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Angel Mysticism, Magic, and Prayer

Angelic Painting of A Healer


Angels Who Guarded Christ's Tomb

— Have you ever heard of Obbieuth? How about Garnabiel or Garnabieuth? If you have not, that is okay; because most people, from around the world, have not either.

Since this might come as a big surprise to you; Obbieuth, Garnabiel, and Garnabieuth are the names of celestial, miracle-making, angels.

  • The one common denominator that binds these three angels together, is that these three angels, are believed to have been the guardians of Christ's tomb.
  • They are believed to have guarded his body from the moment Jesus was placed in the tomb, and thus remained there, until he rose three days later.
  • It is also believed that these angels can be invoke to provide protection, security and strength whenever someone is in need of help.
  • To some people they are even regarded as the medical healers.

Medical Miracle Healing Prayer

  • To invoke the healing magic of Obbieuth, Garnabiel and Garnabieuth all you have to say is;

"Obbieuth, Garnabiel, and Garnabieuth, these three angels who watched over the body of Jesus Christ, you must watch over my body."

Archangel Michael


The Celestial Hierarchy of Angels

— The six century text the Celestial Hierarchy, has long been regarded as the ultimate authority on angels. Written by Pseudo-Dionysus the Areopagite, the Celestial Hierarchy suggests that there are nine levels of angels, known as angel choirs.

— The nine levels of angel choirs are in order from highest to lowest:

  1. Seraphim (angels the most closest to God),
  2. Cherubim (which are considered the mighty extreme warriors of God's),
  3. Throne
  4. Domination
  5. Virtue
  6. Power
  7. Principality
  8. Archangel
  9. Angel (those most closest to man).

— Dionysius also writes in his book the names of God's archangels which are:

  1. Michael
  2. Gabriel
  3. Uriel
  4. Chamuel
  5. Jophkele
  6. Zadkiel

— The angels Uriel, Chamuel, Johpkele, and Zadkiel were removed from the raking of archangel, by Protestant leaders sometime in the 1500's.

  • Invoking the powers of Angels through mysticism or magic, has been practiced for as long as angels have existed. It was widely practiced in Judaism. During the earlier times of Christianity, it was an intricate part of daily life.
  • It is further thought that angels, were easiest to invoke using white magic or praying.
  • Prayer can also be used to summon the Archangels.
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In the humble beginnings of the Catholic church, there was one prayer known. It was called the Lord's Prayer. Essentially, it was a magical way to call upon God for forgiveness, love, and help. In today's terms, it is called spirituality.

Another fact relating to angelic power is that Gabriel, was said to have told Mohammad that bowing before God, five times a day while reciting prayer; was a way for mankind to ascend to Paradise, in order to be close to God. It is also believed that the archangel Gabriel, recited the entire Qur'an to Mohammad. When we look at religious texts and recite verses, we find that angels play a vital role in religion. They are revered as the blessed symbol, for the presence of God.

Meditation Video

The Book of Tobit

In the Canonical bible there is the, Book of Tobit. Which was removed from the Protestant bible in the early 1500's. The Book of Tobit is classified as a historical, apocalyptic, text. However, many religious scholars believe the book is also one of the "wisdom" books, found in the Canonical bible. The Book of Tobit is about the archangel Raphael, and how he is sent by God to help Tobit, and his wife Sarah, with their overwhelming struggles.

  • It is my belief that the book is an instructional manual- for calling on power and strength of the archangel Raphael.



Zoroastrianism and Angelic Folklore

Angelic folklore has been around for several millennia. Historical artifacts and cave dwelling hieroglyphics, which dated back to the last ice age, have been found all over the world. Some of the oldest hieroglyphics have not been found in Egypt but, in caves located in France, Spain, and Northern Africa.

Angelic folklore can also be found in every major religion, and on every continent. Religions dating back hundreds, and even thousands of years old such as; Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (the youngest the listed religions here). Moreover, angelic folklore and myth have been traced to, the regions of ancient Sumeria and Mesopotamia. There have been major archeological finds suggesting that some of the modern-era, Christian, angels- are directly linked to the ancient, Zoroastrianism, belief, system.

  • Zoroastrianism happens to be the oldest monotheistic religion unearth thus far. Artifacts dating back over ten thousand years old, have been found buried deep in Persian territory, the birthplace of Zoroastrianism. On these artifacts found in Iran, are winged images of manly figures, standing tall in an upright, and stately manner.

  • In the neighboring region of Iraq, the land of ancient Babylonia, statues of winged creatures with manly bodies and falcon heads, have been found. Huge carvings of winged men and women, can be found on cliff sides and ancient gateways; guarding over once, heavily fortified entrances that led them, into a large city or temple perhaps. They are also believed to be the images of angels.


Burney Relief, Babylon (1800-1750 BCE)

Burney Relief, Babylon (1800-1750 BCE)

© 2010 Julie Grimes


Julie Grimes (author) from Columbia, MO USA on September 22, 2010:

I love your comments. I love the practical sense of realism in which you indulge us with your thoughts. That is probably my most cherish part about having you as my friend. You keep it real for me. Love you too!

Robert E Smith from Rochester, New York on September 20, 2010:

Very interesting my friend. You know I hear preachers all the time dropping names of Angels not in the Canon of Scripture. I hear some give historical tidbits that they dug up someplace. Each preacher has his "pet facts" that he loves to insert in the preaching. It is evident that each believes what he says. I find things in extra Biblical works that appeal to me and I tend to believe but I don't usually talk too much about them because it is just that, extra Biblical. It is really not possible to sift through all that EB stuff to find the facts from fanciful writing that people penned to explain some Bible mystery or another. Most of these things are not central issues to salvation, either. They are penned as just historical or mentioned as incidental around some other event that helps explain the event. I think it is all interesting because it makes me wonder how much is true or half true and what the inspiring source is. I really have no doubt that some of those names of angels are really their names, I just wonder who they work for, God or the other side. So many religions today claim to have angels guiding them and giving them new revelation. The problem is that the Bible clearly says "I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another, but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ. But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed." I don't run from extra Biblical stuff, on the contrary, I find it interesting. I just can't dwell there because so much of it goes against what is written in the Canon that I can't take too much of it as cold hard fact. You always write so as to make what you discover interesting to the reader and some of this is fun to contemplate for a minute. Love you Julie.

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