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A Year of Growth From a Challenge to Read the Bible in a Year

Reading the Bible in a year begins! Men on the journey to Growth from God's Word

This adventure began when one of our members of our Bible Study mens group sent a text to all of us that he was going to read the Bible in a year using a Bible that identified daily readings for us that in a year would mean we would have read the entire Bible. The Bible he chose was the the " NLT One Year Bible" available on Amazon and other bookstores. In that text he challenged us to join him. I and several others said yes, bought the bible and began the readings on Jan 1. Not all of us started on Jan 1st for one reason or another which this Bible allows as readings are broken down by days of the year day 1 to day 365 so this Bible could be used by new members of the group no matter when they joined us.

Our leader of the group Rob, joined in the daily readings, and set up a text group of all of us who committed, where he would share a short devotion from the reading we would find help us better understand what we are reading. His focus was to share a message we men would find helpful to our lives. This was very valuable addition to our reading as it not only challenged us but opened the door for men to share prayer requests and support each other.

What we came to understand from our mens group meetings is men all of us have issues to deal with whether it be anger, drugs, alcohol, sex, etch and when we are honest and open with each other in a safe environment we begin to look for answers together in Gods word. Discussions and sharing would center around God's forgiveness and its power and strength we find when we go to God for help, requiring this honesty.

There is great healing when men share how God is working in their lives to over come sin, and support each other in prayer and love

Reading the Bible in a Years goal was to help us know God better building a stronger relationship with Him. We are accountability partners encouraging with no judgement if we get behind, skip a day, stop and then start again.

This is our journal to this undertaking. As we read, you will gain insight from short messages from Rob and personal growth stories we experience. Feel free to join us.

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Our chosen Bible to read in a year!

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