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A Song: The God of Joy

Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



No one can give joy as the everlasting Lord. He himself is joy, when one meets with God one will enjoy his endless joy. Whatever one is passing through, God of joy will always be there to see his beloved through those phases.

Having experienced his joy when I was depressed and downcast, I composed this song as being inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Composed Song

1. You make known the path of life

To everyone who fears your name

In your presence oh dear Lord

Right there's fullness of joy


Yea the God of Joy/2x

2. When anxiety overwhelmed me

And depression was my food

Your consolation my God

Has brought me 'normous joy

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Yea the God of Joy/2x

3. Yea you are my hiding place

From trouble you 'll protect me

And you 'll surround me oh Lord

With songs of deliverance


Yea the God of Joy/2x

4. Your statutes oh my Lord

Is my ever heritage

For ever and ever Lord

They are the joy of my heart


Yea the God of Joy/2x

5. God of Joy I bless your name

For you have filled my heart oh Lord

With an overwhelming joy

I 'll rejoice and ever praise you


Yea the God of Joy/2x

(The End)


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