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Acts of Captain Moroni: United We Stand!

Leaders of integrity or infamy found in The Book of Mormon provide the fodder for spiritual growth and self-improvement. It was made for us.

The right to exercise freedom of worship does not tip the scales in modern media as it permeated the minds of those men and women in ancient America centuries ago in 73 to 72 BC, or thereabout. Moroni, an ancient American captain of his nation's armed forces received the command to enforce the Title of Liberty.

  • Acts of Captain Moroni: Rise of Liberty
    Challenges faced by a nation, more particularly the commanding officer of the military of this nation, and how he dealt with the political intrigue. If all people were more like him, the power of Satan on Earth would diminish, Captain Moroni!

Dissension Breeds Captivity

Moroni’s chief concern for his nation was to keep it FREE of those who sought celebrity. That some people wanted to change the political system from democracy to a subjugating monarchy horrified Moroni.

In his memory existed the lesson learned from the wicked King Noah who caused the people to reject the Christian religion and kill the prophet who confronted him. Out of that tragedy, the Church of Christ formed under the direction of Alma constituting a separation of church and state for the first time among the Nephites. Under the leadership of its High Priest, the Church of Jesus Christ thrived. A monarchy could destroy the church’s autonomy—possibly.

Moroni understood that the people could not afford to descend into internal turmoil with the constant threat from enemies without and within. The Nephites constructed their vehicle to destruction! If traitors did not dissent to the Lamanites and incite them to war, the Nephites might have continued to exist in some form when Columbus claimed the Americas for Europe. Greed, the promise of power, and pride helped a noble nation destroy itself from within. Captain Moroni purposed it would not happen on his watch! It did not.

Liberty Bell


Let Freedom Ring

In his famed speech in Washington, D. C., Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, intimated that until freedom reigns in every village or hamlet of the United States, and for every race that there is no true freedom. Dr. King called it his dream.

Moroni also had that dream two thousand years prior. Unless all Nephites desired liberty, freedom was tenuous for them. Dr. King’s freedom dream added freedom to those denied by race. Moroni desired to keep freedom against classism. Amalickiah (and his followers) wanted to gather up the freedom of the people and dispense it to those whom they desired.

Amalickiah did have a point. Power would always be in the possession of a few families due to inheritance. Not unlike modern politics in America, a certain class of people ruled society; though, the possibility that others could step into leadership did and does exist. Such an occurrence was slim then and now. It existed, though.

Amalickiah only wanted to change who held the power and what type of power leaders held so that he could have it all. No possibility of any others leading would exist in his power structure. To stop this, the Title of Liberty Moroni started rooted out Amalickiah’s design. Unfortunately, it also led to one of the most bitter battles of Nephite history.

Moroni, determined, went in supplication to God with the understanding that He would not allow the Christians' cause, which was freedom, to cease unless the believers themselves brought that end due to disobedience. Therefore, he petitioned the Lord to keep the Nephites free and dedicated himself further to the cause of freedom. Satisfied that he enlisted the aid of heaven, Captain Moroni went throughout his nation campaigning for freedom opposite Amalickiah’s campaign for a monarchy.

Moroni petitioned the people, as recorded in the Boo of Alma 46:20, “Behold, whosoever will maintain this title upon the land, let them come forth in the strength of the Lord, and enter into a covenant that they will maintain their rights, and their religion, that the Lord God may bless them.”

Capt. Moroni and The Title of Liberty


Oath of Freedom

The people responded overwhelmingly in favor of liberty, to the consternation of Amalickiah, who fled the land in response--joining the Lamanites rather than giving up the possibility of the kingship of his former nation. Not unlike the American Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, the Title of Liberty oaths the Nephite citizens took represented a promise before God to maintain the rights of free men to act and worship with only God as their King. Those Amalickiah left behind either accepted the Title of Liberty and entered into a covenant to maintain freedom for all or suffered death. In other words, it became a capital offense to desire any type of government other than one that offered freedom of religion and a democratic process. Each citizen took an oath to maintain freedom.

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Freedom Under God

Unlike in the United States of America, Nephite citizens did not have the right to speak against the free government. Moroni effectively and lawfully made it illegal to try to change the structure of the Nephite Government with the Title of Liberty, which became a recognized label throughout their culture--akin to the US Constitution in power--that kept the Nephite government democratic, until its defeat nearly 500 years later.

The freedom to choose is a right God desires for all people in every land. Until all people are free to worship and exercise dominion over their individual lives, as Dr. King and Captain Moroni believed, freedom is tenuous.

Weigh In

Interesting Fact

Mormon, the author of the book with his name, claims that ancient American Hebrews believed and practice Christianity before the birth of Christ by following the Law of Moses with the understanding that all of the sacrifices were in the similitude to the Atonement Jesus Christ made hundreds of years in their future.

The Book of Mormon:Another Testament of Jesus Christ

The Book of Mormon is a record of modern-day scriptures about an ancient American culture thriving upon the American continents from 600 b.c. to about 420 a.d. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive proof of where the events in the book played out; however, the truths and lessons revealed through the recorded events in this book provide illumination to modern problems—the intent for which it was written.

This article covers the challenges faced by a nation, more particularly the commanding officer of the military of this nation, and how he dealt with the political intrigue that threatened the liberty of his people.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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