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Adam & Eve: Degenerative Effects of the Fall: Corruptable Body

Sometimes writers distance themselves from religious subjects. Religion is still taboo to speak about. Read about it instead.

Genetic deficiencies have crept into the human genetic code over centuries of breeding that continues to diffuse into the human population until the end of the Fullness of Times, also known as the coming of Jesus Christ. Effects of the Fall of Adam and Eve from Eden's Garden discussed in the article apply to all of humanity in one degree or another. With each passing year since the Fall of mankind from immortality, all corruption grows more corrupt and the elemental components, the very atoms of human beings cease to obey their original command to function and produce for humankind properly each time.

Death comes in all its forms. Disease comes in all arrays and severity from manmade to naturally occurring. As if it needs to be written, the dark side of the Fall from Eden's Garden is the suffering it brings, necessary experiences for mankind.


Divine instruction indicated to Adam and Eve that if they partook of the forbidden fruit they would die, and by genetic default so would any children they produced.

Theory of Blood

Adam and Eve were not created with an active genetic trait to produce blood, but their children did come with active genetic traits to produce blood and to die. Blood has the capacity to sustain life and take life. As immortal and perfect beings, Adam and Eve did not have blood flowing through their veins. The Journal of Discourses records the estimation of Erastus Snow, a leader in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during the 19 century, about the mortality of Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve, through their partaking of the fruits of the earth, their systems became infected by it, and the blood formed in their veins, and composed of the elements of the earth, which they partook, and these contain the seeds of dissolution and decay. And this blood, circulating in their veins, which was made up of the fruits of the earth—those things of which they partook—that formed their flesh, and made the deposits that constituted their muscle, and their bones, arteries and nerves, and every part of the body, became mortal and this circulating fluid in their systems produced friction which ultimately wore out the machinery of their organism, and brought it to decay, that it became no longer tenable for their spirits to inhabit, and death ensued. 1

Over time, the result of the Fall from immortality affected human genetics as the elements of degradation passes from generation to generation. Each new generation of humans experiences progressively shorter life spans from Eden-time until the average lifespan of humanity under perfect conditions is 75 to 95 years.

Divine instruction indicated to Adam and Eve that if they partook of the forbidden fruit they would die, and by genetic default, so would any children they produced. Death is regarded for the express purpose to give humans, in general, time to grow, progress, and learn for a greater purpose not discussed here.

The genetic code became less reliable than at the beginning as the elements of the body no longer functioned in every birth to produce physically (or mentally) flawless humans. Genetic diseases that play a factor with environmental causes produce inferior offspring physically and mentally in quality.

Not that the humans produced are less valuable, but as humanity dishonors itself by breaking the laws of God, the elements do not honor their injunction to always produce genetically sound bodies for the posterity of Adam and Eve. In mortality, so many factors influence the birth of a healthy child.

The way mortal life is currently is how God suffers for it to be! Suffering, death, deformity, poverty, illness, and any other negative factor are necessary experiences in which Adam and Eve agreed to raise the human family. Conversely, ease, beauty, wealth, health, and all positive factors are necessary possibilities in which Adam and Eve agreed to raise humanity. It is a yin and yang concept.


The Plan of Salvation provides all humanity with bodies for a length of time to learn how to master the urges thereof, but the elements will not honor the human existence within these bodies indefinitely.

Elements Dishonor Humanity for Sinning

Another result of Adam and Eve's transgression is the elements that compose the body will not always function properly for all humans since humanity deserves naturally to die.

The elements of this Earth of which humanity is composed do not sustain humanity for lengthy periods of time anymore because as a general group, humans continuously dishonor their bodies through sin and corruption.

Though the wages of sin are paid through Jesus Christ, humanity still suffers the edict pronounced upon the bodies of Adam and Eve that they must surely die for partaking of the fruit and changing the biological faculty of the body by activating the blood-producing functions.

The Plan of Salvation provides all humanity with bodies for a length of time to learn how to master the urges thereof, but the elements will not honor the human existence within these bodies indefinitely.

Each person is given a set time to work out his or her salvation on Earth and return for judgment so that he or she may obtain a permanently resurrected body that will not degrade or will never terminate because the Atonement of Christ paid for all sins in perpetuity.

In partnership with God, all who have lived mortally on the Earth at some time during their eternal life agreed to do so and to produce bodies for others to live in mortality on Earth. The commandment that God gave to Adam and Eve to replenish the earth is still in effect and will continue until the last soul that must advance to this earth appears.

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Old age and youth come only once in an eternal lifetime.

Aging is Degenerative

Aging is one of the signs of the degenerative effects of the Fall. The body gets worn down because of the effect of blood that gives life as well as slowly takes life. The skin loses its elasticity and the muscles lose their strength. The bones become weakened and hair becomes thin or falls out completely for both men and women. Processes in the body regarding the endocrine and pulmonary system degrade. The light of the mind may diminish.

All of the frailty of aging is part of God's plan for most of humanity. Many die at young ages with other complications and trials to endure. For the vast majority of humanity, aging is warming water of the frog in a pot!

The point of comparing aging to the frog in a boiling pot is to relate that old age occurs over a long period of time. Before they realize it, humanity has the signs of aging without having seen it coming. Usually, it is a warning to people to beware of their situation to get out before disaster strikes. In this instance, the moral is to know the situation, life will result in mortal death, so enjoy the warm water as it gradually rises in temperature.

Aging does not have to be debilitating since many grow to maturity with great health active with hoary white heads of hair.

Aged does not not have to mean wrinkled

Ernestine Shepherd, 81-year-old woman who can bench press 115lb

Ernestine Shepherd, 81-year-old woman who can bench press 115lb

Heinz Werner Bongard is a 72 year old German bodybuilding champion.

Heinz Werner Bongard is a 72 year old German bodybuilding champion.

Plums shrivel to prunes. Grapes shrivel to raisins. Enjoy this process for humans. Old age and youth come only once in an eternal lifetime. The young who die are raised to youth and grown to maturity of spirit where they remain for eternity. The hoary-headed raise to resurrection and grow the likeness of the stature of the spirit also.


There are exceptions to the rule, but there are no exceptions to the aging process. Most will grow old and age out of this life because of the effects of the fall of Adam and Eve.


Erastus Snow Journal of Discourses, Volume 19 Pages 266-277 1

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