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According to the teachings of Quran Macron is an illegitimate - Bastard


An Act of Blasphemy in France

All Muslims are hurt with the blasphemy act done by the French Government. At this point of time, it is important to know how a Muslim should act in such circumstances. The Quran teachings are always should be followed by all Muslims. It is a bad luck of the Muslims that Muslims in the world are in billions but there is no Islamic government in any part of the world. So as a common Muslim we should understand how we should act.


Praise for Holly Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him in Quran

I intend to draw attention of all towards the incidence that took place in the life of Holly Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him. Those were the early days when the Holly Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) started preaching of Islam. At that time, a Infidel Waleed Bin Mughira used a rough words about Prophet Muhammad which made the Holly Prophet said. He used the word about the Prophet as Majnoon – Insane. On this act of this Infidel the God in Quran starts by praising the Holly Prophet Peace be upon him in the following words:

  • And verily, for you will be reward that will not end. For Prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him, the Allah says that for him there is the great reward, and abundant blessings which will never be cut off or perish, because he conveyed the Message of his Lord to creation, and he was patient with their abuse.
  • And verily, you are on an exalted character.

After praising the Holly Prophet, the Almight God warned that slanderer of the consequences he had to face:

You will see, and they will see, which of you is afflicted with madness.) then it means, `you will know, O Muhammad -- and those who oppose you and reject you, will know -- who is insane and misguided among you.'


Characteristics of a Blasphemer as mentioned in Quran

Next the Quran predicts that a blasphemer should possess following characteristics. These are as under:

  1. He is a mean person. He is mean by his character and by birth.
  2. He is oath monger.
  3. He is the liar.

So the person of that kind is in a habit of swearing unnecessarily. This is because the liar, due to his weakness and his disgracefulness, only seeks protection in his false oaths which he boldly swears to while using Allah's Names, and he uses them (false oaths) all the time and out of place (i.e., unnecessarily).

4. Such person is in a habit of taunting/slandering others.

5. A person who is in a habit of beating about the bush (talkative). This refers to the one who goes around among people instigating discord between them and carrying tales in order to corrupt relations between people when they are good and pleasant. Such person is a Firebrand and Instigator, a telltale and in fact a trader of hate. A person who tells secrets of one to the other create disputes and unrest

6. He do whatever he can to stop others for good deeds. Such persons hate good deeds and not only involves himself in sins but also encourage sin doers. (Hindering good deeds, transgressor, sinful,) it means, he refuses to give and withholds that which he has of good.

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7. He is the person who always goes beyond his discretion and cross his limits, transgressor, perverter(To cause to turn away from what is right) and oppressor. this means, in attaining that which Allah has made permissible for him, he exceeds the legislated bounds.

8. He is sinful. This means that he delves into the forbidden things.

9. A man of bad manners. A man having Indecent Foul Language, Scurrilous, Abusive, Indecent Speaker. one who is cruel, harsh, strong, greedy and stingy.

10. And above all he is an illegitimate child, a bastard.

When hearing all signs about him, mentioned above, Waleed Bin Mugheera affirmed that out of ten nine conditions are available in him but for the last condition he went to his mother and asked her: “Whether I am an illegitimate child”?”. His mother also certified that this last condition is also true.


The countries which have done blasphemy

These countries are Norway, Denmark and now France. In these countries the rate of illegitimate children is much more than 50%. A graph is as under:

Illegitimacy rate worldwide


Who the Emmanuel Macron is? His real face

So following the teachings of Islam I may say that all praises to the Holly Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him);

  1. He who is the beloved of God and human beings, animals, plants, birds and all creatures alike.
  2. He is praised by the Almighty Himself. Not only the Almighty God but the angels also praise the Holly Prophet all the time and there left not a moment when Holly Prophet is not praised.
  3. He is the one who is beloved of all the Muslims. Irrespective of the fact whether he is a practicing or a sinner, black or white, to whatever creed he belongs, the love for Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) rests in the veins of a Muslim like blood.
  4. He is loved by all Muslims more than their lives, their offspring and their parents.
  5. He is the one who is praised the most in the history of the world. There are hundreds of thousands of books written. There is no language in the world in which he is not raised.
  6. He is the one Who is the most respectful in all mankind since from Adam to-date. There is no one at par with him in any way.
  7. He is the leader of all the Prophets including Hazrat Masih and Musa and other others.
  8. He is one for whom every Muslim can sacrifice his life and also take a life of his enemy.
  9. He is the one who has the best manners in the whole mankind.
  10. He is the one for whom the whole universe was created by God.

After praising the Holly Prophet Muhmmad (peace be upon him) I am here to strongly condemn the blasphemy done by the French President Macron. I want to tell the prediction of Holly Quran given in Quran about the Slanderer of Holly Prophet will be the bastard, illegitimate child. This means that no person can do blasphemy unless or until he is born out of the relationship of a man and women who were not married legally.

So Macron may well know that all these conditions should have been there in his personally but he would not be sure about the final condition. So my advice to him is that he should follow suit Waleed Bin Mugheera and go to his mother and she must confirm that Macron is a bastard, an illegitimate child. Or he should undergo a DNA test to match his DNA with the DNA of his father and I am sure that his DNA may match to hundreds of thousands, but will not match to his father. Macron is a confirmed and 100% illegitimate child – a bastard.

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