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A Recipe of Man (Astrological Approach)

Astrology enthusiast with a knack for cooking. Never shares her astrological big three.

When I write crêpes or pancakes, I mean these delicious guys


As above, so below

Let's imagine that a person is created like a pancake. You need to beat the eggs, add salt, sugar, and flavorings, a little soda, then pour in warm milk and add some flour. Different proportions of these ingredients will result in different types of crêpes. In cooking, there are different types of crêpes: blintzes, thick and thin pancakes, "openwork" pancakes, golden pancakes, vanilla pancakes, and so on. For convenience, I shall use either of these pastries' names. We are all different types of pastries after all. And you can write a whole book of recipes about fillings and toppings for pancakes. What about a man and a woman?

A person is born on a round frying pan — Earth. At their birth, the planets and stars add their own ingredients.

The Sun Sign

First, the sun breaks the eggs. Of all the pastries, only crêpes start with eggs. The sun determines the fate: it will be a crêpe, not a quiche, a cake, or a pie. This is the most important human ingredient — the sun sign. It sets the direction and vector of our crêpe/pancake.

Sun breaks the eggs


The Moon Sign

Then the moon wakes up in the sky. She is narcoleptic and does not like to be disturbed. When she is half-asleep, she pours salt and sugar by her eye, adds spices and extracts to taste, sometimes accidentally she drops some pepper. Sometimes she falls asleep while pouring milk or even confuses it with kefir.

Pancakes come in a variety of flavors. All these flavors are emotions. The moon gives human emotions. Some crêpes get more milk, some get less; sometimes there is no milk at all. The moon has sleep deprivation; so, going to the store at night is a tiresome task.

Moon the Narcoleptic


The Rising Sign

The Ascendant sign (rising sign) is visible on the horizon. He was not lazy and went to the convenience store for flour. The shape of the pancakes and how they will lie on the plate depend on it. Whether they are round or "openwork", thick or thin. Whether they will lie in an even pile with other pancakes or are alone on their plate. Ascendant gives a person a shape and a mask that other people will see. The shape of the crêpes depends on the flour.

Flour and Shape

It is very difficult to combine such different types of pancakes with a huge menu of fillings and toppings. However, the heavenly kitchen staff experiments with new recipes every day. And never once did they get the same pancakes! The dough always settles and cools down, because of these factors, subsequent pancakes are baked already unlike their counterparts. Two people born in the same hour can turn out to be completely different on our frying pan — Earth.

Humans and Crêpes

The astrological kitchen is a lot of fun to explore. Reading recipes of men and women in natal charts is a grand hobby or even career. Starlight miracles are everywhere, even in our mundane kitchens. The "As above so below" rule works with astrological big three, too.

Hope I didn't make you feel hungry for pastries; especially, if you are on a gluten-free diet. Look into the skies and eat healthy food.

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How do you draw an ascendant sign?

it says "flour" on the package

it says "flour" on the package

Astrological toppings and fillings

I adore those astrological lists of objects or ideas that are categorized by zodiac signs. Here is a list of toppings by Astro signs.

Aries - Mexican chili beef. This is not a surprising filling. In reality, there are more weird fillings and toppings that people eat with crêpes. Aries needs a lot of energy to be assertive and energetic the whole day, so beef crêpes are a great option.

Taurus - sour cream, if spread on a pancake, looks like snow-white bedsheets. Don't Taurus signs love to stay in a comfy bed at home? I see this idea often in astrological memes.

Gemini - melon and prosciutto. You cannot just pick one with the Gemini sign. You got to pick two complementary but totally different products.

Cancer - homemade cream cheese is very Cancer-sign-like, I think. It also might be apples or apple jam from a backyard. It must be something cozy and homemade.

Leo - cheddar cheese is the most sun-like ingredient in world cuisine. It is a pure savory pleasure and yet a very simple and classic one. Cheddar cheese is also a very old kind of cheese. It was invented in Britain, and somehow I associate it with Richard I Lionheart. Totally a Leo filling.

Virgo - arugola is a green salad, a cousin of broccoli and spinach. Bitter and savory, it enhances the taste of sweet crêpes. Best mixed with cream cheese. Very earth-oriented, very aesthetic, very Virgo. Also, it is very healthy for Virgo's digestive issues.

Libra - perfectly measured amount of butter is a great topping. Salted butter enhances the taste of plain crêpes. Sweetened butter can be a great additive to salty pancakes. Simple butter can make any crêpe delicious.

Scorpio - salmon slices actually go very nicely with crêpes. It is a high-brow, so to speak, topping. Best mixed with cream cheese and avocado. "That girl" vibe is so Scorpio vibe to me.

Sagittarius - a pancake wrap with something spicy in it. Definitely the quick and roaring Sagittarius energy.

Capricorn - honey is delicious and has all the calories to keep a Capricorn energized for all the multitasking during the day. Being successful and aspiring is hard work, you know.

Aquarius - caviar is a weird choice even for Russians that invented it. Weird is Aquarius enough. What else is weird that Pisces get another topping. Seafood, like caviar, would make more sense with the Pisces zodiac sign.

Pisces - jam is a universal topping. It has many flavors like all the emotions Pisces can express in one sitting. There are more sweet, sour, bitter, and even sad jams to fit any taste or any mood. Ask your Pisces friend, they will tell you what a sad jam is.

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