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Aliens (Particularly Greys) Are Actually Demons

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I have interviewed over a dozen people who claimed to have been abducted by beings. They have similarities that can't be ignored.

Alien / Demon

Alien / Demon

The Connection between Aliens and Demons

Aliens are indeed demons. This is why ancient civilizations worshipped "Star gods" and had them in cave murals and built pyramids in their honor. The "Rulers" or kings of those civilizations craved power and the demons are drawn to those who seek to wield power over their fellow man.

The Aliens (demons) came to these kings and promised them knowledge, wealth and power. Satan has immense knowledge that he gained before he became shunned by the ONE True God who ordered him cast into the lake of fire. The kings agreed and became powerful and wealthy, in exchange for that they became cursed and this is why many civilizations vanished and were wiped away. (The demons essentially came for their pound of flesh)

A lot of the technology that is available today is derived from these demons and made to pull people away from God. Such as narcissistic "Social media". The technology has created a class of "Technocrats" like Bill Gates and heads of tech companies who openly talk about "Living forever" by uploading their consciousness (Spirit) into an AI (Artificial intelligence) computer. This is the same trick the demons pulled on the kings of old. The promise of "Eternal life, NOT through God, but through technology. Thus giving rise to the belief that through technology they can have a way to bypass God and rise to eternal life. The bible states that the only way to eternal life is through the acceptance of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through the tricks of the demons people have abandoned that.

Also when you look at images of aliens, particularly "greys" that people describe after an abduction (possession) They are "Gender neutral" and have no discernable features. God made people in his image, they seek to destroy Gods ultimate creation. This is why you have transgenders now and also people who cut their genitals off and claim to be "gender neutral". Also the rise of "acceptance" of this kind of blasphemy. It is a way to disgrace God and his creation.

People who were abducted and claim they were transported through walls into a mothership. This is not them actually being transported, but their spirit being transported. These people speak of being abducted many times, some even claiming almost every night. This is because the aliens (demons) are feeding off the energy of that person’s spirit. The "probing and experiments” are actually spiritual energy extractions.

Same with finding mutilated cows and livestock. These are demons in need of a quick feast and are too weak to feed off humans at that stage. So they feed on animals and various carrion to gain their demonic strength. This is why they feed off the blood because blood gives life. and you see animals sucked dry with NO trace of predation by natural predators.

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When we look at today’s politicians they are power hungry and have gone insane with trying to control people and sterilize people through inoculations and technological means. This is because God created Adam and Eve to procreate. It is a demons goal to disrupt that which God created, that is why you have abortions, pills, vaccines etc. These politicians have been promised immense power here and in the afterlife if they do the demons will and exert the will upon people. Especially with Covid 19 and the draconian laws and measures that are being put into place. They are getting people ready for FORCED inoculations and getting people ready to take the mark of the beast. Revelations 13:17 “So that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.” The vaccine will sterilize people and cause other illness as well. This will be soiling the creation of God. They will make it to where you cannot go into stress, cannot function in society unless you get the vaccine. They will say “It’s for your own good” and use all kinds of junk science to justify that. Demons are master deceivers and many will listen, many will pressure others who are believers to “Just get the shot”. Those who cave in will be no longer of God, but will metaphysically have given themselves to the demons.

Understand demons here are bound by universal law and cannot act directly upon a person (They need politicians and in the old days kings to act as their concierge on earth), but can use tricks, lies and coercion to influence a person’s behavior. This is where a demon excels. They have eons of knowledge and to a person who has NOT accepted Christ they appear to be "all knowing" gods. The reality is that even the knowledge that the most powerful and trusted angels in heaven wield (which is beyond all human measure) pales in comparison with the knowledge of the one TRUE God and creator of us all. Matthew 24:36 ““But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only.” Demons play on the doubt of man and fill that doubt with the demon knowledge and thus making themselves appear to be all knowing in the eyes of a non-believer. Once the demon has gained that respect they are now in control of that person and can use them almost like a puppet .

Demons have gained such a foothold that they are routinely breaking universal law and attempting to directly interfere in human affairs. They are becoming restless and more brazen. They know their time to rise is coming and they are seething to come out and cannot help but show themselves. This is the hubris and greed in them. But make no mistake about it, their time in power will be short lived and God will have his angels destroy them as they have before. The angels of heaven wield more power and authority than our hearts and minds can imagine. We must stay true to the Lord’s teachings. The Lord has never deceived us and never will turn his back on us as long as we stay on the path and follow him as best we can. He forgives our transgressions because he knows we are not perfect, the best we can do is live by his teachings as he outlined for us to the best of our ability.

The demons appear strong, they appear powerful, but this is another one of their illusions. They are weak in the face of God, they cannot even stand in front of Michael the Archangel for fear of being destroyed. They hate human because we were made in the image of God and we remind the filthy demons of Gods perfection and they seek to deface that. God is ALL powerful and does NOT need tricks and foolishness to demonstrate his might. When we perish here on earth and meet our Lord and savior we will kneel before him due to the overwhelming power which he alone has. Our salvation lies with the Lord, not with technological trinkets and demon tricks. There is a lot more to this, but obviously it would likely take a small book to go over the intricacies of the entire spectrum of how it all comes together. Please let me know your thoughts or if you have been abducted or had experiences you would like to share.


J Zod from Nairobi on August 01, 2020:

Thanks for the excellent article.

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