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A Song: Jesus Will Perfect All That's Yours

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days



Jesus the son of God says that every power on heaven and on Earth has been given unto him. Having been given all powers in heaven and on Earth it is my firm belief that he will perfect everything that concerns me.

My firm belief in him is being shown in this composed song.

As believers we should know that he can perfect all that concerns us if we rely wholly on him.

Composed Song

1) Jesus: your mercy endures forever/3x

Look down upon thine handmaid oh Lord

Shower your mercy upon me


Jesus: That's the…

2) Jesus: I cried 'nto thee mighty God/3x

That you won't turn away from me Lord

And Visit me in your goodness


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Jesus: That's the…

3) Jesus: I am confident of you oh Lord/3x

That the good works you 've started in me

Won't be stopped 'ntil they 're perfected


Jesus: That's the…

4) Jesus: I know that you are a faithful Father/3x

You 've called me to your side oh my Lord

I know you 'll fulfill your promises


Jesus: That's the…

5) Jesus: Oh you are the ancient of days/3x

Fill my mouth with your praises

Forsake me not when I am old


Jesus: That's the…

(The End)


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