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Anahata Chakra, the Centre of Divine Love and Freewill

PS is practicing yoga since the age of 11. Her yoga retreats in India have helped her gain deep insights into self-awareness.

Anahata chakra

Anahata chakra

Anahata chakra is a bridge between the lower and higher chakras. In kundalini yoga, there’s a great emphasis laid on this chakra. To ensure the constant revival of the lower three chakras, kundalini must stay in Anahata for a pretty long time.

It is noticed that most people, today, are going through the phase of Anahata. This means these people have functioning Anahata chakra, but awakening is quite different from functioning. You may be exhibiting some behavior that belongs to Anahata, but it may not be completely active. On the other hand, your Mooladhara chakra should be highly active or even awake like in the majority of people today.

The word Anahata literally translates to ‘unbeaten or victorious’. This chakra is named so because of its connection with the heart. The heart throbs continuously with an unbroken rhythm. As per the ancient scriptures, there’s a transcendental sound in nature that exists in a similar way to the faithful vibration of heart, that continuous from birth till death.

Location of Anahata chakra

Anahata chakra is located in the inner wall of the spinal cord just behind the centre of the chest. Though its kshetram is said to be the heart and the centre is also referred to as heart chakra, the centre doesn’t exactly lie on the biological heart. Its nature is far above the physiological dimension of the heart.

As per yogic texts, the heart centre is a Hridya-akasha. It is a space within the heart where purity lives. This is quite a delicate centre because the dormant brain area to which it is connected is a hub of creative talent such as dance, poetry, painting, music, and so on.

Traditional symbolic representation of Anahata chakra

Some yogis call Anahata has a crimson color, while others say it is blue or green in color. It is a twelve-petalled lotus with these Bija mantras: kam, kham, gam, gham, anga, cham, chham, jam, jham, nyam, tam, and tham.

The inner area has a shape of hexagonal. It represents the air element. This area is made of two crossly joined triangles. They stand for the union of Shiva and Shakti. The upright triangle is Shiva or consciousness and the inverted triangle is Shakti or creative talent. This chakra is represented by a black antelope. An antelope is a symbol of sharpness and fleetness of foot. There resides Lord Isha, who shines like the sun along with Goddess Kakini. She has three-eyes and four-arms. She is yellow in color. She is highly auspicious and exhilarated.

There’s also an inverted triangle in the pericarp of the lotus. This triangle is said to burn like an eternal flame. This is also called Akhanda Jyotir and represents Jivatmna (soul of an individual).

The tanmatra (sense) of Anahata is touch or feeling. The Gyanendriya (sensory organ) is skin and the Karmendriya (organ of action) is the hands. This chakra is responsible for controlling the mind and emotions.

At the heart center, there’s the Vishnu Granthi, the second psychic knot after the Brahma Granthi in the Mooladhara chakra. Vishnu Granthi represents the confinement due to the emotional attachment. It depicts the human’s nature of making decisions on the basis of emotions instead of considering the spiritual guidance. This knot is loosened when you learn to keep your emotions in harmony and don’t let them come in your way of spiritual awakening.

When you start to meditate on the heart lotus, you have the potential to become a prominent yogi. You are also highly adored by the opposite gender. You gain wisdom. Your senses are under your control. You have influence over others. You can motivate them through your speech.

Anahata chakra stimulates your freewill

According to Tantra, at Anahata chakra, you have the possibility of fulfilling your goals and making them a reality. Till the Manipura chakra, your thinking is dependent, but on reaching Anahata chakra, your thinking is independent. Your thoughts are not influenced by the circumstances or the people around you.

In other words, when your consciousness is living on one of the lower three chakras, you are captivated by already decided fate. This is the state of Prarabdha Karma. Even the awakening of these lower three chakras doesn’t release you from these bonds. You know you want to break loose, but you don’t know the way.

The lower three chakras are strongly tied to your limited dimension of body, mind, and senses. They don’t have the power to take you beyond human logic. People who’ve given up to their fate have actually failed to push their kundalini beyond the Manipura chakra. Though Manipura initiates the beginning of the spiritual quest, it is still somewhat attached to the earthly desires.

Anahata chakra is beyond the logical dimensions. At this level, you realize that fate is real, but you also realize that you have the power to change it as per your will. Reaching the Anahata chakra is like launching the rocket in the sky. The way the rocket is not bound to the gravitational force, your wills are no longer subjected to the empirical norms.

The awakening of Anahata chakra makes you a real yogi. Before this chakra, you were just a yoga practitioner. But now, you have developed the yogic consciousness. Your decisions are based solely on your consciousness, rather than on external circumstances and established rules.

Anahata is a wish-fulfillment center, so be careful what you wish for

Like I said before, Anahata chakra gives you the courage to break your chains, which were fastened with a preordained fate. You have the determination to make your dream a reality. According to the tantras, there’s a wish-fulfilling tree located at the root of the Anahata. This tree is called the Kalpa Vriksha. When this tree goes into the production stage, your wishes start to become a part of your physical existence.

Not all wishes are worth fulfilling, even if some of these do become a reality, you certainly wouldn’t really care. On the other hand, some of the wishes, which are worthy make you so scared that you try to forget them and accept your fate as it is. But you know this is not the solution. You should take responsibility to create your own path.

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Once there was a man sitting under a tree. Unaware of the fact that the tree was actually a wish-fulfilling tree, he was thirsty and thinking about a clear river, and instantly he saw a river was flowing with a crystal clear water beside him. After a while, he felt hungry and was thinking about food. At the same moment, a plate filled with delicious food appeared before him. Similarly, he thought about resting and a bed appeared, and so on.

He suddenly woke up at midnight. Looking at the dark night and realizing that he’s all alone, he thought a tiger would come and eat him and so it happened.

That’s what really happens when you awake the wish-fulfilling faculty without proper preparation. If you have awakened the Anahata chakra, but you are unaware of your mental capacity and dominated by negative thoughts and dark approaches to your life, you may fall prey to the bad omen. If this turns out to be true, you may fall down from Anahata. Then there are very rare chances of you receiving a second start.

To avoid this collapse, it is important to remain as vigilant as an antelope. That’s why antelope is the appropriate animal to represent Anahata because it is responsive to every sound and always stays alert.

You are satisfied when your wish comes true, but at that moment, you must analyze your attitude as well. You must be careful about the worrisome thoughts. For example, people sometimes go through the phase of irregular heartbeats and welcome in disturbing thoughts like:

‘Perhaps I am developing some kind of illness.’

‘I am going to have a severe headache.’

‘That person is my enemy.’

‘My child is unwell, he might die.’

‘My partner isn’t calling me, something bad must have happened to her.’

These thoughts are pointless. You must have strong and alert control of your mind. You must work hard to improve your focus and get rid of unnecessary fantasies of your mind.

It is natural to have thoughts about your body, spouse, children, and other situations. When kundalini is sleeping, these thoughts are fruitless. But on the awakening of kundalini in Anahata chakra, these thoughts can become realities. You need to be very careful at this stage, else you are pushing yourself in serious menace.

Practice a new way of thinking

Your circle must include mentally strong friends and colleagues. When Anahata chakra is awakened, this association plays a crucial role in helping you remember that you are much more than just a preordained fate. Instead of sticking with those who entirely depend on their faith, you must be courageous enough to believe in the power of your own will. Even in the face of severe adversities, you must be persistent. Then you will certainly succeed.

Willpower is not about coming up with suggestions. Suppose you are sick and you continuously say to yourself, ‘I am fine, I am fine, I am fine…’, this is an example of autosuggestion. This is not will. Will is much fiercer than this. ‘Even if the doctors say my disease is untreatable and I can’t live a normal life again. I know I will. No matter how many times I fail, I will restart again until I become the person I want to be.’ That’s how you must reorient your thoughts and use your will.

The foremost step before awakening the Anahata is to reshape your entire style of thinking. Some people are especially blessed to have thoughts and wishes come true most of the time. If you are one of them, you need to be extra vigilant.

It is better to be always hopeful and optimistic. Clearly, thinking negatively won’t give you any good results nor can it reverse the events, so why not stay positive? You must attain peace, physically, mentally, and spiritually, with yourself, with people around you, and with the whole world. The world is overflowing with conflicts, cold wars, and other malicious heat. Your vibes can prove that this is not the right way.

Always remember, every situation has something good in it and the future is always bright. This must be your way of living. Everything, such as financial issues, diseases, sufferings, separation, and so on, is the inevitable truth of life, it is better to accept it.

‘I am in everyone.’/ ‘The whole universe is in me.’

You must remember this truth wholeheartedly. This is a universal attitude that you must adhere to. When you accept it, you may not even realize but your kundalini will push itself forward to enter the Vishuddhi chakra.

According to Hinduism, ‘Om Shanti’ is the best mantra for the heart center. It is because the word ‘Om’ is the symbol of universal cosmic vibration that flows through the whole creation. ‘Shanti’ is a symbol of peace.

Anahata chakra makes you love everyone without any expectations

Anahata chakra refines your emotions and its awakening brings in you the infinite love for all living beings. There’re many people across the world who are involved in charity and kindness, but at the deepest, they are doing it for selfish purposes. Their donation is not an act of spiritual compassion, it is human compassion indeed.

The human compassion, or simply called humanity, wants you to open feeding centers and hospitals and provide clothing, money, medicine, and so on.

How is spiritual charity different from human charity?

Human charity is always filled with an act of selfishness, maybe at a minimal level, but it does exist. If I want you to follow a certain belief by giving you support, that’s an example of human charity. If I want you to follow me by sympathizing with you, that’s the sign of human kindness.

When Anahata functions in full mode, all your actions are governed by unselfishness. You start to inherit spiritual compassion. You acknowledge the fact love is free from all sorts of expectations.

The qualities of the Anahata chakra can be brought to life by various methods. This includes music, sculpture, art, poetry, literature, and other similar activities. When you fall in love with these habits, you realize there’s life in non-living as well. You develop feelings for instruments, colors, words, and so on. Your love frequency is so high that it doesn’t demand anything. You just try to make everything affectionate at every place.

When Lord Buddha saw an old man walking down the street, he was greatly touched by the adversities of old age. Next on looking at a dead person, he again felt terribly sad. How many times do you see old men? Do you always feel their sufferings? Of course, not because everyone’s mind is working at a different frequency. Awakening of Anahata chakra alters this frequency and influences your relationships with others.

Love destroys ego just the way sunlight destroys darkness

Bhakti yoga is very effective in awakening the Anahata chakra. In this practice, there’s no scope for egotistical attitude. Your devotion can be for your guru or the Almighty. The guru is very strict and always on the verge of scolding you if you are not in the discipline. Keeping up with this ordeal isn’t possible for everyone, especially for those who are full of egoism. So, for better results, many practitioners consider devoting themselves to God or some call it ‘The Universe’.

Ego is the biggest obstacle on the spiritual journey. It destroys harmony and affection in your family and social life. You must already be aware of this fact, but still, it is difficult to let it go. Luckily, you can learn to handle your ego through karma yoga or bhakti-yoga.

Conceptual beliefs are not enough to get rid of the ego. It can’t be destroyed unless you grow the highest form of love within you. Love destroys ego just the way sunlight destroys the darkness. These two emotions can never live together.

The entry of kundalini energy into the Anahata chakra is so powerful that it can even transform the mind of a stubborn atheist. Bhakti yoga is very influential in awakening this chakra. That’s why, people in India are asked to practice this yoga from a very young age and learn to devote themselves to Lord Krishna, Vishnu, Durga, Lakshmi, and so on. Anahata is the base of human love or better called spiritual love.

Effects of awakening the Anahata chakra

When the awakening of the Anahata chakra begins to take place, you start to feel a little pain in your chest. You may also feel the spasmodic functioning of your heart like an accelerated pulse. This situation is quite different from heart illness. You can actually figure out if it’s awakening or some kind of illness. If it’s former, despite accelerated pulses you feel healthy and active all the time. And if it’s latter, you start to sweat inconsistently, your breathing becomes irregular, and you feel the need to rest.

When the awakening finally occurs, you attain the emotional balance. Your communication with others and yourself drastically improves. Some aspirants have confirmed that you may even experience melodious sounds such as a humming sound or flute music.

You develop the essence of a creative artist. Your words have the stimulus to capture other people’s minds. You develop sensitivity towards others’ feelings. Also, your senses grow to become stronger. It is said that people who are at this level have the ability to miraculously heal others.

The most important aspect of this chakra is you develop a sense of detachment from worldly desires. You are constantly surrounded by optimistic thoughts. You, finally, learn that the world is more than just being about good and bad.

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