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Alcyone, the Brightest Star of Pleiades Constellation

Katerina Kostaki is a Greek spiritual and visionary Author,Poet, Mentor,Broadcaster, Youtuber.Owner of the ACADEMY OF INNER LIGHT (NETWORK).


Knowledge VS Cosmic Knowledge

It appears that Knowledge Humanity acquires is far away from the final frontier of Cosmic Knowledge.

In plain words, we hire just a tiny particle of this Infinite knowledge; Gnosis of the Cosmic Mysteries is humble and non countable.

I learned about Alcyone long after I wrote my first fantasy novel on the spiritual path and struggle of a woman who was enlightened to help Humanity after a devastated World War III.

However I am a truthseeker and visionary author who is willing to share Truth and only Truth for Truth is but the only means to Awakening.

I wrote this article years ago and today 4-12-2019 I am coming back with more hot stuff, maturity and Self Love.

Everything's in constant change. Living in a swirl of unstoppable changes within a Cosmic Whirpool (!) we are compelled to be warriors and Knowledge consumers to expand and evolve.

Personally this is my greatest advice ever given to my fellows.

Created by cooltext.com Copyright Katerina Kostaki

Created by cooltext.com Copyright Katerina Kostaki

Seven Stars Unveiled

Indeed by the end of the book the Seven Stars are unfolding to send a supernatural Angel to protect her from an evil man who wanted to capture Humanity.

This happened on 2004.

The book was finished on July 2005.

AND I was in sighted to the existence and the metaphysical interpretation of the Pleiades Constellation by the end of 2007, when I finally managed to publish the book with the help of a small publishing house.

But this was the beggining of a non blueprint Journey...

Time or Chronos

Time or Chronos has been an invaluable contributor and I chose to maintain this powerful gift in the best ways ever.

So I wrote down my own experiences from my Life and Cosmic Journey and publish it for the coming generations.



A few months later on 2008 I was informed that Alcyone,the brightest star of the Pleiades Constellation was more than a great motive to write fantasy books and stories (I had already participated to an International Contest with a story on the planet Alcyone).

This magical and supernatural place in the Cosmic Map had happen to be more than a plain star for me.

On my Cosmic Light (spiritual poetry book ), I represent the influence of the Pleiades Constellation upon my spiritual work.

On this hub, I will attempt to wed the Science and Science Fiction, to merge them in one single perspective of our Life.

If you feel that by the end of this hub, you are inspired and enlightened by the Alcyonian Light, I would very happy to get your comments and your love messages.

Created by cooltext.com

Created by cooltext.com


A second revelation on the Pleiades Constellation and the Pleiadians was provided by a very good friend of mine.
He suggested me to read the book of Barbara Marciniak that was recently translated and published in Greek language.
I remember that he repeatedly advised me on the importance of reading the messages from the Family of Light.

He never confessed why,but now I fully comprehend his motives.

This book is a real thesaurus.

It reminds Humanity of her origin. It helps us remember who we truly are!


Spiritual Guidance

A Cosmic Journey is merely a walking into the Realms of Unknown with Celestial Companioship and Guidance.

How could it be either?

We are Spiritual Beings in Physical form and we are not always approached by Good Vibes and Entities.

Therefore we always seek for Protection and Higher Advice from our Spiritual Friends.

Angels, Higher Self, whatever ...Gratitude is the outcome from this interstellar and Inner Travelogue.

Pleiades in the Star System

According to Wikipedia, Pleiades or Seven Sisters is an open star cluster located in the Constellation of Taurus.

Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades open cluster, which is a young cluster , aged at less than 50 million years.

It's also among the closest to Earth clusters and could be seen with naked eye.

Alcyone is approximately 370 light years from Earth.

It is named after the mythological figure Alcyone, one of the mythological Pleiades.

It is known as the Sixth Star of the Hairy Head in Chinese.

The Seven Sisters

  • Alcyone
  • Asterope
  • Caleno
  • Electra
  • Maia
  • Merope
  • Taygete or Taygeta

Selected sources for Alcyone and Pleiades Constellation

Pleiades Constellation in Folklore and Mythology

  • Pleiades in Greek Mythology represented the Seven Sisters
  • Pleiades in Norvege Mythology represented a hen of chicks
  • Pleiades in the Celtic Mythology were associated with the mourning and tears.
  • Pleiades in Asia represent the beauty (parvin)
  • In Chinese Astrology they resemble to the Hairy Head of the white tiger of the West.
  • In Japan ,Pleiades are called Subaru (name given to a car)

Science Fiction :The Foundation by Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov has been one of the most popular and prominent Sci-Fi authors over the years.He is one my favorite authors too.
Asimov has already memorized the Pleiadian Constellation and Alcyone as well in his work.

On his Foundation novels, a Galactic World appears as a means for surpassing the merciless and ruthless passage of the Darkness that has been developed upon Gaia and beyond.

Should we entrust Asimov as a prophetic author who encourages Humans to search for the hidden realities and truths ?

The choice is yours!

© 2013 Katerina Kostaki