in South America with the Mayas, Olmecs, Incas and Aztecs, in the Far-East in Japanese and Chinese cultures. So the question really is why would humanity would be so obsessed with gold when it served little more than decoration and later currency, especially considering it was very difficult to obtain, even to this day with sophisticated machinery and technology?

  • Clearly ancient man had some help but why would The Powers That Be wish to censor this information from the common man?
  • Why would our ancient origins wish to be kept a secret from the common man?
  • Could the truth of our origins reveal a secret so incredible as to change the nature of how we think of ourselves?

Considering the lengths to which our ancient past has been so completely eradicated from common knowledge this secret must contain information that would transform the planet and humanity. Is the Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race, the key to unlocking the mysteries of humanities role in the great drama of Universal Life?


Ashayana Deane


Anton Parks

Some Anunnaki History & Insight

This article Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race, was written for the portion of Humanity that has already awakened to the grand deception being perpetrated on this planet, and that already have a per functionary understanding of the Anunnaki and the complex role they have played in the origins of our species.

While Ashayana Deane, the author of the Voyager series Vol. I and Vol. II has written a vast amount of information pertaining to the subject of the Anunnaki, the majority of her articles, means very little to the average human because it is geared for only those that have the basic understanding of this complex subject. This limits her information to only those that can conceive of the advanced and complex subject matter and because of this limitation, I have decided to leave much of her information out of this article. But for those interested you can visit her website Emerald Guardian and read such articles as The Rabbit Hole Transmissions :The Luciferian Rebellion and the hijacking of the Hall of Records by clicking on this link.

I have also left much of what Anton Parks has written about the Anunnaki because he tends to rely on translations of the ancient cuneiform clay tablets found in what was Sumer and the Crescent Valley, what is now Iraq, Iran, Syria and parts of Turkey. I feel these clay tablets, which were written roughly 5,000 years ago, are specifically designed as propaganda and disinformation, knowing full well they would be found in the future and taken as a true history by some.

However, Anton Parks channeled books, such as The Secret of the Dark Stars: The Girku Chronicles, have a much more authentic feel to them, which I hold in high regard.

It is important to understand that the word Anunnaki is a Human/Earth term, taken from the name Anu, which was the ruler of Nibiru when his people the Anunna (translated as Princely Offspring) first came to Earth and their word for Earth which is Ki. So, in essence the word Anu-nna-Ki, really means the offspring of Anu, that reside on Earth (Ki). However what we on Earth refer to as the Anunnaki, from Sumerian clay tablet translations might not be called that by other Alien races, or even other races on Earth. This is very important consideration and may lead to even more confusion.

The basic concept of the history of the Anunnaki is that they came to our planet in search of raw materials (specifically gold), to create an outpost (colony) and refuge from a galactic war and to create a base of operation in this part of the Galaxy, almost half a million years ago. But what isn't well known is that the Battlestar Nibiru, created by the recently formed Galactic Federation, (a group of many Alien Races formed to negotiate peace and protect civilizations throughout the Universe from the ongoing conflict between Human and Reptile species), was actually involved in the creation of the Earth itself.


Most Anunnaki (Pleaidians) have light fair white skin and white hair or what we humans would call Albinos, in UFOology they are known as the White Nordics.

Most Anunnaki (Pleaidians) have light fair white skin and white hair or what we humans would call Albinos, in UFOology they are known as the White Nordics.

Randolph Winters

The Pleiadians

While the information in both of these books do not revolve around the Anunnaki story or their specific history on Earth, they do provide some interesting perspectives of events on Earth and the background of Aliens known as the Pleiadians from the star system of the same name, from which the Anunnaki originate from.

The correlation of this information to events on our own planet cannot be ignored and are too coincidental to be considered random or involving another Alien species. Because many different names are used to describe the same Alien species it can be problematic to assign them to the same species but anyone reading these books will be able to discern the similarities are far closer than the differences.

I do not include these books to confuse the reader but to merely show how often similar events and names here on Earth of stories of our ancient gods, could very well be describing the same events from a different perspective or language.

Preston Nichols & Peter Moon

The Creation of Earth & Great Galactic War

Millions of years ago the planet Tiamat, was the fourth planet in our solar system and home to both humans and reptile colonies on the surface and Aquatic Sirians or dolphins and whales, in its oceans. The surface beings of Tiamat, the Reptiles and Humans actually lived in peace and harmony with one another, albeit on opposite sides of the planet.

Both warring factions of Reptiles and Humans elsewhere in the Universe, could not abide by this peace and both sent factions to this planet to instigate open warfare, between these peaceful colonies of both races. The Battlestar Nibiru was called into intervene and this lead to the destruction of Tiamat, 252 million years ago.

The planet was essential shattered into pieces and make no mistake this was done on purpose, half of it becoming what we call the asteroid belt and the other half becoming the planet Earth. To achieve this destruction, the Battlestar Nibiru towed a smaller Moon of Saturn, into the orbit of Tiamat and caused a collision, which created a huge cleavage on its surface, that was then used as a focal point for advanced weaponry from the Battlestar Nibiru to split it in half. The smaller Moon of Saturn was then towed into its own orbit and is the planetoid we call Pluto.

The upper half of Tiamat was towed into place in orbit around our Sun and was rehabilitated becoming the Earth, with it came the Aquatic Sirians, what we know as the marine mammals of dolphins and whales, that originated on Tiamat. While Earth was being rehabilitated the Battlestar Nibiru was sent by the Galactic Federation to destroy the Royal Planet of the Reptilians, called Aln in the Orion constellation. This started what is known as the Great Galactic War. Peaceful members of both colonies on the surface of Tiamat were taken into the Battlestar Nibiru before its destruction.

This aggression by the Galactic Federation prompted the Reptilians to arm their outpost in our solar system, on the planet known as Marduk, which was used later in the Great Galactic War to attack Earth. The planet Marduk was later destroyed in the Great Galactic War and its pieces mixed in with the asteroid belt, which was already in place as the other half of Tiamat was obliterated into small pieces to form it.

The Great Galactic War was created by design and lasted for millions of years to allow all sentient races throughout the Universe to incarnate on both side to experience complete polarity integration. Currently many awakened humans on the planet Earth have recognized that 3rd dimensional space is really a holographic matrix designed to allow incarnated beings to learn lessons for soul integration and eventual Ascension, the Universe isn't any different, it is just on a grander scale.

The Earth was reseeded by the Felines with plants and animals and a human guardian race to continue their evolution, watched over by Etheric Sirians and Christos Sirians. The Aquatic Sirians, (dolphins and whales) maintained the biosphere and after millions of years another human colony called Hybornea arose and flourished on Earth for a million years. This civilization was attacked and destroyed by the Reptilians from their outpost on Marduk, which lead to the disintegration of that planet, as well.

According to many sources, to numerous to name here but a shortened version can be found in We Are The Nibiruans and a more detailed version can be found in You Are Becoming A Galactic Human (1994) by Sheldon Nilde and Virginia Essene, the destruction of the planet Marduk was the last battle of the Great Galactic War and lead to the destruction of human colonies on Mars and Venus, making those planets uninhabitable. Because of the amount of atomic weapons used the Battlestar Nibiru lost its protective shield and the only way to save it was to introduce large quantities of powdered gold into the atmosphere as a barrier.

Before we move on I would like to mention some other books that may help in constructing a timeline of events on Earth, that is not covered in our education system but will shed some light on events in our distant past. The Pleiadian Mission (1994) by Randolph Winters offers a timeline of events and some interesting insights into our Galactic heritage. Encounter In The Pleiades (1996) by Peter Moon & Preston Nichols, also offers a unique look at the influence our ancient ancestors have had on planet Earth.

The Orbit of Nibiru


Virginia Essene & Sheldon Nilde

The Things

An important side story of humanities history is that a group of humans, millions of years ago had decided to remain in etheric form to watch over their brothers and sisters in physical form, perhaps these are what we call Angels but for this article Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race, we will call them Etheric Sirians.

The Human Race was originally seeded by the Felines in the Vegan star system on a planet called Avyon. They began in the oceans of this planet as aquatic primates (dolphins and whales), then a portion of these aquatic primates were upgraded from that existence into bi-pedal land primates. While the rest stayed in the oceans to maintain the biosphere.

All planets with sentient life require some form of aquatic primates to maintain the biosphere. Perhaps this is why the rulers (The Cabal) on this planet have tried to completely eradicate the dolphin and whale species, even though everything gained from these sentient beings can be synthesized or replaced, however, I digress.

Once the humans on Avyon advanced to space travel they colonized another planet in their system and named it Avalon. This did not go unnoticed by the Reptiles and they arrived offering advanced technologies and friendship all the while infiltrating both planets and sowing the seeds of discontent. This is the way the Reptiles operate, their Modus Operandi (M.O.) they get their enemies to fight their wars for them, so they can come in and take over or pick one side and destroy both.

The new colony on Avalon was almost completely destroyed from civil war, one group wished to become more technologically advanced, while the other wished to remain spiritual. After the destruction of Avalon The Founders moved the remnants of humanity to Sirius B, and humanity then became know as the Sirian Humans. A non-physical group of humans developed out of this move, that wished to devote themselves to the pursuit of spiritual knowledge and healing, which accentuated the feminine polarity, this group was known as the Etheric Sirians.

Those that remained in the physical state became polarized to the masculine and were known as the Physical Sirians. It wasn't long before the Founders relocated both groups to new planets, the Physical Sirians to the planet Aln in the Orion Constellation (home-world of the Reptiles) and the Etheric Sirians to Tiamat in our solar system, which was already inhabited by a Reptile colony.

When the Etheric Sirians arrived on Tiamat, their physical bodies were still in the aquatic primate stage, so they cared for them both physically and spiritually as they watched them evolve. However because most stages of evolution can be a time consuming process, some of the Etheric Sirians, got bored and began to incarnate into animal bodies. Because thought creates reality, these Etheric Sirians forgot they were Etheric Humans and began to think they were animals.

Because we live in a Freewill Universe, the remaining Etheric Sirians were helpless to intervene and could only watch as their brothers and sister became mentally trapped. Mankind on Earth has experienced the same thing. We Earth Humans have forgotten we are souls in physical bodies and instead think we are bodies with souls. Read You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience (2001) by Bob Frissell for a better understanding of this concept.

Bob Frissell

The Anunnaki Arrival On Earth

The Anunnaki arrival on Earth, was roughly 480,000 years ago, which is what this article Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race, is really all about. Most researchers, writers and authors agree that they came in search of gold to restore the atmosphere around the artificial planet they called Nibiru, what some call Planet X. Our Galactic history, that many on our world are only now accepting as valid, was influenced to a great degree by many off world Alien races and this has contributed a great deal to a wide variety of social, spiritual and even physical, issues our current civilization endures, to this day.

When the Anunnaki arrived, this planet already was inhabited by many groups such as the civilization known as Lemuria (Brown Race), also a group of beings that preferred to inhabit animal bodies to experience a more simplistic life (loosely called The Things), based on instinct and harmony with nature. A group of colonists known as the Yu (Yellow Race), an offshoot of the Lemurians, what we would call Orientals was already established and thriving. A group of hostile Reptilians, survivors of the destruction Tiamat, had created a colony underground, the Auquatic Sirians (dolphins and whales) lived in the Earth's oceans maintaining its biosphere and the mythic and lengendary Atlantis (Red race) was just beginning to establish roots of its great civilization.

Of course a primitive group of humans, seeded by the Etheric Sirians and Founder Race, the Felines, existed as well. This group, we call Homo Eructus (White Race), was telepathic, intelligent and lived in harmony with all the animals of Earth in a loosely communal type society. The (Black Race) came about after the Anunnaki arrived and was created from the evolving human primates. This explains to a degree how so many different races could evolve on one single planet, as almost every group that existed at the time of the Anunnaki's arrival was from other planets and brought here as colonists.

To be clear though, both the Yu Civilization of China and Tibet and the Atlantis Civilization located in the Atlantic Ocean, were offshoots of the Lemurian Civilization, that had spread across the globe. We must recognize that just as all races on this planet currently have not evolved and matured at the same rate, so too was the case half a million years ago. Because of this, just as is the case now, some races have been taken advantage, throughout our history and continues to this day.

The Galactic Federation agreed to allowed the Anunnaki to come here for two reasons:

  1. To find and mine gold to reestablish the atmospheric force field conditions of their artificial planet/battlestar Nibiru, which would save the millions of inhabitants of different Aliens races that called Nibiru, their home and restore the the flagship of the Galactic Federation.
  2. To create a two-stranded DNA body, with the help of the Christos Sirians and Founder Felines, so that the Earth Sirians could inhabit it and continue their evolution. We must remember that the Anunnaki are expert geneticists and this agreement with the Galactic Federation, would also help their own spiritual advancement.

However to do this the Anunnaki had to first make peace with the hostile underground Reptilians. This was done through the marriage of Anu and one of the Royal Reptilian Queens (Dramin), that had taken refuge on Nibiru before the destruction of Tiamat. The product of this marriage was a son called Enki, whom was sent with 50 Anunnaki astronauts to establish a mining colony ahead of Nibiru. He established the first Anunnaki settlement (called Eridu, meaning Earth Station One) with the help of his cousins the Reptilians.

Anu's daughter Ninhursag, was the next to arrive on Earth, to set up a medical facility to attend to the Anunnaki astronauts integration into the Earth's environment. Anu and the rightful heir to his throne Enlil, arrived later to assess the gold situation, that was so desperately needed for the damaged battlestar Nibiru that was being poisoned by radiation.

A conflict among the Anunnaki, as to which brother should rule the Earth began almost immediately, due to Enki's ties with the Reptilians, whom already claimed the Earth as their own and Anu's rightful heir Enlil. Although a comprise was agreed upon giving Enki, most of Africa and complete control over the mining operations and Enlil the rest of the planet, it didn't last . . .

Anu Family Tree

The Royal Family line of Anunnaki during their occupation of Earth and right to succession lead to many wars, that were fought mostly by humans, for their gods.

The Royal Family line of Anunnaki during their occupation of Earth and right to succession lead to many wars, that were fought mostly by humans, for their gods.

Barbara Hand Clow

Giants Roam the Earth

Around 100,000 BC, a warming trend began that allowed the all the races to emerge from underground and started a spiritual and evolutionary upswing for them. This was also the time that the Anunnaki astronauts began to take the female Lulus as wives. The Etheric Sirians were in fact very tall, to begin with, ranging in height from 10 to 12 feet and the Anunnaki were also around the same height, which produced some very tall offspring.

This helped the genetic acceleration by integrating both parent genes into the this new race and allowed for further bonding between the two species. It also helped this new race defend themselves from the large predators of dinosaurs and mammals, that roamed the Earth in packs. Giant human skeletons have been found all over this planet but have been censored from our history by those wishing to keep our origins a secret.

It wasn't until around 50,000 BC that the most advanced races on the planet, the Lemurians, the Egyptians, the Atlantians, the Rama's of India and the Yu civilization from China and Tibet got together and conceived of a plan to destroy the dinosaurs and large mammals once and for all.

Unfortunately, it also involved killing a large majority of humans as well, as the cataclysmic plan involved crashing a large meteor or comet into the Souther portion of the North American continent, which was the most densely packed population of dinosaurs and large mammal predators on the planet.

Phyllis Schlemmer & Mary Bennett

Creation of Modern Humans

After spending over a quarter of a million years on Earth living in relative harmony with all the other civilizations, things began to unravel for the Anunnaki, when their own workers staged a revolt over the harsh conditions mining gold in Africa. The result of this revolt lead the Anuannaki to decide they should fulfill their promise and create a new breed of humans, that the Earth Sirians of which most (inhabited animal bodies) could evolve into a new race of humanity. It would also allow them to use these new humans as their slaves to continue to mine gold and provide domestic slaves in their households.

The Galactic Federation and the Founder Races approved of this plan because it would allow the Earth Sirians to inhabit these bodies and continue their evolutionary progress and sent genetic scientists too help in the creation of this new human race on Earth. It is important to realize that this creation of a new breed of humans was tied karmically to the Anunnaki's own spiritual growth and that the completion of this new race of humans' evolutionary path, is our current time. Without the Anunnaki creating this new breed of humanity we would never have had the opportunity in this Stellar Activation Cycle to fulfill our Ascension.

We humans actually owe a debt of gratitude towards the Anunnaki for performing their role in acceleration our genetic DNA, granted it may have come about for what some would consider Service To Self reasons, it did help to ensure not only their survival but ours as well. The important thing to recognize is that our creation helped to ensure the Anunnaki's spiritual understanding of polarity integration by parenting a new race, while allowing enough time for the Sirian Earth humans to adapt to new bodies through a series of incarnations.

So while many, including myself at one time, might feel that the Anunnaki created us for purely selfish reasons, their was a legitimate reason for them creating us, to essentially work for them. Perhaps they took their roles as parents a little to far and abused the early human primates by involving them in their petty squabbles and wars, they did provide us with many good things as well, namely civilization and to a degree protection. However what we must remember is that most of our own history has been rewritten and hidden from us and some of this was done by our own kind. And that the Anunnaki were basically new parents and made many mistakes along the way, I suspect some parents reading this might be able to relate to this idea.

Be that as it may, it took hundreds of thousands of years of spiritual work and thousands of incarnations, genetic upgrades, karmic training and DNA accelerations to transform Homo Erectus into Homo Sapiens, while giving the Etheric Sirians and the Things time to adapt and grow into their new bodies. The new humans bodies had to stay fairly close to primitive animal-like bodies to allow the Things to integrate into them, many of them unwillingly, while being sophisticated enough mentally to handle the new upgrades of complex reasoning (over instinct) and complex choices, language skills, while retaining their telepathic abilities, not an easy task.

Originally they could only create these new human bodies through Anunnaki surrogate mothers because hybrids cannot procreate. It wasn't until they had upgraded the new bodies twice before they were able to create a being that could procreate. The Anunnaki called this new sentient race the Lulus, which meant primitive worker and loved them very much. Not all the other races on the planet felt the same way though and many including other advanced human races, saw them only as slaves that could be exploited. Also the Earth itself didn't cooperate and went through a series of climatic changes (ice ages), as well as there being many large predators that saw this new race as easy dinner.

In fact the large predator problem became so severe that most advanced humans and primitive man had to move underground for long periods of time to escape them. The large predators had benefitted from many additional boosts of cosmic energy designed to enhance and re-grow the Earth during periods of reseeding plant and animal life. These energy boost caused all plant and animal life to grow very large. Of course, the solution to this problem, as we know now, was to tow a large enough comet into orbit and cause another mini-ice age, by colliding it into what is now called the Gulf of Mexico. These and many other setbacks is what took the Anunnaki so long to bring the Homo Sapien race up to speed so they could fend for themselves, of which we are only now beginning to do.

There are many books that will help the reader to explore this time period, if they are interested and I have listed the ones I have read and feel will help with your understanding to the right. Obviously, I am giving you the condensed version of events, as there is much more to this story than I could ever hope to relate in this article, Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race.

Adam & Eve (Adapa & Lilith)

I for one do not completely accept the traditional story of Adam and Eve and feel that this story has been diluted and twisted to cast blame on the feminine aspect of humanity.

I for one do not completely accept the traditional story of Adam and Eve and feel that this story has been diluted and twisted to cast blame on the feminine aspect of humanity.

Adam (Adapa) and Eve (Lilith)

Around the time of the destruction of the dinosaurs, the Earth Sirians received another upgrade but this time it was more of a spiritual acceleration, rather than a genetic or physical one. This was the introduction of the Christos seed, which was done around 52,000 years ago. In ten cycles of 5,200 years by the Christos Sirians and Spiritual Hierarchy would continue to upgrade the spiritual aspect of humanity, according to the Divine Plan. This would allow humanity to be fully conscious beings up too the last two thousands years and our present time period.

The Spiritual Hierarchy, the Christo Sirians, the Galactic Federation and the Sirian and Nibiruan Councils would meet every 5,200 years to assess our progress and make adjustments when necessary for our continued evolution. The plan was to allow humanity more and more control over their own destiny by allowing their choices to carry more weight, while slowly removing the Anunnaki presence from our planet.

To make a long story short, Adam (Adapa, as the Anunnaki called him) and Eve (Lilith, was the Anunnaki name) were our spiritual upgrade and carried Human, Reptilian, Carian and Feline genetics in them. The plan was to introduce this new genetic material into our bloodlines through natural reproduction and their long practically immortal bodies. The Reptilian and Human genes were to ensure that humanity when they finally learned to accept and love themselves would fully integrate both Reptilian and Humans aspect of themselves into their beings. This is known as Polarity Integration, accepting the light with the dark, the female with the male, the negative with the positive and the Reptilian with the Human.

The Feline and Carian DNA was to infuse the 13th dimensional aspect of compassion into the Christos Upgrade and provide an additional boost of Compassion Energy from beings that had already achieved the Polarity Integration of light and dark. However, what needs to be made clear is each race of Earth Sirians on the planet, be they red, yellow, brown, black or white received their own Adam and Eve, to upgrade these races as well.

What I want to make clear and aspects of this idea can be found in Zecharia Sitchin's book The Lost Book of Enki, is that the Anunnaki, were not from Earth and many of them wanted to go home. But they had been given a mission by the Spiritual Hierarchy and they intended to keep their word and complete their mission, which was to raise their children race to the point that they could fend for themselves.

In an effort to help this plan along, Enki decided to jump start their spiritual evolution and provide them a spiritual upgrade, that was intended for humanity to learn over the course of their evolution. This lead to the conflict of opposing philosophies within the hierarchy of the Anunnaki as to the direction humanity should proceed in their continuing education on this planet and is the true conflict of the story of the Garden of Edin.

Because this is such a complex time period in our history and this article Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race, has already run on long enough, I will describe the Anunnaki's involvement in the next 50,000 years of humanities history and evolution to the present in another article, to afford it the research, consideration and space it is due.

Perspective on Sitchin's Material

Journey To Love by Stanley Clarke

On this day
To be standing here with you
There's no doubt
I know this love is true
See my tears
Only you can understand
A state of grace
I feel blessed to hold your hand
There's a room in my heart
And you've unlocked a door
That no one's ever opened before

With your love I'm not alone
In your world
I'm never far away from home
A life I thought I'd never find
In your eyes I see all that I am
With your love

On my own
I searched for something more
In your arms
The kiss I've waited for
I was lost for words
To say what's in my heart
Just to be close
To the beauty that you are
If someone could see
To the end of our lives
I know they'd find me there
By your side

With your love I'm not alone
In your world
I'm never far away from home
A life I thought I'd never find
In your eyes I see all that I am
With your love

I've walked among the lonely
Watching lovers come and go
Fate finds us here as one
You are salvation to my soul

With your love I'm not alone
In your world
I'm never far away from home
A life I thought I'd never find
In your eyes I see all that I am
With your love

With your love
With your love

Journey To Love


I have gained a new perspective on the Anunnaki's role in the origins of our species through the research of this article, Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race. It has given me the insight, to recognize that the Anunnaki were merely playing out a role assigned to them by the Spiritual Hierarchy of our Universe to learn the lessons of Polarity Integration through the parenting of a new race. I think that many of the lessons they have learned, is the same any new parent learns, when they bring children into this world.

Did they make some mistakes, without a doubt but do you honesty blame your parents for how you have developed as individuals? Perhaps in the beginning but as you mature, you too will recognize, that your parents were only trying to make you better than they are, to protect you to and save you from yourself and the mistakes they made in the past. Was their conflict between your parents in the best way to raise you, what you should know and what you should learn on your own, of course there were?

The Anunnaki fell into the same trap, every parent feels about their children and as all parents know eventually, if you really love them, you must allow your children to make their own mistakes and learn and grow on their own. The Anunnaki are no different and we should not treat them as such. Pointing the finger and playing the victim only prevents us from recognizing and accepting our own role in the events that have shaped our civilization.

That being said, I still think that much of our ancient history has been rewritten, twisted and censored from us to prevent us from recognizing our true role as Galactic Citizens. I think our planet has been quarantined because of this and the Lucifer Rebellion, which influenced not just humanity but the Anunnaki as well. I think many of the ancient Wisdom Schools have been infiltrated and their teachings distorted. I think much of even the New Age channeled material maybe a distortion of the truth, including but not limited to the Ra Material and the Urantia Book. I think that some of the new age books may even cast a spell over the readers.

I think that much of the archeological evidence of our past has been censored, hidden and perhaps even destroyed, to prevent mankind from recognizing our legacy. Also to prevent us from realizing that we have a lot of help from other Alien races. I think a lot of our religious thinking and philosophy has also been distorted and twisted to ensnare us in the trap of seeking help from outside ourselves.

We as a species are undergoing a transformation, much like adolescence, we are learning that to truly take the next step in our evolution will require that we now do the inner work required for us to the take the next step. This kind of growth will not come without some pain, without setbacks, without inner and outer conflict but I do feel the world changing all around me.

Researching and writing articles like this one, Anunnaki, Nibiru Planet X and the Origins of the Human Race, really helps me to not only understand our ancient past but appreciate the transformation our civilization is undergoing and how we arrived at this point in our struggle to return to Source. If you have made it this far, you have read a lot but I hope that you have learned a lot too, as I have. I for one have always wanted to make my parents proud of me and all I have ever wanted from them is love . . . after all it is the most powerful force in this Universe.

Thank you joining me on my journey to love and understanding!

Distortion or Truth?

© 2017 somethgblue


somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 19, 2018:

Yes, Nadine from one artist to another we do make procrastination an art form don't we? But I'm glad I could spark your imagination, what better way to rewrite history than to plant archeological finds and then point people to discover them . . . makes you wonder about the Dead Sea Scrolls, doesn't it?

Create the greatest discovery ever and then only release some of the information while claiming the rest is too controversial, that way you can just make up whatever scenario you wish too . . . very clever.

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on February 19, 2018:

Wow what a thought, and why not! Creating false archaeological information so that humanity will feel they are discovering the truth. I found this sentence intriguing. The Felines are cat-like beings and are the geneticists of the Universe. I read your whole;e article instead of finishing the editing of my new novel. You have done a great job.

April Seldon from New Orleans on February 16, 2018:

This is some very interesting information, I will have to stop back by to read the rest.

somethgblue (author) from Shelbyville, Tennessee on February 11, 2017:

Thank you coffeequeen, it took 4X as long to research as to write and as you may have noticed I need to go back and correct the many typos I found.

I work as a graphic artist so creating artwork for my articles is always an added bonus and I had some help from other interested parties contributing to this complex story line

Thanks for reading!

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on February 11, 2017:

Goodness, I bet that took a while to write! Really, really interesting hub to read. And with the added pictures and video clips, this made it all the more interesting. Thank you. I've certainly learned something today!

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