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A True Story of a Demonic Possession and It's Most Tragic Ending. A Tribute to My Friend: Anthony Weaver


Dean is a research maniac when it comes to finding out the truth. He is interested unexplained mysteries of the paranormal.

Anthony Lee Weaver


Anthony Weaver, My New Best Friend and Brother

I will never forget the day in which I met Anthony. As I first encountered him I could have never imagined what the next year would have in store for the both of us. Watching my new neighbor dragging his belongings up the old wooden stair case I laughed. Anthony cursed under his breath. "You stupid old stairway, I mean it! Damn it to hell!" Anthony murmured. After a few minutes of trying not to explode with laughter I walked over to introduce myself. "Hey there, the name is Dean, I'm your neighbor, can I offer my help?" My new neighbor stopped cursing and stuck out his hand. "My name is Anthony Weaver and I don't need anyone's help." Shaking my hand with a strong grip. I instantly liked him. I grabbed ahold of the plastic tote he was dragging up the stairs. "Ok well in that case I won't help you." Anthony laughed whole heartedly, accepting my assistance. Anthony and I got to know each other as we finished moving his belongings into his apartment. Finally done I invited my new friend over for pizza at my place, he accepted.


At First I Didn't Believe... The Beginning of Anthony's Demonic Possesion

Telling Anthony's story gets harder every time I tell it. However, after a lot of thought, I have decided to share it here. What I will reveal is the honest truth. I will hold nothing back as I write. This would be the way Anthony would want it. He would want others to learn from his tragic mistakes so that hopefully after hearing his story a life, if only one, could be saved. When Anthony first moved into the apartment next to me he was a happy, loving, and completely "sane" human being. This began to change after he moved in. Slowly at first, I noticed him acting differently. He went from being a jovial young man in his early thirties, to a schizophrenic wreck after living around 3 months in the apartment. He started speaking of a "spirit girlfriend" and how much they loved each other. I thought that he was just messing with me, and I have many regrets for not taking him seriously. The way Anthony's possession began is the following: One night he decided to watch lesbian porn and to masturbate. Anthony told me that this was when the first of the "spirits" began to make contact with him. After he had sinned. The apartments that we lived in were at one time used as a brothel, better known as a whore house. I too experienced some paranormal activity, such as feeling invisible hands touch my feet as I drifted off to sleep but NOTHING like poor Anthony experienced! The first thing he complained about was the voices. My new friend went from never ever hallucinating, to hearing spirit voices 24 seven. At first it was only his spirit girlfriend that he heard, telling him how much she loved him, thus sucking him in further and further with lies. As Anthony accepted this relationship all hell broke loose. I will never forget the day that I began to see actual proof of what he was telling me. One evening he called me over to come over. Anthony informed me that a demon was molesting him every waking hour. He was absolutely miserable and wanted it to stop. These evil spirits were literally touching his genitalia constantly. The only thing that would hold them off was by taping small bible around each leg. Then and only then did Anthony get peace. At this time I was still in denial but was starting to believe that there was definitely something a miss. Then it happened. One afternoon Anthony invited me over for pizza as it was his turn to cook dinner. As I watched him bend over in order to open the oven I witnessed my friend being "humped" by an invisible force from behind. Literally, he was being shoved from behind over and over causing Anthony to hit his head on the top of the oven. As I approached the kitchen it stopped completely. I will never forget the look in my buddies eyes as he told me that he had been getting "humped" by a goat. Being a Christian myself, and seeing how Anthony was also, I did what most Christians would do in this situation. I told him that because that he was a believer, that it was impossible for him to be experiencing a demonic attack. This was what I had been told, and like many Christians I believed that if one was saved than one was safe from possession. BOY WAS I WRONG.


The Continuance of Anthony's Possession

After watching Anthony slip into a depressive state of no return I became his full time care taker. I cooked for him and did what I could to try and help him. I, a born again believer tried to cast out the demons that plagued him but do to his decision to believe the lies and deception that they fed him I was unsuccessful. This had to stop but how? Anthony began to cut himself and try to overdose on his psych medications. He would admit himself to the local hospital with no one but me taking him seriously. The suicide attempts just continued more frequently. I called his family with no one even giving a damn. I felt so alone. Then the strangest thing happened. One afternoon, a very loud noise was heard coming from his apartment. It was Anthony making an ungodly noise! We called the police and the paramedics arrived to investigate. After a few minutes I and the other neighbors watched Anthony being removed from his apartment by the paramedics. He was strapped to a gurney and was screaming in horrible pain. They had his head strapped to the gurney along with the rest of his body. All of a sudden he lifted his head off of the gurney and just about snapped the heavy strap that was holding down his head. He began to speak in an unknown language. They rushed Anthony to the local psych ward where he was soon released. After this incident Anthony Weaver was never, ever the same again.


The End of Anthony's Short Life... Sacrifice.

This is the hardest part of telling my friends story. I really want to forget what happened, but I must tell expose satan and his evil ways. Besides, I know that Anthony would want his story to be told. As I watched my friend being tormented to no end I just couldn't take it any longer. I decided that he and I must get out of the apartment building and take a road trip. The last time that I seen him alive was a memory that I can never forget. I walked into his apartment one morning to ask him if he wanted to go with me on a little vacation in order to get away from the demons. This was my last idea. I thought that maybe if we left the building that things might get better. As I laid eyes on him I noticed that he was completely possessed. I asked him to come with me but he denied my request saying that it was too late. He told me that he was being raped anally by a large "shadow" at night. He tried to show me the damage from the rape but I refused to look. He complained of being "impacted" from the giant's genitalia hurting him. I left my friend and was very frustrated. I left and went on a two week get away. Anthony committed suicide two days after I left. I never seen my buddy again. Neighbors called to report his stench coming from his rotting corpse and when the police finally showed up they found that his apartment door was barricaded from the inside. Anthony was dead for four days before someone reported it. During the time that he was undiscovered a midget with long black hair was seen coming into and out of Anthony's apartment. This of course was not possible do to the barricaded front door. I believe that this was his original "spirit spouse" that he had allowed into his life. Whenever I got home and found out what had happened I was dumbstruck. Still am...

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