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A Song: My Love, I Am For You Alone

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Composer's Foreword

If one has experienced and enjoyed what is called romantic relationship once, with a person of genuine heart one cannot but wish for more on a daily basis.

This is composed for those who have known love once. While those who haven't can learn from the wordings of the song.

Thank you.

Composed Song

1) In the thickest of darkness

I can fell, feel you love

For your love, has enveloped me


My darling...

2) Though we are miles apart

Yet u feel, feel you with me

For you are part of my being


My darling...

3) When I go out oh my Love

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I always carry you with me

'Cause your blood flow in my vessels


My darling...

4) Reminiscing oh my Joy

Of how you 've cuddled me Love

I'm always longing for more of you


My darling...

5) Your lips to my lips

Your breasts to my chest

Ignite your fire of love in me


My darling...

6) No matter where I am

No matter my position

You are number one in my heart


My darling...

7) I cherish you oh my Diadem

You are extremely valuable

Above everyone or 'verything on earth


My darling...

8) As long as I will live

Even on this earth my love

No one can replace you in my heart


My darling...

9) Together we 've become one

Ever inseparable

For love has join'd is together


My darling....



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