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A Song: Wise Woman Builds

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



There are different people on earth, with different behaviours. It is this makeup that makes different families on earth. It has however been discovered that no human is perfect therefore anyone seeking for a perfect person would search till eternity, because he or she won't find one.

It's also known that different families make us the society and if the society would be a great one, the families that constitute it would have great minds.

To have great minds one person would be an instructor. The Bible has shown us that one best instructor that would help shape the world is women because they will start doing this by shaping their families.

Discovering this from the Bible I have therefore composed this short song so that women would know how important they are before God and in the society thence help in shaping the world into a better place by building their houses.

Thank you.

Composed Song

Stanza 1

Foolish woman

Pulls her house down

But every wise Woman

Builds her House


Amongst women…

Stanza 2

Wisdom to build

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To build my house

Is my earnest pray'r oh Lord

Grant 'nto me


Amongst women…

Stanza 3

Understanding Lord

I prayed for

So my house 'll be 'stablished

For you on earth


Amongst women…

Stanza 4

Let your knowledge

Oh Lord fill my house

Adorn my house with riches

And all precious things


Amongst women…

Stanza 5

I need your strength

Your pow'r and your Grace

To build a house that's

Worthy of your name


Amongst women…

(The End)


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