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Annapurnadevi - It Is a Famous Hindu Deity in Prayag


I am an English writer. I have been religious since childhood. So today let us see the greatness of Annapurnadevi.

Annapurnadevi - A Hindu Deity

Shri Annapurnadevi with Lord shiva.

Shri Annapurnadevi with Lord shiva.

Annapurna is a Hindu deity. In Hinduism, devotion and offering food to the gods is very important. After showing the food offering, Devotee start eating. Therefore, Goddess Annapurna is considered to be a popular deity. Goddess Annapurna is believed to be the incarnation of Parvati. There are very few temples of this goddess.

One of the important temples is the Annapurna Devi Temple in Varanasi. Akshayya Tritiya is considered to be the birthday of Goddess Annapurna. This day is considered auspicious for buying gold jewelry.

The word Annapurna is derived from Sanskrit language. It means food and nutrition. The peak of Annapurna in the Himalayas is believed to have been named after Goddess Annapurna.

The presiding Deity of the kitchen is Shri Annapurnadevi. She provides us with food. When a bride leaves for her in-laws place, her mother presents her with an Idol of Shri Annapurnadevi. The idea is that her daughter and her new family should never be short of food. If the daughter performs daily puja of that Idol with bhav and offers prayers and gratitude, Shri Annapurnadevi will always remain pleased.

Annapurnadevi is the incarnation of Parvatimata.

Annapurnadevi offering the food

Annapurnadevi offering the food

The Story of Annapurnadevi.

There is a story behind this :-

One day Shivji and Parvati had an argument about the material world. Shankara said that every material thing is an illusion, even the food that humans eat is an illusion. This made Parvati very angry. Because she was the goddess who controlled the physical elements. She went into hiding to show her importance to Shankara and the whole world and said, "I want to see how the world can survive without me".

Parvati's disappearance deprived the world of food and led to famine. Devotees of Lord Shiva started begging him for food. It was time for the gods to beg for food, but they did not get food anywhere. Eventually Shivji and his devotees realized that there is only one kitchen in the city of Varanasi on earth. Food is still available there.

Shivji went to Kashi to beg for food. This kitchen was owned by his wife Parvati but it was in Annapurna form. She was dressed in heavenly purple and brown. Only a few ornaments were worn. She was sitting on a throne, distributing food to the hungry people of the earth. Annapurna gave food to Shiva as a beggar and reminded him that even though Shankara could overcome hunger, his devotees could not do so. On Friday, devotees worship Annapurna with great devotion.

Goddess of Food

Annapurnadevi is giving food to Lord Shiva

Annapurnadevi is giving food to Lord Shiva

Annapurna Devi is called the Goddess of Food.

Annapurna Devi is called the Goddess of Food. Because the essential thing of life are food. No one can survive without food. If Annapurna Devi is happy, there will never be a shortage of food in the house. In Hinduism, Annapurna is worshiped every Friday. Without her worship the whole world is in vain. Her worship brings satisfaction in the world. Today, We are all of us struggling to Corona epidemic. Worshiping Mother Annapurna at such a time will never feel like food in the house.

Temple of Goddess of Annapurna in India.


Annapurnadevi temple in India.

Temples of Goddess Annapurna in India :-

Annapurna Devi Temple, Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh State of India. Annapurna is the presiding deity of the city of Varanasi. The offerings made to the Goddess in the afternoon in this temple are distributed daily to the elderly and the disabled. This is large quantities of food are donated on Navratri in autumn.

There is a temple of Goddess Annapurna at Barakpore in West Bengal. This temple was established by Jagdamba, daughter of Rani Rasmani.

An Annapurna temple in Madhya Pradesh is near Lal Bagh Fort in Indore.

Chikkamangaluru is the Annapurneshwari temple at Horanadu in Karnataka. Aarti is performed in the afternoon and evening after giving food to the devotees.

There is a temple called Kunnam Annapurneshwari Devi Mandir at Chalapalli in Kerala.

There is a temple of Annapurneshwari Devi at Cherukunnu, Kannur in Kerala State of india.

There is a temple of Annapurneshwari Devi at Pudukode in Kerala. Navratri is widely celebrated here.

There are temples of Goddess Annapurna at Bhandara and Akola in Maharashtra.

There are temples of Goddess Annapurna in Gujarat too.

She is worshiped as Umiya Mata in Unjha, Gujarat.

In Gujarat and Rajasthan, Ashapura Mata is also considered to be the incarnation of Annapurna Mata. There is a temple of Goddess Annapurna on Chittod fort. It is built by Maharana Hamir Singh.

Goddess Annapurnadevi Story in English.

Prayer for the world.

Let's pray to Annapurdevi that the corona epidemic in this world will soon be eradicated. Currently, the Corona epidemic is causing havoc in the world. Death mounds are everywhere. People do not get food. In such a case, there is no other choice but the Lord. So, Mother Annapurna, let the Corona epidemic be eradicated from this world soon and bring happiness and peace to this earth.

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