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A Song: It Has Been Jesus Christ For Me

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Singing and composing hymns and other songs have been part of my life since my teenage days


Composer's Foreword

Sometimes back, i used to attend William Marrion Branham's (a late American prophet and evangelist) tabernacle in Ilorin and Lagos (Nigeria) and there I learn the song that I have mimicked to compose this song.

The Song says:

Travis Greene - "I Know It Was The Blood"

Sometimes we all get to a crossroad in life and would not know what step to take, at that point i want us to know that God is right by our side as believers and would do great thing in our lives directing us on the right path to take .

Composed Song

1. It has been Jesus Christ/3x for me

'Cause when all hope was lost

Jesus arrives at the scene

It has been Jesus Christ for me

2. When I was at crossroad/3x in life

And I do not know where

Nor what decision to take

holy Gjhost has arrived to 'nstruct me

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3. When every door was closed/3x 'gainst me

By my many adversaries

Jesus has sent his angels

to open effectual an' great door for me

4. Once back I was tied down/3x like a colt

it was sin that has tied me

Keeps me down in a miry spot

But Jesus rescues and untie me

5. When weeping was my food/3x day and night

Daily going mourning

'Cause of oppression of the enemies

Jesus arrives and deliver me


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