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"A Still Small Voice and How It is Followed"

Do Despise the Day of Small Beginnings

Where do we acknowledge His Words within our thoughts and intentions? And... where can we expect Him to add to our individual, Spiritual edification? I believe the increase can begin and then be realized in our in the acknowledgements of His subtle guidance.

His Word is clear about this in His instruction to Elijah about His power and relationship with His children. It is in that "still small voice" where we acquire most of our guidance, even while reading His written Word, which is one reason why we should pray before reading His Word. This is readily proven by His Word itself when we read that the "Holy Spirit is our Teacher". And that, "He is a light unto our path".

Who can deny those tiny instructions that we are able to recognize as Divine interventions, that have possibly saved our lives? Example: About 35 years ago, my wife and I were on a 4 lane Blvd in Fontana CA. Next to us on our right was a lunch truck we were about to pass and for no reason (that I knew of) my foot went immediately from the accelerator to the brake... HARD. We were going about 35-40 mph when I hit the brakes, and just as I did, a car doing about 55 mph missed both the lunch truck on our right and us by inches and then proceeded to cross two lanes eastbound and crashed a short, block wall ending in someone's front yard. The reason I used this "example" was the total surprise it was to me... and it was my foot that hit the brake! Not just a "still small voice", but a silent one.

Perhaps we believers can all consider even better examples. Examples that better describe that still small voice as "His" and not merely our own thoughts. Most of the time this is almost an indiscernible distinction. Why? Because we tend to take credit for it as "our own thoughts". We have become so accustomed to walking in His Spirit that we take for granted His Light that guides our paths. These are examples of those minor corrections in our conduct that have us patting ourselves on the back saying, "what a good child am I". And here's the kicker... we are not aware of this misstep nearly every time..!

Whereas our LORD wants us to be content in our better behavior, He does not want us to become puffed up. By the way... in all this I am sooooo busted for I am guilty of not sanctifying Him in this! So why does he want us to become and then stay genuinely humble, especially in the privacy of our hearts with Him and acknowledge Him?
Luke 16:10
"He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much..."
So in acknowledging the source as His Wisdom interacting within us and recognizing that these good corrections are His doings within us, leads us to more and more walking in the "faithfulness" that He is increasing in us thus, bringing us to that "increase".

A helpful distinction..? Poor choices, mistakes, short comings, failings..? All stuff like that are mine and in your circumstances are yours. All those things that are lovely, kind, generous, patient while full of justice and truth... all virtues like these are His.

If we exhibit any Godly virtues at all, it is Himself performing those qualities through us. Even unbelievers exhibit these traits from time to time, but then they take ALL the credit for the behavior. And that theft of that "right behavior's" origin is the nature of the flesh... everyone's flesh.

Ah... but when we sanctify Him about those good behaviors and conduct, even in their smallest expressions, we are being "faithful in small things". We are then recognizing the True Source of that expression, God. It is the LORD performing that "tiny thing" which is "good", and then He Himself giving us the GIFT of being able to listen to His still small Voice and hear Him clearer.

James 1:17
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

Bottom line..? We cannot trust ourselves but, we can and should trust Him in everything. One of the fruits of the Spirit mentioned in Galatians 6, is self control.

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