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Aliens and UFOs In The Bible- Does The Bible Detail Gene Manipulation By An Alien Race?


Vampires In The Bible

Aliens in the Bible?

I can't possibly begin to even imagine how many times I have looked up into the night sky and pondered if we were really alone. Are humans the intellectual blueprint for the entirety of the galaxy? The universe? As a christian I do put my faith in the belief that there is one God but as a free thinking member of society I just can not fathom why this supreme being would construct a universe so vast yet only fill one small corner of it with life. I have always felt there must be more to the grand scheme than that.

I am also an avid paranormal researcher and have well over 2 decades under my belt in that regard. I have studied ghost and hauntings, ESP and Possession and even bigfoot at times. I am a keen study when it comes to the Bible and even have networked the two together in my report on vampires in the Bible. When I was first approached about doing a follow up to that paper but instead of vampires, a subject I am very confident in, UFOs I was at first rather reluctant to say the least. Anytime one starts discussing non traditional aspects of the Bible and it's text there arrises some tension and some creative differences. Regardless I set down to do some research and what I discovered is a bit peculiar, even for me. What follows is the results of my research.

Kennedy Arnold UFO

These crescent shaped UFOs stirred a lot of debate in their time.

These crescent shaped UFOs stirred a lot of debate in their time.

World War 2 UFOs

The "foo fighters" seen by many war pilots.

The "foo fighters" seen by many war pilots.

Aliens Through History

Since the very dawn of man we have looked to the skies in amazement. Throughout our rather short time here we have reported strange flying objects and craft that seem to defy the laws of science, or at least those laws to the extent we can understand them. For many the modern UFO craze began with Kennedy Arnold who in 1947 reported crescent shaped craft maneuvering around mountains while he was flying his own plane.

Others look more to World War 2 and the reports of the Foo Fighters, glowing orbs that were often reported following US air pilots as they flew. The US military felt that these crafts were German spy devices. Shortly after the war ended the Germans would reveal they too had had an issue with the flying orbs and were under the assumption that they were of US military nature.

While we can not deny that these historically documented UFO cases are interesting we must not that Ufos have appeared in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and even on older cave paintings. As we explore history we start to see a pretty good deal of UFO and alien activity mentioned. Now let's embrace the real point of this text, The Bible.

In all necessity the Bible is a book of historical texts. It documents history at it's core as well as some of it's most vital phases. If we look at the Bible as a history book we will then be able to start to see a correlation between it and other historical works. I do feel I need to get one thing out of the way.

The Bible is God's word, yes, but God's celestial hand did not pen the book itself. Mankind's hands put words to parchment and it was mankind's eyes that saw the events documented. This being said we might have our reasoning behind such biblical terms as chariot of fire, or amber whirlwind. The term UFO had not been coined yet and therefore would not have been the words used to describe the craft seen in the skies during biblical times.

The Nephilim

The Nephilim could have been giants created by the cross breeding of aliens and humans in biblical times.

The Nephilim could have been giants created by the cross breeding of aliens and humans in biblical times.

A Great Read

The Sons of God

As a christian I am well versed and quite familiar with the book of Genesis and it's teachings, both on a historical and Biblical scale. One aspect that has always stood out to me was in Genesis 6:14 when we are introduced to the story of “the sons of God” and the “daughters of man”. According to this account the sons of God had taken a liking to the daughters of man and through this liking they took wives of the daughters and mated. The offspring were giants who the land feared. In later texts we would come to call the giants the Nemphilim.

The sons of God are often considered to be angels or at the very least of angelic descent. This comes from the fact they came down and took up wives. By coming down we may be mislead as to the true origin of the fathers of the Nephilim. Could the possibilty exist that these beings came down but not from heaven, but maybe, just maybe outer spece. I have often wondered if these sons of God were not angelic in origin but extraterrestrial. Remember back then people would have had no idea on aliens and UFOs and would have just assumed something descending the sky had to be God sent.

A valid argument for this lies in the Bible itself. In Mathew 22:40 and was spoken by Jesus Christ himself. “they will be like the angels of God who do not marry”. Now if God's angels do not marry we are left to assume one of two things about these sons of God. Either they were rebellious against the word of their creator, or they were in fact not angels at all.

We know the end result of the merging of these creatures with humans was catastrophic. Maybe direct contact breeding was a mistake and that is why we hear so little about that today in abduction stories but we hear so much in regards to gene manipulation and altering.

I realize by introducing a concept that aliens sired children in Biblical times I am probably rubbing a few people the wrong way but at the same time if we respect the Bible has the ultimate history book than we must consider that what lies in it's pages may have more importance than we ever thought possible.

The UFO craze is all the rage.

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More Mentions In The Bible

In Daniel 2:31-45 the prophet Daniel tells of people that “will mingle with the seed of man, and that this mingling will be as if clay and iron had mingled and would not be sturdy.” At first site many have just assumed Daniel meant a race of people, perhaps this was a warning against interracial marriages, but if you start to consider the idea of the Nephilim and the results of that “mingling” we may actually be left with something entirely different.

Daniel may have actually been speaking of a different race but not one of human origins. We have learned of the tragedy of the giants from Genesis and how that ended up so here Daniel is warning that someone, or something is attempting to taint the human gene pool. Back then they would have had no clue just what was going on and would have most likely assumed these people to be demonic in origin.

Once again let's remember that the terms we use today did not exist in Biblical times and thus what we call a UFO, or a flying saucer to them could have been described in a completely different way simply due to constraints with the vocabulary availlable to them. This is where we find terms like chariot of fire, and the like so interesting. Ezekiel himself described a flying machine that was a wheel in a wheel and today UFO scholars are left wondering what did he actually see in the skies.

Other Bible stories have a reference to what may actually be UFO activity. Elijah was escorted away in a flaming chariot. At the time the only vehicle known to travel was a chariot so this term would have been commonly used for any craft providing transport.

Zachariah mentions in his book 4 flying chariots (Zachariah 6:1-7) that each have a different color to them. Ezekial saw an amber whirlwind descent from the sky. These description are so trivial but they are that way because at this point in history there existed no better term to describe them. Aliens and UFO were terms created much much later. We even have Ezekial's account that strange creatures that were not quite human were piloting the craft he saw.

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While we have no authority what so ever to state that UFOs and aliens are without any shadow of a doubt recorded in the greatest work of mankind, The Bible, we are also at liberty to say we can not rule it out either. As a researcher of both alien activity and Biblical text I feel that we may have to look a little further some times to truly get the meaning behind the words written there and in some cases like the ones I have left in this text for you to ponder over, just perhaps there is more there than the mind could imagine.

We are so quick to call the Bible fact but when any text shows up in it's pages that question our traditional beliefs we tend to shun it to the side until we have a “logical” explination. We have no qualms nor concerns accepting that a man can walk on water, or raise the dead, but we lose out minds when we are confronted with a concept such as aliens or even ghosts being documented in the Bible's pages. (Joker meme)

Maybe we need to step out of our comfort zone and trully see what our ignorance sometimes blinds us from.


Ernesto Gomez from Maracaibo on March 18, 2020:

Yes, probably...

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on November 13, 2018:

Sam, I think you're on to something, and that earth has had both extraterrestrials and a high-tech race living here. But that brings up the question, "where did the high-tech race on earth come from?" Probably not from humanity itself. Humans by their very nature tend to use their technology to wipe themselves out. Even people who believe in superior races just can't come to believe that those may have come from outer space. To do so would require admitting that there is something greater than humanity that still isn't God.

Sam Little (author) from Wheelwright KY on March 06, 2017:

That is a very interesting theory my friend. Thanks for sharing it

Jay C OBrien from Houston, TX USA on March 04, 2017:

From article,

"Could the possibilty exist that these beings came down but not from heaven, but maybe, just maybe outer spece. I have often wondered if these sons of God were not angelic in origin but extraterrestrial."

Another possibility is there were both High-tech and Low-tech civilizations in the world at the time. The Low-tech people misidentified the High-tech people to be, "God" or "The Lord." This Theory would absolve God of the atriocities described in the Bible. The High-tech and Low-tech people were Terrestrial, not from space. Breeding cannot occur between different species. This the proposed theory is simpler. See Hub, "Atlantians to the Mideast." What do you think.

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