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How to Turn the Tables in Life Through Motivation

How to secrets that will get you motivated in life

Everyone has dreams and goals. Some are defined and some may not be, but they exist nevertheless. The only difference in people that have achieved their goals and dreams in life is motivation. The achievers identified the key things that motivate them and hung to them. The more they got motivated the easier it became to fulfil their dreams and desires.

  • The achievers wake up early to give themselves time to listen to motivational tapes or to watch a motivational clip.
  • They get fired up to achieve
  • They keep on track for achievement
  • They keep a line or two lines to read all through the day and it works

How to harness the best results from self for success

How many times have you listened to a motivational tape and got inspired. Right there and then you vowed to move towards a certain goal. You suddenly got inspired to new ways of approaching your situation, New ways of doing things for results.

Often times motivation makes people forget their own limitations.

It is wise to identify those things that motivate you and stick to a schedule or routine where you get to be motivated for an hour or more before you hit the road. Motivation in the morning and motivation at night time , motivation in between to keep yourself uplifted.

Many may not understand the importance of motivation but it has a way of bringing out the buried ambitions, the dreams , and desires to the surface. It also has a way of making you see just how possible it is for you to achieve your goal. It has a way of stirring you up so you can work towards your goals. It has a way of making you think that nothing is impossible.


How to be outstanding life for outstanding successful habits

Just the idea of a favorite film or rock star artist is enough to inspire some people. Haven't you ever seen the walls of some people's bedrooms plastered with pictures of their much admired stars? Each time they wake up they gaze into those pictures and late at night before they sleep they look at those pictures. Many vow they want to be just like their favorite star. That's motivation.

Motivation is anything that inspires you towards your desired goal, dream. It often comes in any shape. It can be actors and actresses or celebrated athletes. It can be song writers. You name it!

I remember getting motivated some years back. I was watching long distance sprinters on a race. One girl stood out and she went on to win the gold medal. She spoke to my heart and caught my attention because she never tired throughout the race. And she won because she always practiced double the distance she was going to compete for. I was hooked. I realized this as a strategy to get ahead and I have kept it since, but I must admit I am not always adhering to it. Had I recorded the clip of the race and the comments from the commenter , then it would have done wonders in so many areas of my life.


What you need to know for outstanding successful results

It takes commitment to be keep motivated day in and day out. It means you have to create time for your own inspiration. You also need to invest in it. You might need to purchase motivational books and then once you have , then It means you need to devout some time to them. If you work on it so well there will come a time you will recall all the quotes of heart and recall all the important passages from your motivational books.

The motivational books and video clips or the motivational quotes are not the ones to equip you with a dream, or desire. They just help you bring it out. They help you express it and bring it out. They help you achieve it and they keep you going in those times you feel like throwing in the towel.

This is the most powerful self propelling life secret

A person might have a goal to lose a few pounds but without motivation they might actually never start to do anything about it. Motivation will help you kick start your goal and helps you to keep at it.

Motivation must have gotten a grip on JK Rowling on that train when she wrote notes on Harry potter.

"The idea for Harry Potter came to Rowling while riding on the train to London from Manchester in 1990. The train had been delayed and she came up with the idea for a story which took place in a secret school of wizardry and had a young boy wizard as the main hero."

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Secrets you need to know for outstanding achievement

The greatest favor any person can ever do for themselves is to make sure they keep motivated. That is the surest way of achieving your desires. You can never work yourself into doing anything if you aren't motivated. Your heart has to be in love with your project for you to be passionate about it.

Knowing what you don't have and wishing you had it will never help you reach the stars

You can motivate yourself by watching other people like you , in the same field as you, achieving tremendous results. That can help you step up and catch up or at least try to.

The most amazing secrets that will make you successful

There is nothing wrong in wanting to give a little help towards motivating someone, but in most cases it would be best left to the individual to get motivated on their own. The reason being , a person has to be in a place of understanding what motivation is all about and why they need it. This way they get to select what works for them and what doesn't. What might work for someone might not necessarily work for you.

Once you find your place of motivation , you are to do all that is in your power to maintain it. The one to decide on some kind of schedule for it is yourself. You are the one who has to decide who to work with and what to work with. You are the one to do a bit of research to determine what appeals to you and what doesn't.

Some get motivated while they are walking, and if you fit into this group then, by all means schedule a time for your walks.

Some get motivated while jogging, if the cap fits then get jogging.


Turn the tables of your life through motivated imagination

There are many songs that sets one's mind reeling with dreams. Music has the ability to make imagine themselves achieving and attaining goals. Other people's testimonials can act as motivators, they get you into a place of knowing that you too can achieve something of your desires and goals. You are assured that if that person did then so can you.

Many things in life can act as motivators for you. Just be open and alert for your place of motivation.

If one thing has ceased to work as your motivation then get yourself to find another place that will even work better than the first.

Motivation is needed in all aspects of life: Your relationships, your job, your health. Just take a look and see where you need motivation.

Hidden secrets you need to know for a strong willpower

  • Motivation is key to achieve what you once thought unachievable.
  • Motivation is key to understanding what you couldn't understand at one time. Motivation is key to to keep you going in the face of seeming defeat.
  • Motivation is a way of keeping all your hopes up. You can achieve any goal once you are motivated.

You just need to remember to keep motivating yourself, daily. You are are the one to maintain the schedule for motivation.

The responsibility to be motivated is solely in your hands. No-one can do that for you.

Do you want to be motivated or don't you?



charity mtisi (author) from Johannesburg on February 26, 2019:

Thank you so much Tim, I am glad you liked the article.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on February 25, 2019:

Great article on motivation. Thanks.


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