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Albany Central Warehouse

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Photo does not belong to me

Photo does not belong to me

Mysterious Origins

If you’re from the capital region (or even a passerby), you’ve definitely seen the giant eyesore that is the Albany Central Warehouse. There is very little known about the warehouse despite its very obvious and obnoxious presence. the warehouse is said to have been built in the late 1920’s (likely 1927) and served as a cold storage for meats.

Photo does not belong to me

Photo does not belong to me


In 2010 a massive fire broke out badly damaging the already crumbling warehouse. It was never clear how the fire started (whether that be arson or accidentally started by a homeless person or teenager). Firefighters at the time said that the fire could burn for days and days on end. They didn’t bother to enter because of the risk of casualties, their only goal was to contain it.

Legends and Rumors

As with every abandoned place, rumors surround Albany Central Warehouse. Rumors ranging from people claiming there are “people chained up in the basement”, satanic rituals occur and more. However, the reality is: the only things that occur at the warehouse are vandalism, teen drinking, drug deals, squatters and the presence of homeless people.

Photo does not belong to me

Photo does not belong to me

Current Status

The warehouse/owner(s) have violated numerous codes throughout the years and at one point owed back taxes amounting to nearly a half million dollars. In 2017, a New York City resident by the name of Evan Blum, bought the property for only one dollar, but on the condition he take on the back taxes. At the time of purchase, the back taxes were a quarter of a million dollars, and since then have gone up by more than a hundred-thousand dollars more. His future visions of the place were, in my opinion, beyond realistic. He wanted to make it an art hub of some type, a rooftop restaurant or even apartments (good luck). However, nearly three years later nothing has come to fruition. It would be a nearly impossible challenge to make his visions come true. The building, which is riddled with asbestos, would be very costly to remove. The fire damage and graffiti would also prove to be unsafe for any type of business endeavor. Unsurprisingly, in the past he had stored supplies in a warehouse for years claiming to open a retail store, that never came to fruition either. Unpaid bills regarding tax accrue one percent penalty each month, making this “investment” a costly one that will never materialize for the unreasonably ambitious New Yorker.

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