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The Beast From the Pit is the Real Antichrist.

I have been studying and teaching Bible doctrine for over 48 years and the shepherding teacher for home based Churches. Sola Scriptura

The Beast is No Stranger to This World.

Unseen by human eye but his power is well known.

Unseen by human eye but his power is well known.

Satanic but Not Satan.

I chose the above picture because the beast from the sea is the same being upon which the great whore rides in Revelation 17 and he is not Satan. Why?

  • Both have 7 heads. so..
  • Both have 10 horns; the similarity now ends.
  • This beast has 10 crowns; one upon each of his horns, the great dragon of Revelation 12 has 7 crowns; one upon each of his seven heads; a very important difference.
  • This beast is scarlet, kokkinos2847 - blood red, whereas the dragon is red, purrhos4450 - the color of fire.
  • This beast has a singular distinguishing attribute, he is covered with names of blaspheme; Daniel 7:24-25; 11:31-36.
  • This beast received the gifts of power - dunamis1411- inherent power , a throne - thron'os2362 and great authority - exousia1844 - executive power from the Dragon.

John would have easily recognized the beast had he seen a dragon come from the sea. In Daniel 7:7, his vision of "a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible" was of a description of which he could not relate to anything he had ever witnessed before. Who is this protege' of the Dragon? Meet Apollyon or if you like, Abaddon; introduced in Revelation 9:12. There are no superfluous scriptures and the introduction of the Destroyer was not just an editorial comment but of one who would play a very important role in the 70th week. He is the power of the Antichrist and his appearance from the sea is most fitting. Isaiah 57:20 "But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt."

The Second Confrontation Will Be Deadly

This is not the first time Michael confronted the devil.

This is not the first time Michael confronted the devil.

Is It Man or Beast; Alive or Dead?

Did you ever wonder why in Jude 9, our Lord commissioned Michael to defend the body of Moses from the Devil. Moses was dead (Deuteronomy 34:5), so how could his body be of importance to Satan? He cannot create anything but mayhem and deception; but he is more powerful than we could ever imagine. It is possible he can re-animate by the indwelling of one or more of his demon minions. If he could have acquired the body of Moses, it would have been the simplest way to deceive the nation Israel. Can you imagine what the people would have thought if after 40 days Moses returned from the mountain alive with a new message from God? Satan knew that the Messiah would come through Israel and oh, what mischief he could have wrought had he gotten his way. Why do I bring this up? Satan and his ally, Apollyon need a body; for in reality, they are not looking for a willing subject who would know he has only 42 months to live and then off to perdition. By the way, perdition is not hell, it is the Lake of Fire and per Revelation 17:8: do not pass Go, go directly to perdition is his lot.

We know that Satan can appear as an angel of light and most likely he will be easy to be worshiped by the deceived of this world. However, Apollyon after his stint in the pit most likely does not have that friendly and kindly appearance: he needs a front man, someone with whom the world can identify! This person was wounded - sphaz'o4969 - slaughtered, to death and his deadly wound - plege4127 - plague was miraculously healed. Everybody loves a miracle; look how many pilgrimages there are worldwide that are born of a supposed miracle. The upshot of this is that who ever they animate is already dead; either in hell or in Paradise. The Antichrist and the Beast are truly one and when the time comes; the man/beast along with his partner in crime, the false prophet will be seen no more.

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Apollyon will live up to his name, the Destroyer; for he will make war against all who will not bow before his god, Satan; this includes the Martyrs. Satan will not dirty his hands, for he will make use of his short time to be worshiped and to control the systematic destruction of all who oppose him. Apollyon will also be his mouthpiece and with it attempt to eliminate all that is good and righteous.

Who is the Man?

Currently a face lost in the crowd.

Currently a face lost in the crowd.

Why Shall ONE Arise Above All Others?

What one worldwide major event could possibly bring on the conditions that would cause one leader to eventually rise above all others? I believe it will be the Rapture of the Church, for time is required for the world to adapt to a new era of godlessness; one of the many reasons I firmly believe that the rapture occurs years before the 70th Week. Someone will step into the fray, eventually usurping the power of three of the world's governing authorities prior to the last half of the 70th Week. Somewhere in the midst of this time, post rapture and before the war in heaven, he will be assassinated and the world will mourn for a fallen, good leader. His apparent resurrection will amaze the world and who knows, maybe the false prophet will have a hand in his miraculous recovery.

There will be a series of world events that will shape the outcome of the end. Not only the formation of a new One World government will take place but there will be an increased exodus of Jews to Israel, the hatred of the Muslims for Israel will boil over into the final battle on Jewish soil, God's destruction of their armies will bring His people to know their Messiah and King and finally the sealing of the 144,000 just prior to the 70th Week. Political intrigue, wars, deception and miraculous events will be the order of the day and Satan will believe he is orchestrating it all; deceived beyond measure, for it is our Sovereign God bringing the world to judgment day.

We need to remember that we will not be here and that most of the world will be in total darkness, spiritually speaking. Verses 9 & 10 of Revelation 13 are not for you and I, but for those whose names are written the Book of Life and are to become martyrs for their faith. When we read Revelation, much is mysterious but to those living through these events, it will become their hope and encouragement to the end.

How Easily We Are Deceived.

How blind do you need to be?

How blind do you need to be?

A False Prophet?

I had so many pictures to choose from, I decided to be allegorical and use a wolf in sheep's clothing, for this is exactly the character of this false prophet. He comes from the earth and not from mire and dirt thrown up by the sea. He is a known factor and Satan does not have to look very far or too hard to find him, for this prophet is already one of the Devil's followers. Satan has an army of wolves in sheep's clothing that will be the most willing of conspirators to serve him and the Beast. Most false prophets have several common characteristics: they are successful, they are well-to-do, are charismatic, likable, well educated and have your best interests at heart; just send money. This prophet has one additional asset at his disposal: miraculous power - exousia1844 - executive power while in the presence of Beast. It is the Beast that causes fire to come down from above, not the prophet; he is just the religious henchman, the worship leader and spiritual mouthpiece. His other main occupation is as judge and jury for all who will not worship the Beast or the image of the Beast. Every one seems to try to speculate as to what the image may imply. It could be high-tech or it could be demonic and other-worldly. Whatever the case, it will be genocide on a scale of which both Hitler and Stalin would be envious.

Remember, no Christian could truly read and study the Book of Revelation without myriads thoughts surrounding what will actually take place. The reality of Revelation will only unfold to those who are personal witnesses of these recorded events.

What is in a Number?

A number that will validate his position, unknown to the current world.

A number that will validate his position, unknown to the current world.

Coming Shortly - God Willing

Here is wisdom. It is not our duty to name the coming Antichrist, it is for those who see him rise to power that they may be able to discern the times and warn others not to receive the mark! We can in our own times warn those who may be truly left behind and in doing so, some may be duly warned and will exercise wisdom. May we live like we have very little time left in this world and be found faithful at our Lord's coming. May God bless!

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