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Elderfuthark Rune ANSUZ


Alternative Names

Ansus; Ansur; Os.

Key Phrase

“Everything that comes to you

comes to teach you.”


Authority figure, a god, a leader, mind and body balance, justice, shaman, clairvoyance, wisdom, receiving a message or insight.

Viking Rune Equivalent and Meaning

Signals. The Norse god Loki; Mouth of a river; mouth from which to speak.



Tarot Card Equivalent

The Magician - 1 - I

Divinatory Meaning

A message. For use for those who wish to study ardently; aids in concentration.

Corresponding Letter


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Associated Colour

Dark Blue

Associated Herb

Fly Agaric

Associated Gemstone


Associated Tree


Associated Myths and Deities

The god Odin – god of wind and spirit and the god Loki - the ancient trickster and shape-changer.

Manifestation Uses

For wise decision-making, success, leadership, or to help in divination. It can be used for the acquisition of inspiration, knowledge and understanding; helps with true sight.

Relationship Interpretation

Interpersonal communication. A time to examine communication techniques between partners; a time to be honest in all dealings and be forthright in true emotions and feelings.

Healing Colour and Qualities


Aids healing to the hands and ears.


Helps in divination and in making wise decisions. Also excellent for seeking leadership.

Ansuz Drawn Upright


Communication, a revealing message or insight, wisdom gained and wisdom earned, conscious work, success, leadership, inspired speech, ancestral power, passion, inspiration, enthusiasm, transformation, encouragement, compassion, blessings, source of blessings and joy, the divine breath, the sacred ash – The World Tree, holding fast, protection, guarantee of order.

ANSUZ is the ‘effect of energy.’

The fourth rune of the first aett is Ansuz. This rune represents the instinctive, primal energy of the Uruz rune, tempered with the discipline and experience of Thurisaz. These elements are combined in the personage of Odin, who exhibits the characteristics of both chieftain and shaman; a god of wisdom as well as war. The Ansuz rune is often referred to as the ‘Rune of Odin’, the ‘Rune of the Ash Tree’ or the ‘Rune of Release’. In traditional references it is the ‘god rune’.

In Norse mythology, Odin brought down the wisdom of the runes and conveyed their information for the rest of humanity to learn from. Therefore, the Ansuz rune is often regarded as a rune of ‘communication.’

Ansuz is the rune of inspired speech and incantation as a creative expression. Ansuz shows us the power of speech, which passes along knowledge with the breath of life from generation to generation. It is the passing on of knowledge through the spoken word, rather than the written.

Ansuz also represents conscious work and the bringing in of wisdom gained to the levels of awareness where one can recognise things for what they truly are. There is a certain lack of ‘compassion’ and ‘perspective’ in this rune, as situations and issues are often viewed from a distant standpoint, when this rune is prevalent.

The Ansuz rune tells of increased awareness of what the future holds. Linked to Odin, it is a rune of inspiration, wisdom, aspirations and communication. Promises spiritual renewal and progress, clear vision and good health.

This rune represents power, both secular and spiritual and because of this, lessons must be learned thoroughly thus gaining the wisdom to live life wisely.

Drawn in a reading, the Ansuz rune may be telling you a message of something new unfolding. New beginnings start with new connections and linkages that direct us onto new pathways and new directions. Be aware during meetings, chance encounters, visits and contact with others, particularly those of which you feel are wise or knowledgeable. They may hold the key to a query you have and may inspire and propel you forward.

The answers to your questions are already here and you already know them; you just haven’t heard them clearly yet. Look for signals and confirmations which are all around you, all the time. Everything has a special significance. If you learn this truth, you will understand and take heed of the messages around you.

The Ansuz rune drawn in a reading may indicate a need to connect emotionally with the self, others and with all issues at hand, to make the wisest decision and/or choice. Listen to your inner-self and what it is telling you, then move forward with the knowledge and wisdom learned from the experience.

The telling to others of your experiences also facilitates in their learning, giving them the option to learn from your mistakes as well as their own, and by heeding yours, learn from them as well.

Ultimately, by either our action or lack of action, we are responsible for what happens around us, and to us. Anzus is the rune representing our responsibility to ourselves and our world. It is not the action itself, but the result of that action which counts here.

Ansuz, when drawn in a reading, will bring release quickly. This is a release of stress and of blockages preventing one to move from a situation or issue, or the decision to release oneself from a burden.

You may feel trapped or tied down to a situation and feel you are unable to escape and see no resolution. When you put your effort into resolution, the effect of the energy released through the Ansuz rune is freedom; physically, mentally and spiritually. Freedom is only achieved with strong will, determination and the true desire to release the burden. Ansuz shows you the effect of your positive (or negative) action.

Trust that everything that comes to you, comes to teach.

By acknowledging this truth, you will grow in knowledge and wisdom.

Ansuz Drawn Reversed


Manipulation by others, misunderstanding/s, delusion, boredom, vanity, arrogance, aloofness, grandiloquence.

Drawing the Ansuz rune reversed could be showing you that you need to take heed and listen to what others are saying to you, and more importantly, what you are saying to yourself. You may be in a trap where your own lack of conviction can allow others to manipulate you. Watch out for hidden agendas, false or double meanings, and check the fine print.

You may be concerned over what appears to be a lack of clarity with an issue, failed communication or awareness, or a feeling of confusion about a situation. With this may come a sense of futility or wasted effort. This signifies a time for you to clean out the old to usher in the new.

Ansuz drawn reversed denotes that you have not found the answers you seek because you have asked the wrong questions. You must seek your answer in a different way. Look within and all will become clear.

Reversed, Ansuz implies a manipulative and selfish person (or people) will bring misunderstandings in their wake, which may lead to disillusionment.

It also warns to be on guard for expressions of superiority and vanity.


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Vasiliy on March 23, 2012:

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