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Abandoned Church Folklore

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Alternate Universe

There are many tales about churches, especially abandoned ones. Before you enter an abandoned church, beware of the supernatural warnings. Whether you're superstitious or not, these creepy folk tales will definitely make you think twice before exploring, and while exploring, you may find yourself unnerved knowing these tales. Some people believe that entering an abandoned church is entering a portal to another dimension: a spiritual dimension. With no way of escaping... If you foolishly decide to stay the night, leave BEFORE the sunrises or your spirit will never leave. Never sleep on the pews, only the floor in the sanctuary where it is open and you have full visibility.

All Photos Belong To Me.

All Photos Belong To Me.

Avoid Them

Never enter a church with a large group, and you must keep track of how many friends you're bringing. You may see people praying, or standing in certain places exploring who are not from your group. They are not real. They are not human. Do not speak to them, and leave immediately.

Thou Shall Not Read

Do not read anything inside an abandoned church, allegedly. If you read hymnals, you'll realize that the words become a different language, a trick from the supernatural. I have taken a hymnal from the early 1900's from an abandoned church on the property of an abandoned asylum, but this folktale was just a myth in my case. Also, if you pick up a Bible, it will be blank until you confess you're deepest secrets and unforgiven sins.

Do Not Confess

Avoid the confession box at all cost. It is rumored that you will hear a priest talking to you, asking you to confess. The priest is not a priest, instead, it is an inhuman spirit posing as a man of God.


Never Look Back

Leave an abandoned church from the doors you entered in, if not, your spirit will be trapped forever. If you notice that any of your belongings have disappeared or you no longer have them, do not turn back and search for them. This is a rouse from the supernatural, trying to lure you back inside. Let them have whatever you've lost or you'll fall for the trap. When you do leave, try not to look back, and don't be surprised if you see that the church is no longer there, or is disappearing before your eyes. This is an illusion, or perhaps, the church was never there to begin with...

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These are all warnings and folktales I've either heard over the years, or have seen on the internet. I've never experienced any of these happenings, but before you go exploring, know the stories and decide if you're game or not. Once you enter, there's no going back... superstitious or not.

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Elijah DeVivo (author) from New York on July 30, 2021:

Yes, 100%. Thanks for the comment! :))

Elijah DeVivo (author) from New York on July 30, 2021:

Yes, absolutely! Thanks for the comment :)

James Paul from India on July 30, 2021:

Supernatural or not, abandoned buildings do have creepy vibes!

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