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A Worthy Servant

Christian Living

He assumed to win for himself

A life of peace and excitement.

A civilized unwinding of each day

A few steps forward-a few backward

His ritual for living

The dance he is good at.

Squeezed in among some demons,

Shadows nudge him away from light.

Darkness unfolds

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To explain things.

"Man would like to go home to the Lord

But you are not fit

To preach to the birds.

People slide away from you forever."

This rejection stiffens you.

Nay...! says the man

In a cruelty of instinct,

Let God count my fingers and toes.

Gods people

Worldly matters divert us away from our relationship with God but as a family, we are brought back together with him through righthous decicisions and repentence. God knows his people and his people know him.

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