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As the AnomalyMan on Squidoo/HubPages, I'd like to welcome you to my original URL page on this platform. At that time (in 2006) this page was called Anomalies, ParaNormal and Mind Perceptions - and featured three or four `anomalous' links for readers to browse daily. Indeed, this was one of Squidoo's original most popular pages. And, Anomalies, ParaNormal and Mind Perceptions carried on in that manner for a number of years and spawned a number of similar pages started by myself. (Look for the anomalous creature logo.) However eventually, I moved most of my daily blogging to the Blogspot.Com platform. But, I still wanted to do something special with my original page on Squidoo/HubPages - something that would do the AnomalyMan URL name proud.

So, this is the re-incarnation of the original ideas of this page started in 2006. (The Rebirth of this website was in 2012)-Nowadays, as you will see below, AnomalyMan serves as THE SOURCE for the most comprehensive overview of the Barfstew `Time Traveler Caught In Picture' saga; - including the history and background of AnomalyMan's discovery of the famous `Mohawk-Punk' Time Traveler from the 1905 SHORPY picture on a banana pier unloading bananas.And below, I've improved this page even more, as you will find that there are MORE `Time Travel' pictures and now MORE`stories' that have been added to this fun collection. Indeed, read some of the comments left about this page too.And, finally, thanks for visiting The AnomalyMan, Rick Phillips - enjoy the content and the great book selections. (Look for the AnomalyMan Creature Logo.). Oh, I also feature on this page below some of my Kindle E-Books - please check them out and read a sample. Much Appreciated.

Did the man on the pier with the unusual haircut teleport from some CBGB's type of nightclub in the early 1980's?

Seeing Time-Travelers In Old Time Photos - The Aftermath Of The `Mohawk Punk Time Traveler' Ruse!

The Whole Story

On September 2nd 2010, on my blog Barf Stew - I ran as a headline `Mohawk Punk Time-Traveler Caught in 1905 Banana Pier Photo' - a photo that I found on the award winning website Shorpy's a day or two prior. Indeed, immediately upon seeing the photo on Shorpy I KNEW I was going to use it in a RUSE of sorts - a tongue in cheek effort to throw some light on `time-travel' (a subject I cover often on Barf Stew) and to `mock' a man in the `alternative' community that believes he has found HIMSELF in an oldtime photo.

I also knew that earlier in 2010 that a similar photo went viral about a `Hipster' Time-Traveler - that was eventually disected by a fine website named Forgetomori. Indeed, I was so sure this photo was worthy - that I alerted two fellow bloggers that I would have something big the next day (when I posted).

Immediately, the day after I posted - the two fellow bloggers (and writers with me on The C Influence Blog) - who run The Debris Field and Phantoms and Monsters - carried my photo link and post on their site. But, at about 6 in the morning - I posted to Reddit my link - and within minutes I had 25 hits and nearly a thousand by the end of the day. The next day - The Anomalist picked up my Barf Stew post and gave it a great write-up - and suggested that it was a tongue in cheek effort. Eventually, The Anomalist picked the link up again when Forgetomori decided to weigh in on my picture (without EVER listing my original story link).

I also got a few hits from Area 51 which covers links of The Anomalist and others.

So, Forgetomori started off the comments about the picture with an in-depth analysis about haircuts and more - but, it was really only the beginning of the public and blogger analysis of the photo. Next came this in-depth look at the picture from a site called Ectomo - a paranormal site. The Ectomo analysis I'll get to in a moment after noting some of these comments from a forum that also took up the controversial photo - here's some comments from the actual post and the various websites that carried my post on Barf Stew.


1. Isn't that the lead singer for the Clash...? Hmmmmm? LOL

2.All of you should be ashamed to mock the guy with the big spider on his head.

3.The barber who was shaving his head at the time was shot through the window, for giving the previous customer a bad haircut, so he couldn't finish this dude's,

4.Not that there was any doubt, but if you look at the original, I don't think it is a fake, but i also think this guy is just a local with short hair. It is not really a mohawk as such.... Great post, I love old photos.

5.I honestly believe that this photo is NOT doctored. I believe the guy simply has a whitewall haircut. I can't find an example here, but I feel certain I saw 19th century photos of some Scandinavians with this kind of haircut.

6.The thing leading me to believe this could be doctored is the oddity that he's the only one there without a hat and is wearing a different top to anyone else (short sleeved),

7.Yup... that's what his hairstyle looks like... seen pictures like that before in my northern European great grandmother's (something like that), old sepia photograph collection of relatives tht my family has... Some of those types of hairstyles look like bad day self done hack job haircuts to me... the poor couldn't afford to pay for haircuts... It's also obvious why he has no hat and looks different to the rest... He's one of the hired deckhand and help for the boat and they often never wore hats and dressed quite differently to the 'gentelmen' in the suits and hats who obviously are the 'paying' pasengers for the boat(s)..

8.Yeah, Fen. Many native americans wore Mohawks and the hair style was named after the tribe called the Mohawks.

9.If he wore a legit mohawk (think liberty spikes) and like a sex pistols t-shirt then I would think about it

10.It doesn't seem that much out of place really...

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Not really any signs of digital tampering...

11.It looks like an ordinary dock worker from his time. His other suspender is back behind him. There's something going on and you can see that the local constable is there in a white shirt. You can almost see the badge on his shirt (left pocket) and he's wearing a hat that's different than anyone else, white at that. I think it's a tremendous stretch to make such a bold statement concerning this guy in the white undershirt being a time traveler. Now, if you show me a picture from the past with a cell phone in it, you'll make a believer of me, not about the possibility of time travel, but that the guy you're looking at is, indeed, a time traveler.

12.There is a line of longshoremen, unloading bananas from the cargo hold at the left lower corner of the photo, to the wagon on the pier.

The guy with the exotic haircut is standing right in the middle, waiting for the next stalk of bananas coming from the two guys in front of him.

So he is obviously one of the longshoremen

13.You ARE kidding, right? You DO see that it's more of "high and tight", with a fairly full top; and certainly no "landing strip" of hair on top as with the true Mohawk? Also, you DO know that from late in the 19th century until well in the middle of the 20th that it was quite common for Caucasian men, particularly if they had at one time served in the American, British or Western European military, to wear their hair almost to the scalp on the sides and backs, but with their top longer...sometimes MUCH longer? Even if you were goofing here, this kind of intellectual slovenliness just displays the ignorance of your poster....and how ready other ignorant cretins are to carry on with his work.

14.You give retarded people a bad name. He is just a dock worker dressed exactly like the individual behind him to the right. Such ludicrous supposition only re-enforces my view.

15.He is unique in at least one fashion, he is virtually the only one the photo not wearing some type of hat. It's possible that everyone is wearing the same hairstyle. More likely that he woke up after a hard night of drinking and couldn't find his other suspender. Kind of a cool picture though.

16.If you will look at the whole picture there are several men either taking off or putting on shirts, etc. So the fact the subject doesn't have a coat on is not unusual. Also the other half of his suspender is probably behind his back. If you look closely at the so-called 'Mohawk' it looks more like a piece of cloth, though I don't know why it would be on his head. Like many professionally taken pictures of this time period this one is extremely sharp and from looking at everything going on and the people that are moving something in their hands I think this is a photo of American-style clothing being given to some new immigrants and this person just happens to be a bit slow about getting his. No "time-traveller" here, just a very good example of a person not looking at what he is seeing.

17.Cliff Pickover focused on the out of focus Man With A White Hat just in front of our subject.

I'm glad everyone is having fun with this - Shorpy is a great site for real time-travel. (I sent this to Cliff Pickover too)

18. Who's jacket and hat is hanged up against the inner wall of the ship in the bottom right corner? Right next to the big bunch of Bananas.

Now, as I said, Ectomo REALLY got into the photo - with analysis like this:

Sensing clicks, a somewhat tongue-in-cheek sequel to the time traveling hipster has surfaced more recently, appropriating a nifty though not that unusual photo from 1905 New York.......Each of these cases is baffling. These images are propagating on the internet, a repository not just of a massive chunk of human knowledge, but one where vintage photos are readily available and a steady stream of amusement. It's not the vaunted collapse of objective knowledge or authority or the usual arguments that all is lost because the information age decenters "good" information. It's not that at all.....Instead, it is the realization that no matter how well documented the past becomes, no matter how much it is described, photographed, curated in museums, and preserved by heritage laws, it becomes an alien place. Objects, clothes, people, devices, ideas that we might recognize as not that different, we simply can't believe existed in the past. The past is foreign territory, and we have become so convinced of this that even a hint of the familiar is jarring because we expect something other. We instead envision our past in symbolic little chunks. People in the 1940s have to look like they stepped out of a Rosie the Riveter poster or an episode of Band of Brothers. The farther back we go, the stronger the symbols must become, passing flapper dresses and bowlers, monocles and sideburns, waistcoats and powdered wigs as we travel through time. And that's just the realist perspective, never mind the postmodern fantastical, imagining what ifs and it would have been cools of aether goggles, Nazi necromancers, flying monks, secret societies, Nazca balloons, and so on. Insert well-read discussion of simulacra and the imagined past here. ...It's almost as if an inverse law is in effect. As we gain ever greater ability to see and hold the past, our collective memory getsshorter and shorter until the nostalgia recycling period drops closer and closer to a decade in length, after a few decades we can't recognize what is real, and within a century only our myths and fantasies remain in any meaningful way.

See Barf Stew for more.

See My Original Link and Post here -

Shorpy Original -

Hot Virtual Girls - Hot Shorpy Girls - A Reward For Those That Enjoy Beauty - Perhaps Not What You'd Expect To Find On A Time Travel Webpage!

As I mentioned above - I found the `Mohawk Punk' Time Traveler on - an old time pictures website - Shorpy covers all aspects of the past via photographs including the sexy women of yesteryear. Yes, there ARE SEXY pictures of everyday women from yesterday. Find out what all the Shorpy fuss is about. And, yes, there are also is a sexy picture of the future here - the virtual sexy girl.



Look closely - is that a teleported John Lennon sitting in lotus position in a white Neru?

Seeing `Time Travelers' In OldTime Photos - Part Two, This Time - It's John Lennon

About a week ago on my blog Barf Stew I once again `found' a `time-traveler' in an old picture posted on the website Shorpy - - a great website named by Time Magazine as one of the nations best blogs. I check it daily and often post pictures used there on Barf Stew and links to Shorpy on this very webpage you are reading too.

Anyway, to update readers, On Sept. 2nd - as editor of Barf Stew - I posted in jest and in a ruse - the `idea' that I had found a time-traveler in a picture from 1905. More specifically, I had found a `Punk-Mohawk' Time-Traveler on a Banana Pier. The `idea' post got good coverage for my upstart blog - and IMO for good reason as it was a `find' of worthwhile `content' - worth a view or talking about. I'll have a link to this material at the bottom of this post on The AnomalyMan Listing.

The `Mohawk-Punk' picture featured an `out of place looking' young man at the center of the picture almost. And, as you are probably aware, 2010 has been the year for claims of `time-travelers' in pictures; which you can read detail by detail in the links I will provide. So, in all probability, many people, including myself, are looking for `anomalies' of such posted oldtime photos. And, on the picture posted below you ccan see the latest `out of place' image I have found.

Suddenly, there he was, again near the center of the 1910 picture, a young man on the beach; a young looking John Lennon perhaps (before he had long hair) but dressed in decidedly Sargent Pepperish White Guru type garb; who is seemingly in a `meditative' position compared with those around him. Another `out-of-place' looking person. And yes, it appears that a woman directly behind `Lennon' is pointing at him (or more logically, of course, the camera).

(original picture)

(original Barf Stew story -

Please make sure to see the original Shorpy picture and find `Lennon' yourself. (Is he in `Waldo' Pants?) And, stay tuned for the next installment of finding time-travelers in oldtime photos. Many More Shorpy's on this page - have a look around.

Jim Jarmusch, Stranger Than Paradise, 1984.

Jim Jarmusch, Stranger Than Paradise, 1984.

`Time-Travel' Stories To Twist Your Mind

The Man From Taured

Hello Readers of The AnomalyMan - Thanks for digging deep down into this lens page - you are about to be rewarded with the first of this pages `Time-Traveler Stories' that can be found on the internet; NO, this is not about John Tibor but about something a bit more obscure - The Man From Taured!

I ran across this story at the fine website called Ghost Theory and the author there was simply relating a `story from a book' which had NO materials in any manner showing the story was ANYTHING other than fiction from an extremely good fiction writer at the time of anomalous ideas (Colin Wilson). Nonetheless, the story is the kind of great fantasy - the idea that there might be an `alternative history' -- in this case perhaps demonstrating that the Nazi's had won World War Two.

The story relates to an airline traveler in 1954 who upon entering at customs in Japan is holding documentation of his status as a resident of Taured ( which to him is his home country - a small country between France and Spain). The `traveler' is held and interrogated by the customs police - who show him maps of the world and such - with his home country not in existence. All of the travelers `contacts' also don't work - the company he works for doesn't exist, etc - so, they put the traveler into a hotel with an armed guard outside his door for the night. A room with no means of escaping. And, of course, the `time traveler' is NOT there in the morning and has VANISHED.

This is the link to the story -

But, the FUN part of the story is in the comments of the above - as each read gets deeper into what the story may actually be........... With one reader pointing out a new identical story with only a slightly different `setting' and with the country the traveler is from being spelled `Tuared' in an Italian book - "Il libro dei fatti inspiegabili" by Hartwig Hausdorf . Now, the interesting part is this is EXACTLY how Colin Wilson writes and remember, the stories ONLY basis is Colin's writing the story in this book - The story appeared in the book “The Directory of Possibilities”, Colin Wilson & John Grant [Corgi Paperback, 1982. ISBN: 0-552-119946]. (See Module On This Page)

I believe it was Colin Wilson in one of his books I read who was INTO making up `impossible' stories for you to think `you have then heard of' -- the story I remember the most being his FICTIONAL story about a school bus whose brakes fail going down a mountain road - written for the PURPOSE of you thinking or remembering at a later time that the story was REAL (because you experienced it as a read). So, the idea of a `story' which reflects the possible outcome of a scientific theory (alternative time paths) as a basis for FACT is exactly the mind game that Colin Wilson loved to play.

IMO, (in my opinion) it's more than likely that my explanation above is much closer to the `truth' than the version of our alternative world - parallel reality; written in Colin Wilson's book.................... However, that said, perhaps the traveler was a DOPPELGANGER of some sort - as, they HAVE been known to vanish.

The Directory Of Possibilities

This book provides you a vision into how Colin Wilson thinks and is the source of the time traveler story covered above. You will NOT be disappointed in a Colin Wilson read if you have never encountered or read his works before.

1915 Time Traveling Hipster

1915 Time Traveling Hipster

Seeing `Time-Travelers' In Old Time Shorpy Photos - Part 3 - A 1915 `Hipster'!

On March 5th, 2011 for the third time I found and ran a `Time Traveler' picture on Barf Stew (one of my blogs). Once again, like the original `Time Traveler' picture run by Forgetomori in 2010 - it was of a `Hipster' someone. That person of special interest dressed in a special manner for the times of the day. In this case, a person inappropriately dressed for the beach and looking like a fashion model from decades in the future of 1915. In this case, unlike the John Lennon `Time Traveler' picture - where the Time Traveler seems to be `alone' in a crowd - this time around the Time Traveler is the very center of attention.

This is the link to the original posting I did on The BS (Barfstew) -

This is the Shorpy Original Link - With Comments -

This direct link to the original picture -

Now, what I have posted for you - my reader at Hubpages - is my close-up picture - that focuses on the Time Traveler of 1915:

Rudolph Fentz

Rudolph Fentz

Time Travel Stories To Twist Your Mind

The Strange Case of Rudolph Fentz

Here's a curious case that I just ran across in September 2013 that I'd never heard of before - perhaps you haven't either. Seems a man `popped up' in slightly old time garb and facial hair in Times Square in 1950 and very shortly after was struck by a car and killed. As with most of these time-travel stories the twist then begins as he is searched for his identity and the contents he had are emptied out. Which included a letter from 1876, old banknotes (from that period?), and a bill from a livery stable no one had ever heard of and other assorted trinkets - BUT -also with BUSINESS cards for a man Rudolph Fentz of an address on Fifth Ave.

Of course, upon follow up - it was discovered that the business at the address didn't know a Rudolph Fentz (nor were his fingerprints detected - nor was he reported missing - the name that is. Now, the story goes that the investigation did yield a man by the name in the phone book of 1939 and indeed neighbors remembered the man of about 60 at that time who worked nearby (not said if Fifth Ave was near) - but, who had moved away in 1940....... The only final trail of Rudolph Fentz was that the bank verified his existence and death in 1945..... but, that a widow survived him.... who lived in Florida....... and when she was contacted......she told of a story of her HUSBANDS FATHER who in 1876 left his home for a walk and who never returned.

Now, all of the above is attributed to a name and real investigation supposedly Captain Hubert V. Rihm of the Missing Persons Department of NYPD.

But, then the twist begins..... again..... supposedly after the story had been reprinted and told countless times in the 1970's- and 1980s -- it was retold again in 2000 which lead to an investigative person named Chris Aubeck who in investigating the above `facts' "His research led to the conclusion that the people and events of the story invented all were fictional, although he could not find the original source." (and the source for this story of mine)........... Then in 2002.... a man with the authoritative name of Pastor George Murphy claimed that the story had one of two points of origin - "either a 1952 Robert Heinlein science fiction anthology, entitled ‘Tomorrow, The Stars’ or the Collier’s magazine from 15 September 1951. The true author was the renowned science fiction writer Jack Finney (1911–1995), and the Fentz episode was part of the short story I’m Scared, which was published in Collier’s first. This meant that the fictional character and the source of the story were finally identified – so everyone thought. No copies of the story have ever been found, and Finney died before he could be questioned."

NO - the story isn't quite finished yet - supposedly in 2007 yet another investigation revealed that the story was reported in a 1951 Berlin news archive and that it was printed 5 month prior to the possible mention in the Collier's magazine article. And finally the story is concluded with a `number of researchers' who have verified the 1876 story of a disappearance of a Rudolph Fentz - age of 29.

So, lets do some math.......... if Rudolph Fentz died in 1945 .... then a Rudolph Fentz born in 1847 would have been 98 - unlikely that he would have been mistaken for a 60ish year old in 1939 (he would have supposedly been 93) --- but, certainly fitting in with a son of that age perhaps.... the husband of the widow. - Rudolph Fentz................. Which of course leads to a possible answer of sorts ..... perhaps.... at least in my opinion based on how the story is told...... because we have to believe that either the Living Real Doppelganger of Rudolph Fentz was killed in 1950 (and who's body the coroner examined and which had the artifacts) FIVE years after his death..... or that the Living Real Doppelganger was the body of the 1847 Rudolph Fentz.

But, with hardly such an extraordinary twist - wouldn't it also be nearly as easy to believe this theory too - that the `real Rudolph Fentz' didn't die in 1945 (at about 65)... regardless of what the bank says and what the widow says (perhaps she collected on insurance for his vanishing, much like the vanishing of his father).... and that the real Rudolph Fentz did die in 1950..... along with some of the artifacts that he had of his vanished father..... in a story as untraceable and fictional as any time traveler in a picture.

Thanks for reading.

The Viral-Hoax Side Of Time-Traveler Pictures - The Lunopolis Incident - Or, There Is No J. Ari Hilliard!



On this one I'm going to have to let the photo - which- the includes the `story' do the talking. But, as you can see in the photo `Abe Lincoln' has now been teleported into two movies - both `Lunopolis' and a 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie called `The Circus' - where `Lincoln' is captured walking by with a cellphone next to his ear.

Now, the entire movie Lunopolis is fantasy (it's based on the study of a group responsible for time travel) - and used these images for promotion and PR for their production. As you can see, it's suggested you go to for more information.

I found this at this original link -

And, much along the same lines - this YouTube video is said to have ELVIS as an EXTRA in the movie Home Alone (1990 version) - all based on the way a man (the extra) shakes his head in the background - regardless if the man looks only slightly like Elvis and is obviously MUCH too young (IMO). -

Thanks for being a HubPages user!

OOPLS (Out Of Place-Location) Stories - Just Another Category Of The Strangeness Of Our Reality Perception Structure

  • Time Traveler Reporting Center
    This is a website set up by professor Jason Offutt - and has but one entry of a very strange occurrence in 2006 which is claimed to have happened in a very strange old building (county poor farm of 1911) - that had been fully restored in our modern

Jay Alfred - OUR INVISIBLE BODIES - Scientific Evidence for Subtle Bodies

Finally - someone tackles the idea of our `spirit' bodies and plasma in a manner that is understandable.

The 1593 Teleportation Of Gil Perez

Look for great content here soon.

Thanks for your readership. Have you up voted for this lens yet? Much Appreciated.

( I had this piece totally written once and lost it via a computer problem - I'm still working up the mustard to do it again. Hang tight.)

Victor Goddard

Victor Goddard

A `Timeslip' In 1935?

The Story Of Air Marshall Sir Victor Goddard

This is a story I found on Reddit.Com which references a link from About.Com see those below:

(reddit link has insightful comments)

I assume the story below is a copy and paste from the About.Com link:


In 1935, Air Marshal Sir Victor Goddard of the British Royal Air Force had a harrowing experience in his Hawker Hart biplane. Goddard was a Wing Commander at the time and while on a flight from Edinburgh, Scotland to his home base in Andover, England, he decided to fly over an abandoned airfield at Drem, not far from Edinburgh. The useless airfield was overgrown with foliage, the hangars were falling apart and cows grazed where planes were once parked. Goddard then continued his flight to Andover, but encountered a bizarre storm. In the high winds of the storm's strange brown-yellow clouds, he lost control of his plane, which began to spiral toward the ground. Narrowly averting a crash, Goddard found that his plane was heading back toward Drem. As he approached the old airfield, the storm suddenly vanished and Goddard's plane was now flying in brilliant sunshine. This time, as he flew over the Drem airfield, it looked completely different. The hangars looked like new. There were four airplanes on the ground: three were familiar biplanes, but painted in an unfamiliar yellow; the fourth was a monoplane, which the RAF had none of in 1935. The mechanics were dressed in blue overalls, which Goddard thought odd since all RAF mechanics dressed in brown overalls. Strange, too, that none of the mechanics seemed to notice him fly over. Leaving the area, he again encountered the storm, but managed to make his way back to Andover. It wasn't until 1939 that that the RAF began to paint their planes yellow, enlisted a monoplane of the type that Goddard saw, and the mechanics uniforms were switched to blue. Had Goddard somehow flown four years into the future, then returned to his own time?


This search at Google resulted in 1,070 hits (the above verbatim) with all simply repeating the same story. The earliest mention of the exact story I found from 2006 at a Fortean Times Message Board Forum - Here the story is traced to a 1993 book as you will read below --- oh, the same forum points out that there was no radar in 1935.

Below is from a Fortean Times Forum Link which is invalid in 2017 (excerpt)

PostPosted: 07-04-2006 00:49 Post subject: Bermuda Triangle in Falun Gong: assistance please Reply with quote

"In one of the Falun Gong books - the one actually called Falun Gong that was first published in 1993 - there is a reference to the Burmuda Triangle which reprises the line that it is a passage to another dimension which opens and closes unpredictably. Immediately following this is an anecdote about a British pilot "four years before WWII" who flew into a thunderstorm and came out in fine weather looking at an airport where all the planes were yellow and people were busy. He landed but nobody acknowledged him and the radar had not noticed him. He took off, back into the thunderstorm, and made it home. Nobody, of course, believed his story. But four years later when war broke out he found he was transferred to that exact airport.

I'm trying to trace the sources of these anecdotes and I suspect they come from the same text, in all likelihood a translation into Chinese of a book originally in English. Any help would be most happily received.


Oh, the About.Com link is TOTALLY UN-REFERENCED - totally. Oh, and if you can find anything about a book named Falun Gong - that has a reference to this story ----- you are a better man than I.

Finally - Victor Goddard was a famous UK man - and indeed even lectured on UFO's and was interested in interdimensionalism - but - there is NOT one mention of this story as part of the Wikipedia.Org coverage...... giving it the slight connection... as always ... to a possible truth.

Thanks for reading this series - please go to the sidebar for more AnomalyMan material. Also, please buy one of the books on this page or vote (up vote) this lens page - please. Thanks.

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