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AnomalyMan's Amazing Archive Of The Anomalous And More


AnomalyMan Classics 2006-2014 - The Very Best Of Anomalies, Paranormal, and Mind Perceptions

This page contains a significant number of hand selected links to UFO phenomena content - including UFO Videos, UFO pictures and reports of UFO High Strangeness. The page also contains excellent links to the entire ParaNormal field - including Ghosts, Orbs, Telepathy, even Doppelgangers - and other strange phenomena. You literally will be able to spend the next hour here reading anomalous content if you wish. Seriously.

Really. Bookmark and return if you can't make it till the end!

Whatever you do, try to page through this page slowly , as it also has lots of variety too; - you will also find `Trippy Pictures' for your computer monitor; heck, even pictures of BIG SNAKES. All kinds of entertaining links that once appeared on my Squidoo lens called `Anomalies, ParaNormal And Mind Perceptions' (and then retired to this archive as the best of the best) - so, go get your GOOD reading glasses out right now for a real workout.


Thanks. Oh, if you really want to see some cool UFO pictures - browse my photos on the right side of this page.

What Do You Consider `Weirdest'?

Nothing in this picture is moving.

Trippy Computer Image

Dare To Stare

This Image Is NOT MOVING!

Going To The Light At Death - The New Theories

Kindle Book - 99 Cents!

Don't Leave Earth Without It!

This List Is Very Long - and is FILLED with great content. Ultimately, you May Need To Bookmark This Site And Return (I wasn't kidding above when I said you could spend hours checking out the quality links on this page.) - but, dig into what is below and expand your mind with these great Alien and UFO experiences.

And, remember, the `alien and UFO' section is only ONE of the great areas of content you will find below.

The 2008 Stephenville Texas Ufo Incidents

One Of The Most Important UFO Events Of Alltime

Doppelgangers, Ghosts, MIB, Bigfoots and more - find them below.

  • Dogoid Robot Carries 300 Pounds (VIDEO)
    March 08 - You have to see this video of the level that robots have achived in 2008. Amazing. Almost spooky.
  • Ghost Looking At Cameraman
    May 08 - one of the most popular here - Or, could be described as a shadow person who can fly? Strange - could be fake for sure. 1 minute video. Takes a bit to load onto the site (don't if on dialup).
  • Amazing Ghost Picture
    August 08 - One of the best I've seen; links with dozens of others. You may bookmark this site or send it to a friend - it's that good. BTW Squidoo Members have you remembered to `favorite' this lens?
  • An Interview with Khat Hansen
    April 09 --> Choctaw Medicine woman reveals details of Bigfoot encounters. Great 5 minute read. Probably MUCH closer to the truth about the entity than most `theories' you will read.
  • Scientists Invent Robots That Lie, Real Bender Closer Than Ever
    April 09 -> Creepiest link I've read in a long time. Well worth your two minutes - oh - and don't forget ot read the comments too.
  • New Bigfoot Film Recoverd
    May 09 -> Ok, so you go to a yard sale and by some oldtime `film' in a canister. The film turns out to have a bigfoot in the background. Supposedly shot in 1977.
  • What Is Using Bio-Sonar In Lake Champlain?
    July 09 -> Want a real mystery --- what IS using sonar in Lake Champlain? This is a great one minute read - but, make sure to read the comments too. Not only that - here's a previous discovery by this researcher - "In 1998, Elizabeth von Muggen
  • Loch Ness Hero Robert Rines Dies
    Nov. 09 - RESOURCE ALERT - Also includes the FAMOUS `nessie fin' photo.

There is nothing here for the lightweights - my views are not mainstream and you can catch some of that via the links below. BTW, of course, I do NOT believe all of anything.

Nipple Bras, Guitar Solos, Cropcircles, Trippy Computer Images and, believe it or not, real research into M&M's - to name just a few of the diverse links below.

Please look around this page as there is MUCH more - including YouTube Videos too.

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Heavy = Deep Thoughts

  • Would You Accept A Computer Implant?
    July 08 --- A five minute science read that shows just how close the future may be.
  • Adhering To Fusion
    Jan. 09 - loves to feature the Thunderbolts radical thinking - I love that too -- here - their most fundamental idea - the SUN is not giving off heat due to fusion at its core. GREAT read here and if this is a new idea - lots more to in
  • Lessons Every American Should Know If Economy Collapses (Based On Soviet Collapse)
    Jan. 09 - While written in 2006 - this is so dead on - perhaps. Obviously, the money system seems in trouble and articles like this can be enlightening (even if scary). This is not a short read and has a timeless politics angle.
  • God And The Multiverse
    May 09 -> Could be the very heaviest link I've brought to you in quite awhile - intense 10 minute read at least.
  • Plants Can Recognize Themselves
    June 09 --> A great 3 minute science read with huge implications about plants in general. Can they indeed communicate with each other if they choose to?
  • Mind Control -- Coming To A Toy Store Near You This Chirstmas
    June 09 --> Wow. I want one. YouTube video shows how a `game' will be controlled by our MIND>
  • So, Is Color REAL?
    June 09 -> From the link --- "So is color real? Well, photons with specific wavelengths seem to correspond to specific colors. But the interior of the CIE 1931 color space is a representation of the a most ridiculously abstract concept, labels tha
  • The Present And Future Of Mindreading - REAL Mindreading
    July 09 -> And here is a gem for you. If you saw the 60 Minutes piece - don't bother - but - if you didn't - here is a Segment beyond belief. What you will see is a computer READING a womans mind. Oh my. A WINNER of a link - a must see. Great gre
  • The "Spirit or Alien" Question
    Aug. 09 -> The heaviest article in quite some time -- heavy 5 minute science read that will leave your head spinning. The reason you come here. Don't miss this one.
  • The Buddhist Channel
    Aug. 09 -> Anyone else bringing you the Buddhist channel? Didn't think so. Anyway, here's a quote from this story: "This is the ONLY KNOWN AND CONFIRMED CASE OF IMPERISHABLE BODY throughout the whole world. " Yeah, it's heavy.
  • The Non-Expanding Universe
    Sept. 09 -> A great article on Julian Barbour - deepest Time Thinker out there. Four minute heavy read - which is why you come to my site.
  • Physicists Calculate Number of Universes in the Multiverse
    Nov. 09 - Hmmm. Strange logic IMO - good comments again. ---- here's a quote " So the limit does not depend on the properties of the multiverse but on the properties of the observer. How profound is that!
  • Final Stage: Lightning and the Savant
    Jan 10 - WOW. HEAVY read about the Savant condition often caused by lightning strikes. Covers lots and lots of cases of GREAT interest - even included Uri Geller. Detailed four minute read my readership will love.
  • Uri Geller in Greece
    Jan. 10 - OMG -- ARCHIVE material for sure. GREAT 4 minute read on why humans are beings of light and how that pertains to Uri Geller - this is Part 2: Zorba and Biophoton Magnetism
  • The Effects of a Global Thermonuclear War
    March 10 - It's the weekend - you have time for an incredible read - like this one.

Looking For High Strangeness? Look No Further!

AnomalyMan `Best Of' Archive

When Only The Best Will Do

  • AlienCasebook - The 2008 Ufo Incidents In Review
    RESOURCE ALERT --- 2008 REVIEWED AS ONLY ALIENCASEBOOK CAN DO IT -- FOUND SOME WINNERS HERE. Each month has every highlight listed. Do not miss this if UFO's is a reason for coming here. Again, 100 Ufo links with this click.
  • The Top 10 Cryptozoology Stories Of 2008
    The awaited list every year from the guru of cryptozoo - Loren Coleman. Great 4 minute read.
  • Every Important UFO VIDEO Since 2005
  • The Internet Encyclopedia Of Philosophy
    Sept. 09 -> RESOURCE ALERT! ---- I found this for you about Husserl and Time -- but, this whole site is a treasure you will want to bookmark.
  • Parapsychology Laboratory Records, 1893-1984
    May 10 - RESOURCE Alert --- very dry but bits of interesting material. At the least, will make you aware of the Rhine Center. Here's an example of a link digging into
  • BigFoot Behaviours and Actions
    May 10 - Amazing compilation of behaviour and actions of Bigfoot - all with links.

I started the AnomalyMan Listing in 2006 under the name Anomalies, The ParaNormal, and Mind Perceptions. In those days I rarely saved links, so these few that I saved in 2006 were the super special links. The kind you still come to The AnomalyMan Listing today to read.

Every link here is special and works. Take a minute for some great esoteric links.

  • Number One - The O'Hare Ufo Incident
    My original description - "So far, this is clearly the number one UFO incident of the century. On Nov. 7th, at less than 1,500 ft, a UFO appeared above one of the gates at O'Hare airport in Chicago. The incident, in broad daylight, in restricted airs
  • Number Two - The UNCracked Duck Egg Miracle
    Original Description - "Until eclipsed by the O'Hare incident, this story appeared a shoo-in for Fortean Story of the year. The story is that an uncracked duckegg was found on the shore; noticing movement - the shell was cracked open to find THREE MI
  • Number Three - Did 2006 Have Another SETI `WOW' Signal?
    Original Description - "In 1977 - at Ohio State University there was the famous WOW signal of the SETI program --- but, did another happen in 2006 that was `covered up'? Would they really tell the public about `other life' in the universe in this man
  • Number Four - Top 10 Cryptozoo Pictures Of The Year 2006
    Original Description - "Please hit this link -- you must see the sea serpent picture - wow. And, I mean WOW. Very recommended link." 10 Pictures You Have To See.
  • Number Seven - Edge Of Cosmology
    Original Description - "In 2006 a particle was discovered which had the characteristic of `going-between' matter and antimatter `trillions' of times per second. To me, the most amazing thing of this story is that such a small measurement of time is e
  • Number Ten - Smile For The Invisible Drone
    Original Description - "Invisibility seemed to be nearly here-now in 2006 - this is one example of such stories beginning to surface." Super science here on this one.

I started what is now called the AnomalyMan Listing back in March 2006 as a way to keep track of the links I'd found on the web and that I enjoyed. By 2007, my webpage on Squidoo - called Anomalies, ParaNormal and Mind Perceptions - began to change as I started to `market' the website and started my main two blogs.

These links from 2007 were the BEST of the best - don't miss them.

  • Proof on a Navy Seals Video
    I ran the hottest link of 2006 on my lens for all of 2007 --- now, here's your chance to be blown away with one of the ultimate stories out there. The story is that Navy Seals observed and videotaped a `troop' of humaniods with spines running down th
  • The O'Hare Ufo Incident Pictures
    On Nov. 7th, 2006 -- something was observed over a gate at O'Hare Airport in Chicago ---- in broad daylight. Several pictures emerged and more will be below too.
  • The Austin Texas Ufo
    With the release of the Haiti UFO this year (a huge fake that made the media) Who KNOWS anymore - but, this looks very real and others exist that look very similar. Want to see a saucer close up? Here's your chance.
  • The May 20th Peru UFO
    Similar to the Mexico City display years ago -- here's the same thing happening in 2007 -- this is a TV report of the sighting of this MASSIVE display of some objects of unknown origin.
  • OOPA --- Yep, A Shark In Pa.
    Where the Groundhog lives none the less - best out of place animal story of the year.
  • Fish Brains
    A research study which proves that fish in a tank are as smart as 4 year olds. Or, that 4 year olds are as dumb as the fish in the fishtank.
  • Elephant Brains
    Can elephants tell `good' people from `bad' people? Yes, according to this research study. 2 minute read.
  • Black Bobcat
    Super cool picture from earlier in 2007 out of Florida.
  • Robotic Insect Takes Off
    Again, a great picture -- to be used for spying?
  • New Star Systems Found Close To Earth
    249 are within 33 light years -- in 2007 they JUST discovered a star 12 light years away. Heavy. Science article.
  • Contrails
    The gig is up to the knowledgeable about contrails -- that said, who knows WTF is going on - no one! To some, the contrails in our daily life are evidence the doomsday clock is accurate.
  • Buddha or Virgin Mary?
    INSIDE - a rainbow - great picture. A must see.
  • Big Bang Philosophy
    Square one thinking on this site found in 07!
  • nside UFO Information
    Is this Space Shuttle cap't being denied the opportunity to speak about UFO's? Seems so.
  • O'Hare Ufo Incident Picture
    Best I've seen - no wonder it was denied to ever have happened.
  • Top 10 Bigfoot Stories of 2007
    Always highly awaited by bigfoot fans.
  • The Top 10 Cryptozoo Stories of 2007
    A list that is always awaited - great reads on a great site.
  • Monster Quest Video
    One of the coolest hunts for bigfoot in 2007 was in Canada - eventually it became a show for TV. This was a preview of the show and it is very scary and compelling. What indeed throws huge rocks onto the top of a cabin 200 miles into the wooods?
  • Shunka Found
    This is one of the coolest cryptology stories of the year. An old stuffed oddity has turned up that before had only the photograph - what is this creature - a wolf, coyote, dog? Great story.
  • World's Smallest Teapot
    You have to see this cool picture.
  • Middle East Ufo YouTube Video- Very Strange
    After the Haiti hoax who knows - but - this goes from one light in the sky to many. Very Ominous and strange if real. Two minute video.
  • The Greenland Anomaly
    IS THIS THE ANOMALY OF THE YEAR? What the F is going on in GREENLAND on the melting iceshelf? SOMETHING is emerging from the icepack --------- it is 80 MILES LONG. ORANGE. AND ALMOST 2 MILES WIDE. This is a link to the video from Google Earth. What i
  • Swamp Creature
    Might just be the WEIRDEST photo you have ever seen - is this some movie pic?

Vintage Sexy Girls Of Yesterday And Yesteryear - The `Shorpy Girl' Pretty Girl Index - And More!

Wow - Here You Are At `Squidoo' - Thanks For Following Whatever Link Brought You To Here. Welcome to the best retro sexy pictures immediately below - don't miss the 1922 Babe In The Woods photo - by the way. Also, don't miss THE REST OF THIS PAGE if you want to really want to be entertained - as this page has everything - and is a great introduction to what Squidoo.Com Is all about. So, stick around a while - everyone is very friendly - like the lovely ladies below.

Oh, Vintage Shorpy Pictures Like These Below - Are A Staple On Many Of `The AnomalyMan' Lenses - You Can Find More Of My Lenses In The Right Sidebar. - Look For The AnomalyMan ` Green Creature' Logo! I Can See It In The Upper Right Of The Sidebar, Can You?

Here's What Amazon Thinks Of Retro Sexy

Retro 1960's - Groovy Man

Return To The Past

Please let everyone know what you found the best link of the archive. If there is anything you didn't like, I'd like to know that too. Thanks for being a visitor.

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