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The Origin of Man


The Origin of Man

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep . . . Then the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Genesis 1:1–2 and 2:7

Dear Rachael and Robert, my children whom I love, forasmuch as many have attempted to set forth in an orderly declaration those things which are commonly believed among us, it seemed expedient that I memorialize for you the true origins of modern man so that you might know the certainty of those things recorded in the Bible. The truths contained herein will be taught to you neither in the schools of America nor in today’s apostate churches because sinister forces are at work in the land. These forces’ primary objective is to undermine the Judeo-Christian values that have been the underpinnings of Western Civilization. The tool they use to achieve their objective is called the Theory of Evolution as espoused in Charles Darwin’s book entitled Origin of Species. They have been largely successful in their effort to create a society intolerant of Christianity in the public square. Just look at their recent trophies of debauchery: school prayer bans, gay marriage, abortion on demand, and sex without obligations.

The Theory of Evolution states that “through a series of random selections the world and everything in it evolved to its present state (Origin of Species).” The acceptance of evolution’s claims also means denying a belief in the Holy Bible. It is a very simple proposition; both beliefs are mutually exclusive. You cannot embrace both beliefs and remain intellectually honest to either’s core tenets. For this reason, I believe that Christians do society a disservice by attempting to combine the two religious beliefs into the doctrine of Creationism. Creationism asserts that while man did evolve into his present form, a divine entity guided the process. This doctrine is clearly contrary to what is found in the Bible. Truth, which cannot be rationalized, is universal and uncompromising. Jesus Christ is either the Son of God or was a deranged lunatic. You cannot say Jesus was a good man and great philosopher if He lied and deceived mankind concerning His divinity.

Both Christianity, a faith, and evolution, an unproven scientific theory, are considered religions because each determines the manner that one believes is proper for living today and ensuring immortality tomorrow. Christianity states that God created mankind and we shall one day be judged by Him for the things done in this life. God created each person for a unique, preordained mission. Once we discover our mission, God requires us to obediently follow His will for our lives. In contrast, the supporters of evolution, who are pagans, do not believe in a god that they are obliged to obey. Paganism equates to life without meaning or purpose. Mankind is in the world without a living hope because there is no afterlife or judgment. Therefore, mankind should eat, sleep, and drink, for all things are meaningless. Accordingly, every impulse and lust should be indulged when convenient. Society has no right to govern destructive behavior against the common good. What a sad existence! However, the apostle Paul prophesied that such things would unfold in the latter days.

The pagans’ stance is perplexing to the rational mind. If there is no God, why do pagans regard Hitler and Stalin as vile and evil? According to evolution, we should simply regard their acts as survival of the fittest, natural selection, or adaptation. In application, a case can be made that the Jewish and the Slavic people were inferior life-forms unfit to survive. God forbid such foolish rationalizations! The God-given conscience that everyone has at birth teaches even the reprobates that such beliefs are wrong. Notwithstanding, the point is that these sinister supporters of evolution do not want their theory to be critically reviewed because it fits their worldview. Alternatively, if there is no God, why do pagans fear an impotent deity to the point of prohibiting any discussion of opposing views? The answer is that evolutionists have willfully rejected God and embraced Satanism, which says you are your own god. They have become like unto those in the days when Israel had no king and every man did what was right in his own sight. For this reason, those who would otherwise passionately defend one’s right to free expression daily stifle religious free speech in the secular marketplace. You can boldly proclaim a right to engage in perverse behavior such homosexuality, but a public proclamation of faith in God is resoundingly denounced. Why is there such hostility and hatred of God? Is this hostility because of a guilty conscious? This hostility is because evolutionists dread the thought that God reigns on His throne in heaven and will someday judge them for their deeds in this life. This hostility also comes from their spiritual father, Satan the devil, who has deceived them into believing a lie. These are those spots and blemishes of mankind that openly war against God’s elect. Translation: they are godless malefactors who adhere to no moral absolutes. These people have knowingly become traitors to God and country because their very ethos denies the guiding principles of the constitution−namely, that our rights are given by God not the state.

At this point, let me state for the record that no one alive today was present at the beginning. I was not there at the beginning; neither were the pagans. However, the fossil record and Holy Bible provide another explanation to the origins of modern man. According to the Genesis chapter 1, in the beginning God created heaven and earth. The earth was formless and empty, and darkness covered the deep water. This means the earth was submerged in water; gravity and the earth’s present atmosphere were nonexistent, which in turn meant that breathable air could not exist. No life forms existed. Moreover, Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 tell us that eons ago a war raged in the heavens, and the devil and his angels were defeated and expelled out of the Mountain of God. Satan, who wanted to be like the Most High, was now a renegade subject to a prophecy of impending judgment for his crime of treason. Accordingly, God stripped him of all angelic authority and allowed him to exist until the appointed hour for his judgment. The world that he ruled was overthrown in a watery grave, and Sheol became his new habitation. Based on this compelling evidence, I submit to you that the earth has existed for eons, but God in His judgment destroyed the ancient earth ruled by Satan before modern man was created to inhabit it. That’s why Satan returned to the Garden of Eden in an attempt to regain the dominion over the earth he lost after his failed insurrection against God. We, in place of Satan, were given his dominion and that transference of authority made us his enemy. As a result, he went to the Garden of Eden in a rage of hatred and jealousy in his heart to deceive our ancestors into committing the treasonable act of disobeying God because he wanted to ensure that God’s most-beloved creation would share his fate.

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From the day sin entered the world, man began to devour himself. The sin nature caused men to rejoice in evil and reverence no good thing. They fought, murdered, and conquered in the name of liberty, not knowing that their actions enslaved their souls. Like a tyrannical king, Satan hoodwinked men to partake of evil. Men tried to resist yet were overcome because they lacked a renewed spirit. Sin comes to men when the heart is unguarded and plants a seed of corruption. When the seed takes root and blossoms, a man’s heart is perverted from the truth. Then, as a seductive harlot, Satan cunningly lures men to the pit of regrets.

Whereas God knew Satan’s desire, He promised to send a Savior born of a woman to redeem humanity from the wages of sin−His Son Jesus Christ. By His death and resurrection, He has restored humanity to full fellowship with God and given us the authority to execute His will on the earth. Now the wall of transgression is broken, the river of separation bridged, and treasonable offense pardoned by our Redeemer.

Thus, I charge you not to fall for Satan’s schemes to deceive you out of eternal life. Search the Scriptures, and you will discover that those things prophesied in the Bible are true and have withstood scrutiny for thousands of years. I cannot emphatically make the same statement about evolution. It is a fearful thing to place your eternal salvation in a doctrine of men and be sorely disappointed in a time of need. I can only imagine a pagan’s horror on his deathbed, knowing that he will either cease to exist or, worse, face everlasting damnation. There is a heaven to gain, hell to forsake, and a day of judgment to face. We shall all give an accounting for the deeds done in this life. Those that have wisdom will warn others and in like manner seek everlasting life. And I can only say to those foolish or brave souls that put their trust in evolution, you had better be right! More than you realize is resting on your decision.

© 2021 John Remington Pierce

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