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Animals in Dreams - Interpretation of Animal Dreams

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Animals in dreams

Animals in dreams

Animals in Dreams

Animals in dreams are most common dream symbols. Surely even you have dreamed that you are chasing by a dog, or you are running from a lion, and you cannot run fast enough to get away. Alternatively, you are hiding in the bush from a snake, and you are trembling with fear. These are normal and ordinary dreams, and most of the people dream the same way. Animals represent your primal instincts and basic feelings. Animals in dreams are your desires and natural sexual impulses that you repress during the day. In the dream you are free, there are no rules, laws or regulations like in your waking life. Your everyday feelings are stored in your unconscious, and if you sleep on all these informations reveal through your dreams. Thus you can learn more about "uncensored" yourself. There is nothing to worry about, you can only get better to know yourself. Let's take a look at the explanation of animal symbols, which are mostly dreamed.



A cat is considered as a typical sensual symbol - it represents a women femininity. If you are attacked by cats, it means that you have problems with your female side of yourself. From the other hand, attacking cats can symbolize your enemies, so try to defeat them, and you win over your enemies. In general the dream about cat can mean wish to independence or creativity. The cat can be associated with slimness, finding ways to cheating or creating intrigues too. According to some dream analyzers, if you interpret your dream, you have to differentiate between black and white cats. Black cats - your unconscious signal that something is wrong. It is your fear or worries. Many people think that black cats symbolize bad luck or evil, it is a mistake. If you dream about white cats, be wary, someone plans to treachery of you, or you will be a victim of intrigues.


Animals in dreams have a lot of explanations, some are good for you, but some are bad or negative. In case of a dream about horse, you will read about positive interpretations. A horse symbolizes power, vitality or a lot of energy. Usually people see horses in dreams, because cannot spend accumulated energy through physical work or sport during the day. The horse as animal in your dream, may mean a healthy amount of sexual energy. In general dream about horse explains like a symbol of wealth and money. If you are riding horse, it may indicate that you will successfully finish your work or some project. Even so, seeing yourself falling off the horse - you have doubts about your work or project.


Fish are often considered as a symbol of financial gain. In the area of partnerships fish may indicate a fear of one partner from loss of love. People who dream about fish, they think that their partner does not give enough attention. Another explanation - fish can indicate very good planning and achieving goals or your spirituality and luck. For women can fish, especially swimming fish, means that they are pregnant. In generally to dream that you are seeing fish, symbolize your emotional side of character and degree your humanity and wisdom.


Pestilential insects evoke discomfort. The dream of insects is explained as a burden, hidden or repressed anger, conflicts in partnership life or at work. Most of the dream analyzers say that insects can mean solving problems or mysteries. Insects in your dream represent issues and troubles that need to be dealt with. So look around you and try to find these annoying problems. Maybe you will need to organize your values and think about your bad habits. Next interpretation - to dream about insects may also be an opportunity to earn.


The lion is the king of animals. In a dream symbolizes a man-woman relationship. Women often dream about lion, on one side, they fear him, but on the other hand, they are fascinated by its majesty and power. In general, a lion is interpreted as a symbol of power. The dream suggests that the sleeper to gain power over something or someone, or beat their opponents. To dream of a lion can be interpreted as seeking for friends and what is important, you will find beneficial friendship for both parties.


As I have mentioned positive interpretations about dreams of a horse, so in case of a snake, you will be familiar with a lot of negative analysis. The snake is another typical sex symbol - yes, it evokes a penis. This is the reason why women dream about it more than men. Women who dream of escaping before the snake, felt in unfulfilled sexual desires. Another explanation is that snake is a betrayal, as it is in the Bible like Adam and Eve. So if you kill a snake, it can mean to win over your enemies. A dream about snakes is associated with resisting temptation, lies or inconveniences in your life. If the snake bites you, it means that you will get sick, so little more care your health. And if you step on the snake - your friends are counterfeit. My conclusion is that dreams about snake are not likable :)

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The various explanations of the most common symbols cannot be used in any case. When interpreting dreams, it is important to notice the environment, color and associations, which sends us unconscious. It is an encrypted speech dream, you must decipher. Some elements in the dream you know read only you, as it may affect you most intimate of matters on which. You have not spoken with anyone yet. Therefore, the rule is that the best you understand your dreams only you. It takes some practice, but it is certainly worth. Have a pleasant journey into the depths of your soul.

It will be very good if my article about animals in dreams will be useful for you. If you have any questions about a mentioned topic, please feel free to leave a comment below. Alternatively, if you like it, please rate, share or bookmark this page.


GalaxyRat on April 20, 2017:

What about rats?

moses007 on December 21, 2015:

I had a dream the other day. It was very strange. I was waiting for the bus and there was this woman with her back turned. I did not see her face. Description of the woman, was possibly Caucasian, about her mid 30's, and blonde hair.

Any ways the bus was taking some time to arrive. So there where some brushes on the back of the bus stop. No bench to sit on.

Behind the brushes where was a small bird's nest and I was curious. So I went behind the brushes to see. Sure enough it was a baby bird. It was cloudy and it looked like it would rain. I was concerned for the baby bird, who's mother was no where in sight.

I heard a voice tell me do you want to touch it and when I looked who said that I saw a kid. He was holding it on his hand for me to pet it. The kid was African american.

He told me that he think it was hungry and I was concerned so miraculous a bag of bird seeds appeared in site. That was a sign of relief, but I still worry about this baby bird getting sick of the incoming rain and the kid told me that if I was that worried, why didn't I take it home with me.

I told him no because I had a cat in my house and he might eat him. I stepped out of the brushes to see if the bus had arrived, but the woman was still standing there.

Not sure what was the dream about and cannot make sense of it, but I kept wondering after the dream who was that woman and why couldn't she at least acknowledge my presence? Why was it only her back that I could see and was I dead? what was the kids role in this dream?

beaulah Chikwaka on November 12, 2015:

i dreamt of a black snake which later turned into fish when it got in a house what does that mean i am very confused

Ed F. on October 04, 2015:

Now I'm a touch lost, recently had a horse dream which was confined to a stables, but free inside them, however the horse was huge and terrifying and the more scared I got, the bigger he got until suddenly shrinking for no reason to a normal size "huge being approx 30ft tall" help?

note, i love horses, wouldn't ever fear them in the real world

guest on September 04, 2014:

What about bats

Debbie on November 08, 2013:

what about dogs?

Matt M. from Philly, PA on September 15, 2012:

Nice. What about Tigers. I had a dream where I had to babysit one the other night, until I realized I was walking around with a TIGER and it ended up chasing me around. While I tried to keep it from eating anyone. Good Job.

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