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Am I Spiritually Awakening? or Ascending? What Is Ascension?

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Quick Little Disclaimer

Everything expressed or said in this article is based on personal experience and research. Take what resonates, leave what does not. Spirituality is very personal, and this article was written to help others who may be experiencing what I was/am.


What is spiritual awakening or ascension?

Ascension or spiritual awakening appears to be a choice either consciously or subconsciously at a soul level to expand, grow, and raise your awareness/consciousness level. To begin aligning your "I AM", also referred to as your soul, with the best and highest energetic frequencies, not only for the benefit of your best interest but for the entire planet and universe. Awakening is intentional planning and doing to meet and merge with your "highest self" and become the best possible version you were designed to be in this incarnation. This is not ascending off the planet. Ascension can be triggered by trauma, this can include the loss of a loved one or any other traumatic event that alters your perception. It can also be completely spontaneous, or by doing a lot of spiritual work (meditation-is a great example).

Does this sound like it's confusing? It is. It is the beginning of a lifetime walk, that you've done for lifetimes before your current one. A giant remembering of sorts. And once it begins the life you knew will never be the same. There are many growing pains and gifts along the way, but it is a walk worth taking. Once you "see" you cannot "unsee".

It is important to note that having paranormal experiences is not the same as ascension. We all will have experiences of this sort during our lives. We are all souls inside of a body. We are all capable of connecting with spiritual dimensions as are those that can connect back to us.

We are all ascending but some at much slower rates. What I am writing about is also referred to as Kundalini awakening.

A lot of people who claim to ascend call themselves lightworkers, star seeds, star children, indigo's, or claim to be part of a different race. This is not a view I currently resonate with and something I am not willing to entertain at this time. My viewpoint and personal experiences are more Yogi or Hindu. There is no right or wrong, it will be different for everyone and the labels really don't matter. We use them for communication and to express a thought, but otherwise, we are all human and doing this together.

Ascension is not something you graduate from, it is not a set of occurrences that happen in any specific order and many do not reach the final unfoldment after many incarnations. The only exception I can think of was Jesus Christ.

Prepare to experience everything in HD as your ascension unfolds. Enjoy every part of it, including the shedding of layers that no longer serve you. No matter how painful they may be. Understand that although some issues may take time and inner work to resolve you will adjust.

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What Do You Begin to Experience?

There is no order in which symptoms come or length of time you will go through this process. Please use your best judgement and rule out any medical conditions before assuming ascension is the cause. If you're abusing any types of substances, you're probably NOT experiencing ascension. Sorry, you may think you are but re-read this when sober.

  1. Dietary changes. Sudden aversions to food, especially meat, sugar, caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.
  2. Sleep Disturbances. Vivid dreams, needing less sleep, being an insomniac. Waking up at odd hours.
  3. Seeing repeating numbers. This often shows up as 1111, 2222, 777, etc. These can be messages since everything contains vibrational energy and meaning but also can be alerts that you are in and part of a Maya/Matrix.
  4. Mood swings. Sudden tears, anger or other strong emotions. These may be triggered by mundane things. They are being revealed to purge, cleanse and heal from.
  5. A very strong desire to be alone, or in solitude, and not feeling "lonely".
  6. Needing to be in nature & feeling EXTREMELY connected to it.
  7. Increased awareness and intuition. Psychic abilities developing or improving. Opening or improvement of telepathy, the psychic clairs, remote viewing, channeling, precognition, automatic writing, mediumship etc...these occurrences of your abilities will be able to be validated.
  8. A feeling of "running out of time" to accomplish your life goals.
  9. Past life recall & being drawn to other cultures or places you have no knowledge of.
  10. A feeling of timelessness.
  11. Meeting a Twin Flame, Karmic connection, or soul group and resolving karma at an accelerated rate.
  12. Removing toxic people, places, and things from your life. Especially those with cluster B type personality disorders. Narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths fall into this category. You will learn a lot from these interactions in a very short time.
  13. Ear ringing, popping, wooshing, dizziness, vertigo. Hearing entities or spirits as clairaudience opens. Jaw, upper back, headaches, and neck pain. This happens when your throat chakra is adjusting. You may also find speech difficult, or have trouble forming sentences as well as memory issues.
  14. Seeing balls or flashes of light/orbs, manifestations, sometimes others see these sometimes they don't. Experiencing clairvoyance. Headaches, eyebrow pain. This will happen when your crown and third eye are adjusting.
  15. Heart pain. As you begin to feel more you may have pain in your heart. Not always physical but deep emotional pain. Also palpitations, fluttering, or vibrations. Sudden onset of love for everything, you will know this by how it feels. It's not something you can explain with words alone.
  16. Electrical pulses in the body. These can occur anywhere and will feel similar to chills, muscle spasms, crawling sensations, shivers or electric pulses.
  17. Sudden issues with cold limbs, hands, feet, fingers.
  18. Chronic pain, bone aches, spine pain with no medically found cause.
  19. Sudden hot flashes or sweats.
  20. Extreme sensitivity to food, drugs, or prescription medications not previously there.
  21. Sudden allergy issues.
  22. A strong desire to create.
  23. A strong desire to get as healthy as possible. This can include detoxing and reducing or eliminating chemical exposure in as many forms as possible.
  24. Spontaneous Mudra or Asana poses.
  25. Changes in energy levels. Extreme fatigue or high energy with no apparent cause.
  26. Research and study in metaphysical concepts, spirituality, religion, prayer, energy work, and often things appearing right when you need them.
  27. Astral projection, sleep paralysis, and out of body experiences.
  28. Receiving information from your higher self, often by way of dreams, psychic clairs, automatic writing or meditation.
  29. Feelings of going crazy, or being mentally ill. If this persists consider all options and healing modalities either from a reputable psychic, shaman, nutritionist or energy healer. This is suggested before western medicine to avoid prescription medications and or substance abuse issues.
  30. Loss of interest in materialism and judgement about yourself and others.
  31. Release from prior phobias or fears. Especially fear of death.
  32. Sudden skin, hair, and nail issues, again due to sensitivity and could show up as brilliant beautiful skin, eczema, hair breakage, nail changes.
  33. Communication with Spirit Guides, higher self and passed loved ones.
  34. A strong desire to help and be of service to others, beyond typical empathy.
  35. Stomach issues. This is the solar plexus adjusting.
  36. The complete upheaval of your life as you knew it and how you perceive it.

***This is not a complete list and will be added to as needed.

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This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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Grayson Davis from Amarillo, TX on April 08, 2020:

I'm definitely having a few of these symptoms! Music and reading are speaking to my situation... including the Bible! And my are blowing my mind right about now! I'll have to post some one of these's like my higher self speaking to me now....if that makes sense.... These are poems I wrote years ago!

Heather Gilchrist on October 06, 2019:

Oh my gosh, I have been going through a great deal of those symptoms, and for some time now. I had a feeling I was starting, but I wasn't sure until now. Thank you for helping me figure it out I am grateful!

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