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A Song: Oh Lord, You Are Worthy to Be Praised

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AAA true child of God we will keep on praising the name of our God for he is a wonderful God the God that continues to take care of us though we oftentimes grieve him yet he does not stop taking care of us and all that pertains to us.

This is a short song of praising the name of the Lord our God for he is a wonderful God.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) When passing through the storms

Oh lord you are right there by my side

When passing through fire

You have said it will not overwhelm me


Blessed be...

2) Though things maybe hard

You 've said that I should not be despaired

'Cause I am not alone

By my side oh you are always there

Blessed be...

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3) When friends for sake me

You 've told me not to be depress'd by that

Because you will never

And never forsake on Earth


Blessed be...

4) If mothers cannot block

Their ears to the cries of their wards

I know oh my Lord

That you won't block your ears to my cry


Blessed be...

5) You filled the heavens and Earth

Even at once the God of all flesh

Hallowed be your name

Glorious God who gives breathe of life


Blessed be...

(The End)


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