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A Song: The Time of My Liberty Has Come

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



Ever since we have been in the wombs of our mothers have we been in the bondage of Satan because in iniquities we have been conceived (Psalms 51) and Satan is the originator of sin and iniquities on earth.

Thence, there is no one on earth who can say he is free from sin and Satan.

However, God for his unflinching love to mankind has sent his son to save humanity from the grips and chains of the Devil.

Jesus has fulfilled his part of saving us, what we are left with is accepting this free offering of salvation by giving our lives to Christ Jesus.

Some who have been saved are still in bondages because of ignorance, lack of knowledge (Hos. 4:6). However when one gets the knowledge of God's freedom through Christ and one pursues it one would be freed.

It's a song showing what Jesus has done for us and hoping we shall appropriate this freedom to our lives in faith. Thank you.

Composed Song

1) It's been long

That I have been held captive

By Satan

But today

The power in name of Jesus frees me

Now I'm freed

'Cause his name is broken all Fetters

Off my limbs

My body and my entire being

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(It has come…

2) Sin has held

'UTo my jugular from my mother's womb

But Jesus has purchased my freedom

By his shed blood

Now I'm freed

Totally from the bondage of sins

Oh I praise thee

Heavenly Father for rescuing my life


(It has come…

3) Strange words

Spoken against me and my destiny

In the kingdom of darkness by my enemies

Has the Lord

Through his eternally living word oh

Has consumed oh ye people

Praise God with me


(It has come…

4) He sends his words

And I'm delivered and healed by them oh

Satan flee on hearing the name of Jesus

Yea all demons tremble on

Hearing word of God

My chains broke

And totally I'm delivered


(It has come…

(The End)


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