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Angelic Directions

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Guided By Angels ...

Melinda was due at 10am for her consultation. I had a feeling she’d be late so didn’t rush myself too much as I prepared a tray with cups and saucers. I’d given Melinda clear directions and had even emailed her a map - but by 10.30 I was pretty sure she’d lost her way. I asked the Universe and angels to guide her safely to my driveway.

I was expecting her to come from the West, so looked out for her from the front verandah. I heard Melinda’s car on the driveway behind me and although surprised she’d come in from the East, I felt relieved that she’d finally arrived safely.

Melinda stood in the doorway with relief and went on to tell me that she’d been panicking because she knew she was running late on top of being totally lost.

“I knew I was heading in the right direction but had no idea where I was going and I started to stress severely,” Melinda said. “Then all of a sudden I smelled a waft of Lavender in the car and felt really calm. Then I was shown a Lavender hedge for some reason. I don’t know what that was about, but I just knew I’d be fine. I knew I’d get here and everything would be alright. It was as though I just ‘let go’ and let the car steer itself - and all of a sudden I was here.”

I passed Melinda her cup of tea as we made our way out onto the verandah. Melinda stopped short - in front of her was a hedge of Lavender, the smell wafting amidst the breeze.

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