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Adam & Eve; the Cosmic Code


Forgotten Books of Eden ...

As I read the Forgotten Books of Eden, bells go off in my head, so, I start composing this article. They mention the apple, the snake...

From what I'm calculating from my own perception Adam & Eve FELL from a higher dimension into a lower 3D density world where shame exists, lust can breed, and darkness can rule.

What did the apple symbolize? Went to Gematrix.
Apple=146 (Jewish Gematria),
Snake is vibration 146 and DARPA is 146! Could the snake possibly be a symbol for a wormhole?
"Did umbrella corporation make the virus under project rainbow moonlight in another alternate reality and send it via wormhole to DARPA?" Wormhole.

The worm resides within the apple--they are of ONE symbology.

Wormwood=7th dimension of consciousness, 2064 vibration

Worm 1060=nation judged & daughters of Zion (Jewish Gematria)
If this is accurate, all words lead to PORTAL.

In the beginning, was the WORD (vibration)...

Book I'm Reading

Why are There Seven Levels of Heavens in Judaism

That is now what I believe that Adam and Eve started in the 7th heaven.

"In Biblical legend, the seventh Heaven is the place of that which is created good, beautiful, just and merciful (the attributes of the three supernals including the Tiferet of Azilut). It is also the storehouse of life, peace and blessings."

YHWH-ELOHIM is the highest of the created heavens, the seventh.

in vibration = "numbers are the holy alphabet of god," and

'interdimensional travel."


The Gatekeepers at the Garden of Eden Entrance 7th Dimension

Baruch - The guardian angel of the Tree of Life.

Angels guard doorways or portals; I bet Baruch is a Gatekeeper.

I'm finding out as I follow the thread of this timeline, that Baruch is the angel of light, tree of knowledge doorway and gatekeeper?

Malach is the angel of death, tree of good and evil doorway and gatekeeper?

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Trees are Symbolic for Portals

Someone asks, what about the two trees?

I checked the vibration of TREE: one vibrational match of 190 is "angels of God..."
Could they have been confronted by two angels representing good and evil? Did they represent duality? Was mankind given a choice from day one?

Vibration is 247=Cosmic code

Heaven in Hebrew means “Gan Eden

In Hebrew, trees are symbols of strength. Does the tree of good and evil and the tree of knowledge represent two angels or are they doorways? The Celts seemed to have understood it as I do,

"The Celtic Tree of Life served as a portal to invisible worlds and a source of sacred knowledge, guarded by the most enlightened ones."


Stargate for the Garden of Eden

Locations of stargates on the earth are few, one in Giza. Could one of these locations be the original geographic spot for the real Garden of Eden?

There is another place and I find out it's in IRAQ. The ancient Sumerian Stargate at the Euphrates River lost under the ruins of Mesopotamian city of Eridu.

Possible Garden of Eden Location?


Seventh Dimension From Whence Adam & Eve Came

Adam and Eve couldn't possibly have been tempted here on earth, can't be.

They had already made their choice before they got here. Earth is 3rd dimensional, the fall already took place; this is what they fell into.

Question I have now is, what is the seventh and who are those from the seventh?

We hear that the human race most likely originated in Africa, this is close enough and the first people were not an Aryan race, but of darker skin. If these are the originals maybe that is why the 'ones that think they rule" uphold the white race as opposed to the original humans.

Did the earth exist in 5th density already and in came the serpent alien shapeshifters turning into a snake to trick man?

Guardians of the Gateways

Cherubim angels were the ones in the garden of eden and one interesting cherubim is Lucifer.

“After the creator drove the man out, he placed on the east side of the Garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword flashing back and forth to guard the way to the tree of life.” (Genesis 3:24).

Is the flaming sword, lightening? Is that where he got his name Lucifer, Luce (light)?

Were their two types of angels of light?

Notice it says "to guard THE WAY to the tree of life...the doorway, so they could never get back into the seventh density.

Further Reference

Further Study into the Cosmos by Ashayana Deane

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