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Amazing Incident of My Life

I am a primary school teacher. I am a postgraduate in arts subject. It is my hobby to read and write on children's psychology.

Nature is God


God Himself Helped Us As Humans?

This incident happened in May 2012 when my family and my wife Ritu daughter Sakshi and my son Shaurya were going to Mandala madhyapradesh . I had some urgent work, our cousins ​​are living there, they will also meet them thinking that We were all going together.

I took a car on hire and on the morning of May 15, the path towards Mandla was passing through the jungles and mountains, so the weather was very good. We were all enjoying it. Later the sanctuary also used to be a part of Kanha National Park. So we did not know when we reached Mandla.

I quickly got my job done, then went around the scenic spots, then went to my relative's place and we had food there. When we started leaving from there, the driver of our car started feeling unwell, then I gave him the medicine and some time. Asked to relax. After some time he liked it and we left to come back but it was ten o'clock in the night to leave.

My eyes started getting sleepy . After some time suddenly I got a loud shock and my eyes opened. I saw our car coming down a steep slope. My children and wife were screaming loudly. Death started appearing in front of our eyes in a moment when the driver applied the hand brake. And our car stopped with the help of a tree. We had no idea what to do. Where this incident happened, it was a wooded area. Due to the night, the traffic was almost non-existent. Our car was locked from inside so we were saved from falling down.

There was not even a network on mobile that we could call anyone for help. When we started praying to God, someone gave us a voice. Are you all right? We shouted with joy to help us. He assured us that you are terrified. Don't worry I am the driver of a trailer, I saw your car coming down from a distance. I am throwing the rope down, you guys try to come up. I opened the door of the car and I thought we could go up with the rope Can. I took out my wife and child and told them to climb on the rope with a small child we had tied on our stomach, slowly we reached the top, the person supported us and pulled us up.

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Our driver was near the car below. Then the truck driver told our driver that he was throwing down an iron chain and hooked his car to it. Our driver did the same and started steering on the driving seat. The truck driver also took our truck from our truck Pulled up.

We could not believe that we were safe now. We saw that the driver side tire of our car was ripped due to which our car was going to go into the deep pit. At the time it was 50 thousand rupees which I started giving him but he refused to take it. I asked his name but he did not tell just that, whenever someone sees you in trouble, you also help him. Standed together and said you guys go ahead, I am following you.

We thanked him again and again and went ahead. We got out and stopped in a village because we wanted to say thank you again to that truck driver. But he did not see us even after a long wait. We went ahead again.

We had this idea again and again. God Himself Helped Us As Humans?


Vikas Shukla (author) from Pandariya on January 09, 2021:

Thank you sir. I will try my best.

manatita44 from london on January 09, 2021:

Interesting story. Very inspirational!

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